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Here's the question- If you could plug an ethernet cable into your PS3/Xbox Slim, then plug the other end into some sort of network capable device-be it a computer, laptop, TV, or some sort of media platform-and use the PS3's/Xbox Slim's Wi-Fi as an access point to connect said device to a network, would you do it? I would as this would allow me to connect my TV to the internet without running a cable across my floor.

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eh, if I need a wireless host, I use my mac for that.

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@TurboMan: amazing how "wireless host" summed up my long-ass sentence...
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Where are people getting the name "Xbox Slims" or "360 Slim" from? o.O 
But yeah, TurboMan summed it up pretty damn well, haha

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@ZeForgotten: They are getting it from the fact that is says XBOX 360 S on the actual console. Or something along those lines.
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@ZeForgotten said:
" Where are people getting the name "Xbox Slims" or "360 Slim" from? 
i suppose they don't have any good name for the new 360 besides calling it the "new xbox" (which in months time, won't make any sense) 
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Nextbox? Or is that old?

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The new 360 model is officially designated as Xbox 360 S, so i would assume the 'S' means Slim... or something along those lines.

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@cancerdancer: Been looking at my new 360 and I see no S on mine. 
I feel ripped off for getting one then. :( 
@Persecution89: All I hear Microsoft calling it is "The new Xbox 360". 
But It's Microsoft, they change the name of things when they feel like it, I just never heard them at any of the press stuff calling it the "360 Slim" .. or "360 S" for that matter.  
Guess I have something to look into at work later
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It's certainly better than the 'S' standing for 'smaller'. Or 'silent-er' for that matter.

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@ZeForgotten: I don't think it is on the outside. Tested took one apart and on the inside there is a factory label that has the S near the 360.
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Its 360 S for Super-duper

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The New Xbox 360 Experience

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@dwil83:   To be back on topic, I don't think you can use the 360's wifi as a tether.
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I have a wireless router at home, so everything that can be connected to the internet, is. So to answer your question, no, I wouldn't.

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@ZeForgotten said:
"Where are people getting the name "Xbox Slims" or "360 Slim" from? o.O  But yeah, TurboMan summed it up pretty damn well, haha "

I would say it's more of a code name for the new xbox and ps3 models back when the ps2 relauched it was called slim so now whenever a system is made smaller and silent people will call it a slim model. Also i think it just an easy way to say which system you have.
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Lets just call it the Xbox Smaller then the other one.

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@mordecaix7: i know, but i was asking if they offered the option would you use it?
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@dwil83: Sorry, I misunderstood you.  No I would not. 
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lol yea dude make sure you research the official name of the 360 slim cuz i know we all care.