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Dante's Inferno for me. LOVED THAT game. One of the first games I got for my PS3 that I finished 100%.

Also have a lot of love for X:Men Origins - Wolverine.... ACTUALLY after watching the Giant Bomb quick look, lol.


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Every Dynasty Warriors game I've played, except 6. 6 can go garrote its throat with barbed wire.

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I myself liked Ryse. A simple hack and slash game with good production values was all I was expected...and I got it.

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Happy Wars.

I think IGN gave it a 4 out of 10. I've put like 60 hours into the game and got all the achievements before they added more. And I really enjoyed myself doing so. The gameplay is fun, immense replay value and a very stylistic art style.

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  • Remember Me
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia series
  • Trinity Universe
  • Compile Heart
  • Cross Edge
  • Mugen Souls
  • pretty much everything else from Gust, Compile Heart, Idea Factory, and all those other obscure Japanese developers in that little circle
  • Blinx 1
  • GunValkyrie (At least I think it was reviewed poorly anyway. Not entirely sure.)
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I remember loving Ridge Racer DS when it came out. Pretty sure if I played it now I would hate it because I remember the controls being iffy.

Also I remember liking Rocket Power Beach Bandits for the Gamecube (it got bad reviews) when I was young because it was like a strange Tony Hawk game for kids.

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  • Deadly Premonition
  • Tiny Tank
  • Nier
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Dead Space 3. That ending sequence was just crazy-pants..

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  • Deadpool
  • Any Dynasty Warriors (barring the afformentioned 6)
  • The entire Army of Two series
  • Flying Dragon 64
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
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Giantbomb gave Brink 2/5, I thought it was a great game and I was really looking forward to their next game Dirtybomb/Extraction right up until it turned into a free to play game, cautiously optimistic now...

I also thought Deadpool was decent for what it was, a completely average game, but a great Deadpool experience.

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Catherine. Catherine is fantastic.

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@skamikaze1983: I really, really, really enjoyed Dante's Inferno. Sure, people can (and will) say it bastardized literature but as a video game, I thought it offered competent gameplay on top of incredibly dark (yet strangely beautiful) art design and a really impressive soundtrack. Definitely one of my favorites.

Here's my list (off the top of my head):

  • Rule of Rose
  • Dante's Inferno
  • Deadly Premonition
  • Deadpool
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Alpha Protocol was pretty alright. Better than the reviews said at least.

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Velvet Assassin (allright stealth gameplay, great take on the ww2 setting), Shinobido 2 (love me some true ninja stealth), call of juarez: the cartel (I've finished every coj game, and I don't think this is significantly worse than the other games before or after it)

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I enjoyed Yakuza: Dead Souls. One of those Yakuza off shoot games that was pretty fun if you're really into the Yakuza universe.

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I have my regrets playing this, yet I don't because I got to hook up with the anime hostess of my dreams through lots of talking, drinking, and large amounts of dubiously programmed minigames.

And it was when we were drunkenly doing character together, her signing poorly and me mashing on the bicycle horn button in timing to the music that I realized I had found the digital woman I wanted to spend the rest of my digital life with.

I mean, just look at her. She's festive, she speaks the best Japanese dialect, her favorite drinks are cheap so it's not too expensive to get her drunk, she's basically perfect.

You and everyone else in the western gaming sphere may judge me and perhaps even rightfully so, but I found happiness and it found me, too, and nobody can ever hope to take that away from me.

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I like Deadly Premonition A lot. Not many games are reviewed all that poorly that I like. I like games that are not the big adored games that get crazy high universal praise but games like Lost Odyssey I would not say were poorly reviewed.

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Killzone Shadow Fall. The campaign turns into a total mess at the end but the multiplayer is fantastic. It's a really solid online experience.

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Dark Void , i fucking loved that game, the Jet pack sequences come late in the game but damn if thats not some of the funnest shit to do on last gen consoles, i bought it, lent it to a friend and rebought it when he took too long to return it, I would replay a few of the levels which give you big open worlds and a reason to switch between foot and air, they need to make a sequel and get the balance right and Dark Void could be a system seller.

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@buft: That's a good one! I liked it because it had a Rocketeer vibe to it. Plus, Nolan North!

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Nier, Heavenly Sword, and Spec Ops The Line.

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Brutal Legend ..... it was a 3 star review by Ryan but for me is a 4 out of 5 (there are some quirks than even I cannot deny , but I fuckin love this game)

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@redbullet685 said:

Alpha Protocol was pretty alright. Better than the reviews said at least.

I'm right there with you. I also really liked the potential of all of the systems they had in place, even if it turns out that half of the skills are horribly underpowered, and there's only a few character where your reputation with them actually matters. It also seemed like a bit of a tease when they gave you the impression you would be swapping between handlers and each one gives different perks depending on how much they like or dislike you, but then like 80+% of the game they just stick you with Mina because you're disavowed and she's all you've got.

I mean, it was a Mass Effect 1 knockoff in a lot of ways, and it makes me wish Bioware would make a spy RPG that was a more competently made Alpha Protocol.

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Ryse. A ton of fun. And I'm having a great time with the multiplayer.

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There's a lot of niche JRPGs that I liked that got poorly reviewed.

As other people have said, Deadly Premonition is probably one of my favorite 'bad' games to ever be made. This is well on its way to becoming a cult classic, and it deserves every bit of praise/hatred it gets. Man I love this game.

Someone mentioned Catherine, but I don't think that was reviewed poorly, but if it was, then that's another game that I liked a lot that could be added to this list.

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I don't pay attention to reviews, so this is hard to answer. Did Asura's Wrath rate poorly? Prince of Persia 08 possibly. Mafia 2.

