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I love Giant Bomb. I also love Giant Bomb's achievement tracking. If it wasn't for that I'd never bother with S-ranks, and I've experienced parts of games I never would have seen had it not been for them. So the other day I finally got my S-Rank in 'Splosion Man, the single player achievements I got the week it was released or shortly after, but the multiplayer ones I have been doing on and off for the past few months (cheers to Zombiemole and MoodyEm for the help). After the little 'bink' noise I felt  little tinge of pride as some of those cakes took a lot of skill and some real teamwork to pull off. After I was done I had a look at some of the achievements I was missing and it kinda bummed me out that ones that I had put a lot of work into, I would never get an S-Rank because the multiplayer is now dead (like DooM).
So here's a few questions for you GB:
1) What S-rank are you most proud of for whatever reason?
2) Are you currently working towards any S-rank and why?
3) What game are you bummed out you never got a S-rank for?
I realise quite a few of you here either don't see the point of or don't care about achievements/trophies, but I've always viewed them like challenges to be attempted after the games 'campaign' has been completed a bit like Batman's challenge rooms.
Just realised I didn't answer my own question so
1) Probably 'Splosion Man.
2) Only just got round to playing MW2 (yeah I know) so might give that a shot, I love a challenge.
3) Either DooM or Duke 3D, like I said above the multiplayer is pretty much dead. I think things like the Doom multiplayer piss me off more than S-ranks gone because of DLC (for me about 4/5) because getting through 'Ultra Violence' wasn't easy, and DLC achievements have a habit of practically awarding you for buying them, and I'm not buying into that bollocks.

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1)  I guess Bayonetta.  I don't have many S Ranks in retail games.
2)  I'm working on BK: Nutls & Bolts right now because it's a fantastic game and I can't stop playing.
3)  I did have an S rank in RE5 before the DLC came out, now I don't and I'm kinda bummed.  I might get the multiplayer DLC when the new DLC comes out later this year and try to get an S rank in that.  I also wanted to get an S rank in Street Fighter IV, but those damn trails are fucking annoying.

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1. It's hard to say which one I'm most proud of, but I would say they would be between my BlazBlue, The Force Unleashed, Bully, or Lost Odyssey. I don't have an S-Rank in Lost Odyssey because I didn't buy the DLC but I do have a full 1000 on the game.  
2. I'm working on the last achievement for Bioshock, beating the game on hard without dying. It's going pretty good so far ans I heard it gets easier as you go. 
3. Batman. I really want to get the Gold Combat Challenges but my mind gets too flustered. I just have to sit down one night and I think I can get it. 

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The title of this thread made me feel 2 things:
* A piece of me died because I thought it was such a lame pun, plus the song sucks
* Another piece of me thinks it is complete genius and hilarious
 I feel both of these at the same time
In response:
1. I don't have any S-Ranks at the moment, though I am close on some (Monkey Island just requires that I do a speed run really)
2. Assassin's Creed 2 is close and achievable, so I am working towards that. ME2 is a game I will finish and then go back to to S-Rank
3. Disappointed I will never get one for a game like Fifa 09. I put a lot of hours into those games but the achievements are either so time demanding and crazy or multiplayer focused that it will never happen for me

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3) Dead Rising. I actually fell asleep 20 minutes before obtaining the 7 Day Survivor ( which requires 14 hours REAL TIME, without saving! ).

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I am not a points whore, therefore I do not care about s-ranks because it's the same thing.

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@Captain_Insano: Who doesn't love a bad pun?
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I have 0. But I'm almost done Fallout 3, I think I need five more to get it finished. And most of them are Karma related.

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1) Prince of Persia is def the one I am most proud of. Not really that hard but every single achievement was super fun to get. 
2) I am working on a lot of S ranks currently though a lot of them are long term goals. Some though I am close such as Lost Odyssey, Left 4 Dead 2, Braid and so on. 
3) Street Fighter IV, i'm terrible at the game, will never happen. Gears of War 2, I am close but still need 50 more levels online and that will take forever.

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Fighting Vergil (the finale) as Vergil in Devil May Cry 3 SE. I took him down in less than four minuets using no items on the normal difficulty setting. I was so proud of myself, considering that it takes me longer and I need to use at least one heal item to beat him as Dante.

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1) Most proud of Mass Effect 1.  Took me a total of 6 playthroughs to get everything.  Definitely a long-haul S-rank.
2) Working on Mass Effect 2.  Mostly because I S-ranked the first one, and this one is easier to do it with.   That said, the challenge of beating Insanity mode is fantastic and very satisfying.
3) Call of Duty 4.  I just can't beat Mile High Club on Veteran. 

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1) I have a tie for first place in my mind, Assassins Creed because of the flags and Lost Odyssey.
2) Working on Tales of Vesperia, everyone gives the Final Fantasy series so much cred for the amount of content the games have but I have played 200 hours of ToV and I still have stuff I havent seen. Its a real pity since most of it is voiced and it fils out the characters really well. Unfortunatly the achievements are rediculous.
3) Even though you can still play it Hao 3 bums me out since some of the Multiplayer achievements are super hard, getting a perfection )going at least 15 and 0 in  a slayer game) is brutally hard to the point where a  casul player cant get it, you need to sink lots of hours into getting good at the multiplayer to even have a chance.

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1) I'm not really proud of any of my S-Ranks mainly cause I didn't find any of them challenging enough to be proud of them yet I'm glad I got S-Rank for Mass Effect.
2) Working on Mass Effect 2, Bioshock, Assassin's Creed, Secret of Monkey Island and Puzzle Quest
3) Mainly Rock Band 2, Beatles: Rock Band and Left 4 Dead 1/2 only cause I really really enjoy them but not good enough to get the harder achievements.

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The only S-Ranks I have are Fight Night Round 3 and UNO. Everything else tapers off when you reach the high end stuff, usually because of multiplayer achievements. I'm working on Mass Effect 2 though and I might go back and try to finish off Fallout 3 this summer as that's just a case of putting hours in rather than difficulty.

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1. The Orange Box  (the Portal challenges were really tough), and maybe Bioshock (not super hard, but a great game). Alien Hominid was pretty tough, too.
2. So many heh. I'll be starting Fallout 3 GOTY sometime soon and I'll be going for that. One more achievement to go in Chime, too. I'm part-way through Borderlands as well and should hopefully S-Rank that one.
3. I need one more achievement in Shadow Complex (lvl 50) just can't bring myself to go back to it yet. I also really want to S-Rank Mass Effect, but I'm going to set it aside for a while after I finish it for the first time.