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I like Spongebob. I remember going to the movies with a girl I liked to watch the Spongbob movie back in college.
She was 8, wasn't she?
No. She just had a weird taste in movies, and for some reason she couldn't stand watching any movie that had even the slightest bit of violence in it if it was anything but a cartoon. So we went to see a lot of 3D/cartoons.
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It happens with a lot of stuff, like lists and (I imagine; I don't get many comments for) images and stuff. I'd say that Zombie Pie should put up a sticky saying, "Don't @reply to a topic creator if it's a blog", but I'm not sure that it's enough of an issue for him to do that.
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Well, there is no need for me to say anything. All my questions were answered. Interesting blog though.

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@Video_Game_King: Here's a few videos of Timesplitters, tell me that doesn't look like Goldeneye.
Also, the story of Free Radical (Crytek UK currently) is on GiantBomb as well and its founding members were ex-Rare employees who were on the Goldeneye/Perfect Dark team. If you are interested in the Timesplitters games themselves you should PM @Candle_Jakk for more info, as I only played the first two and never finished any of them.
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Yea, that does look pretty damn Goldeneye. Did they ever figure out the two stick control scheme that every other FPS has done?

Why Candle Jakk? Does have some copies he wants to give away?
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@Video_Game_King: Wow man.

I loved every bit of that. HIGH FIVE!

Excellent read ^_^
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Goldeneye 007 on the Wii was a blast to play. Two of the best reimagined games are on the Wii; Goldeneye 007 and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. I also think the best ported game ever is Resident Evil 4. These are just my opinions and hopefully no one was harmed in the writing of these words.

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I wouldn't know about those other two, since I've never played them. I'd get around to them, but keep in mind that I still have two epic games, and that's for the Wii alone.
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@Video_Game_King: Candle_Jakk has tweeted about TimeSplitters on numerous occasions so I assume he's a fan.

The controls probably inspired the Conduit's myriad of options, so the answer is yes they use dual-analog sticks but you can play it like Goldeneye if you prefer. Either way is still mad, floaty, Goldeneye sway. Your weapon/reticule will move to the side of the screen when turning and snap-back to the middle when you're finished turning.
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Spongebob was pretty good a few years ago. I watched the new episode on Nickeledeon a few days ago, and it wasn't really good. I guess we should put it out of it's misery...forever. Going to Goldeneye, it's a masterpiece that i have always loved playing.
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Spongebob the show is still pretty good. I don't have an opinion on the games though. They sound terrible.

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Did you see the post immediately above yours?