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Did Remember Me ever get a QL? I generally trust much what I hear about it, but I would have liked to see it in action. You never know what might personally appeal. And I understand it was a good looking game. Some pride went into making it.

Deadly Premonition sure qualifies for my attitude at least by the endurance run, more than Persona Four in terms of what I would actually play. And I did purchase Deadly Premonition.

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Test Drive Unlimited is in my Top 10 Games of Ever.

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@aetheldod: bought Brutal Legends for $20 at best buy gave it a few hours and was very disappointed. I really like heavy metal and Jack Black but that game just didn't meet my expections at all.

What did you like about it? Maybe you'll get me to revisit it.

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For me, Don't Starve. Pretty much completely overlooked by everyone, but a great alternative to the Terraria clones.

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I am a big fan of co-op games, so I played through Aliens: Colonial Marines and Army of Two: Devils Cartel last year, and I had a lot of fun with them. I think it helped that I went into both with no expectations, but they provided a good, fun nuts and bolts shooter experience.

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Beyond Two Souls. Just finished it and it may be one of my favorite games ever.

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Psychic Detective, PS1. Totally bizarre FMV game that managed to completely entertain me.

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I didn't review horribly, but I liked The Bureau a hell of a lot more than most reviewers seemed to. I also thought Aliens: Colonial Marines was a completely fine first-person shooter that doesn't deserve nearly the amount of vitriol is gets. It's not great by any means, but it isn't a broken piece of trash either.

Also one that wasn't necessarily lambasted in reviews but does get a massive amount of shit, Dragon Age II. The repetition got annoying by the end and it was kinda weird not being able to equip armor on your party, but most of the changes between Origins and II were for the better. I really don't get the hate; most of it just seems like whiny PC elitism from people that act like streamlining systems is a capital offense.

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A bunch of games based on anime. I also probably put far more time into Gotcha Force than any one person ever should.

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I spent quite a lot of time on "bad" games last year. I spent a lot of time on Defiance, completed the storyline and occasionally go back to it. I spent over 40 hours on Acsend: Hand of Kul.

It may be that I just got cheap last year. Nothing seemed to warrant the full $60 new price. So I spent a lot of time on f2p and super cheap PC games, Free with Gold games, and even a few mobile games.

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@ptc said:

Ryse. A ton of fun. And I'm having a great time with the multiplayer.

@shivermetimbers said:

I myself liked Ryse. A simple hack and slash game with good production values was all I was expected...and I got it.

I just wanted you two to know that I'm heading out to buy ryse right now because of you. Well that and it's 30 bucks at BB after Gamer's Club Unlocked.

I have a few. For starters, I f'ing loved Fable 3. There I said it. Sorry THE WORLD. Also, Dragon Age 2 was a great game, minus that batshit nuts ending. Which, btw, wasn't anymore batshit nuts than then end of Mass Effect 2. Dungeon Siege 3 was better than just OK and Too Human was just Too Rad for most people.

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I'd also like to mention L.A. Noire even though I think the reviews were overall positive...

Seems like a month or so after the fact, everyone started shitting on that game/franchise.

R.I.P. Team Bondi.

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@pepsiman: I wanted to play Dream C Club Zero but then I remembered I don't own a Vita :p

I guess these games can be fun, but then again I've even played the akb dating sim haha

Not sure I can recommend that though.

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God Hand

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I liked DNF when if came out.

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If you only consider Giantbomb then Catherine would be the main one that comes to mind, but it was reviewed pretty well elsewhere, so I don't know if that counts.

I assume "poor reviews" is different than just mediocre reviews, so that makes it harder, since I can think of plenty of games that just got mediocre reviews that I enjoyed a lot.

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Recent ones? (I'm asuming by poorly reviewed you mean games that scored 7 or below, which I guess is classified as poor now)

  • Killer is Dead - Simple but fun combat with a wacky sense of style and a story that doesnt make sense but doesnt care either.
  • Anarchy Reigns - The best competitive multiplayer brawler to date, not that there's many of them.
  • Killzone: Mercenary - An FPS on a handheld somehow done right.
  • Killzone: Shadowfall - Bad campaign. Good multiplayer. And it looks pretty.
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge - Ninja Gaiden 3 I'm sorry we pissed on something you loved edition. (I'm only half forgiving you)
  • God of War: Ascension - I dont get the hate, the story sucked sure but it's GoW what did people expect? The combat's actually a hell of a lot better
  • Remember Me - The combat's terrible but it looks good and has some nice set pieces.
  • Gear of War Judgement - Extremely short lived and pales in comparison to prior iterations, but still fun
  • Beyond: Two Souls - More David Cageyness. Now with less french actors forcing american accents.

As for games that actually scored poorly TWD: Survival Instinct, DNF & Mars: War Logs, I guess.

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Dragon age 2 may be one of my favorite RPGs. As soon as i post this I'm running to my bunker to await the mobs coming after me

Wish me luck.

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I was going to say Dynasty Warriors 4 (high watermark for that series) and Binary Domain, but they're both sitting at a 3.5/5 on Metacritic and that doesn't seem poor. I don't know. I take numbers with a grain of salt, so to me a game reviewing poor places it somewhere around a 1/5 average, I guess? And generally stuff that low is just technically broken.

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@boozak said:

Remember Me - The combat's terrible but it looks good and has some nice set pieces

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WTF?!? I had just assumed that games critics felt the same as me... that The Dig is right at the top of all of LucasArts' excellent feats of storytelling. immersion, and exploration. Man that's a great game. I can only imagine that this was when GameSpot was getting random reviews from uninformed freelancers and just posting them frantically with not a lot of oversight.