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Evening, while walking home from a local concert and started thinking about what genera of music most gamers listen to while playing games. I personally listen to metal, but was curious to see what my fellow vidja heads listen to. Please post preferences below.

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Whatever the hell's in the effing game.

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I tend to stay with the game soundtrack. If the game soundtrack is crappy or extremely generic I'll just turn it all the way down. I find that listening to other styles of music while gaming gets me extremely distracted. However, I will play Demon's Souls while listening to podcasts.

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Whatever genres I listen to when I'm not playing video games.

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It depends. Usually if the game is story-driven, and I haven't played through it before, I'll just listen to whatever the game offers. If I'm replaying something I'll listen to anything. My catalog of music available to me is pretty large and covers almost every genre.

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Genre*. Also, movie soundtracks.

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Whatever's coming out of my tv speakers

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Genre. Spelling. Check it.

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The games soundtrack, if it sucks then some good electronica.

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If I'm listening to music while playing a game, it's whatever comes on Pandora usually. That can play nearly anything, because I like a wide range of music. If I had to pick the one that it plays the most, I guess it would be Top 40 rock stuff from the 90s.

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If anything I tend to listen to podcasts when replaying the game but first time through is the games soundtrack.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Whatever the hell's in the effing game.


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lol sorry bout the spelling, and I agree with listening to what the game has if it is a story driven RPG or something similar. But if I am playing an online FPS I will stray away from the soundtrack and listen to other music.

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Anything in my gaming playlist. That usually consists of hard rock, punk, classical, dubstep, dnb, melodic death metal, symphonic death metal, alternative rock, and christian rock.

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Hardcore gangster rap plus shooting dudes in the face works surprisingly well.

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I just play Eye of the Tiger on loop during every game. It makes me play better.

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Game soundtrack.

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What's a genera?

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Depends on what I am playing. I like listening to Dub-step in Terraria for some reason, but cannot stand it while raiding/heroic(ing) in World of Warcraft. I prefer Heavy Metal for that. Oh, and my music of choice in Battlefield 3 is the soothing sound of crashing helicopters and gunfire.

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@TooJiuJitToQuit: I once listened to Stairway as I played that one part of Sands of Time where you don't have your time reverse ability and you have to climb a bunch of crap. I knew I'd need it because of how many times I died before putting it on. Perfectly enough, I completed it right as the song was ending, if memory serves. Maybe the solo was just kicking in, but I'm pretty sure it was almost the entirety of the song. Was a great feeling.

I also use to listen to country, 80s music, and of course DragonForce as I cut up dudes in Samurai Warriors 2 and Dynasty Warriors 6. Needless to say, great combinations (even the country, surprisingly enough).

EDIT: Typo.

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If it's Minecraft I play podcasts. For a shooter or hack and slash game I throw on some rock music anything else is in-game music.

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Depends on the game, for most rpg's I listen to podcast just to have something interesting going as you have to travel from place to place, for action/fps I'll usually do Metal, and for puzzles it's grunge most of the time, oh and for sports(which really just means NHL) I go through all of the previous mentioned types. Though I rarely listen to music on the first playthrough of most games.

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Isn't a genera like some sort of genital growth?

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"Genera" is the plural of "genus" (as in English "gene") in Latin, which is etymologically related to "genre"... But, come on. "Genres" is perfect, proper English.

Also, I don't usually listen to music while playing games. An exception is, of course, Minecraft. I played the GOTY podcasts while I was playing Skyrim, though, because I was starting a new character and most of what I was doing I had already done before. So no loss in not hearing what people are saying.

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Metal or rap (not R&B) for action games with less conversation or just missions between cutscenes. For dialogue-heavy stuff, I just play the fucking game as it was meant to be played.

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Cool jazz!

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@Video_Game_King said:

Whatever the hell's in the effing game.

This 99% of the time , rarely I put other music .... but if I do Burzum , Popol Vuh , Samael , Summoning (well last time I played New Vegas and was tired of the game´s soundtrack)

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I never listen to music, aside from what comes with the game. I do however listen to podcasts a lot when the game allows it (works great in racing games, not so much in dialog heavy adventure games).

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Podcasts, otherwise it's nothing or the soundtrack.

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@Masha2932 said:


This. Almost all podcasts I listen to I listen to when I'm playing some game.

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Most of the time, I won't listen to anything while playing video games, because I'd rather experience the game's own score and voice acting. There are exceptions to this, though - most notably sports games, although it also applies to sequences of games where I'm forced to grind. In these instances, I'll either listen to a podcast, or put on some good rock or blues (my genres of preference).

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@Vexxan said:

@Masha2932 said:


This. Almost all podcasts I listen to I listen to when I'm playing some game.

Mostly this but it depends on what game I'm playing. Is a story-heavy game or an FPS, I'll only have in-game sounds activated. Playing games like Dungeons of Dredmor or LoL however I go with club/house on a low volume, just to keep it in the background.

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@ccampb89: I would get slaughtered if I'd listen to music while raiding.

@Topic I usually go with the game music. Unless it's a game without any kind of music. Then whatever I feel like.

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Dubstep and rock/metal

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Mostly Symphonic Metal and Power Metal for some weird reason, also depends on what kind of game I'm playing.

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I tend to listen to Podcasts unless I really like the games soundtrack.

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If it's a game where audio isn't important...Hmmmm.

Half of my playlist consists of Idolmaster, so J-pop I guess? I have some orchestral, rock...I'm all over the place!

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I listen to everything really. It's scary. I just finished watching Tangled and that last track, I assume done by Mandy Moore, is fucking bangin.' So that'll definitely be getting added to my library.

I usually just throw up MediaMonkey, hit play, make sure random is on, and forget about it. I have rap/hip-hop, r&b, metal, alternative, pop, electronic, dubstep, chiptunes, jpop, jazz, etc. You name it (a genre), there's a good chance I have it. I used to fucking hate country, but I even found a few artists in that genre that I'm starting to come around to. When I don't feel like music though, I'll just throw on a podcast and bam, done.

I feel I need to add I only do this with games where the sound is practically irrelevant. i.e. MMOs, MOBAs, etc

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it depends on the game. Usually metal or rock. I rarely listen to the game's soundtrack.

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@BrockNRolla said:

Genre. Spelling. Check it.



I rarely listen to music while playing but if I do, it depends on the game.

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Depends on the game. When I played WoW and other MMOs, while doing the busy work found in all of them, I'd listen to podcasts usually. For any other type of game, usually what's on the game's soundtrack. The exception is racing games where I prefer my own custom soundtrack. What I listen to under those circumstances varies. There's something very funny about blasting "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" while driving your car off an elevated parking garage. I like the idea of custom soundtracks for fighting games, too but the matches are over so quickly usually it doesn't make much sense.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Whatever the hell's in the effing game.

This. Games have music specifically written for them. Unless it's some puzzle game that endlessly loops the same tune (I don't really play those as much), I stick with what the developers chose.
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I don't listen to music while I'm playing a game, because I'm playing a game.

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Usually I'll just listen to what's in the game, but if by some chance listening to that becomes tedious, I'll start blasting some Compton's Most Wanted, Ice Cube or other stuff of that nature, with perhaps the odd Aphex Twin or Autchere song sprinkled in. I don't listen to metal because I think it's boring, for the most part.

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If I'm playing a game with a lot of roaming (Skyrim, Red dead, Diablo, ect) thats usually where I listen to the bombcast, pausing it when there is dialogue or story going down.

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I don't have a preferred genre of music for anything, just what I want to listen to at the time.

It might be Cannibal Corpse, it might be Ice-T.