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I miss TNT, Daily DOTA is boring, sorry Brad. TNT was a huge chunk of content for premium users like Unprofessonial Fridays. I don't accept DOTA 2 in its place as it take 0 work to produce and is boring, as it's the same thing week after week and only includes Brad... If vinyl played in the Daily Dota regularly, then it would be worth watching but. ThTNT was a long show, the way I see it premium users lost 50% the content we use to get. Giantbomb is a gaming website not a DOTA website.

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They have to do a Divekick TNT, right?

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Also people that say TNT wasn't good are crazy. TNT has a ton of the best moments from Giant Bomb. TNT was the bomb.

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TNT is what made me a regular GB viewer. They need a free live show like this to draw in people. Dota is garbage. I hope even Brad is getting sick of it now.

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@vuud said:

I hope even Brad is getting sick of it now.



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I think the word we're going with is "on hiatus" at the moment. If something pops up where it's appropriate to do one, we'll do one, but for now it's not going to be a weekly thing, at least in the near future.

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@rorie: Divekick, SR4 etc. Aren't there some games which work in this format coming out soon?

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I just want a whole-team Endurance Run.

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TNT was mostly boring as shit to watch unless it was one of the ones with a mish-mash of staff, ie the one Will and Vinny hosted.

It was still fun to play though.

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It could be that Ryan was the so called ringmaster among Giant Bomb staff meaning that it was probably his job to arrenge and schedule the various shows that the Giant Bomb had. With Ryan´s passing they are in a situation where they are basically one man short so the logical option is just probably not to have TNT at least for a while.

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I never had too much interest when TNT was just playing the multiplayer of a new game. While the idea of doing something the community can be a part of has merit, it didn't really make for an interesting show. My favourite TNTs have been the things like the Fortune Street marathon, the Brad Muir Alter Echo Retrospective, the Dave Lang career/junk.bin Retrospective, the Paul Bearer memorial wrasslin' show with Jared Rea, the Cards Against Humanity shows etc. All the stuff where everyone is involved, preferably in something dumb. Unprofessional Fridays has kind of taken on that role.

If I were King for a day and could enforce decrees about how to rework the idea and go back to two live shows a week, my first though was that it would be cool if they did something more like those TNTs that have that Unpro Fridays vibe, but with a unified idea where everyone is involved, rather than individual segments. There are heaps of things I can think of that I think would be fun to watch. Maybe a Quake LAN, some Choo Choo Rocket or the ever popular Tetris Battle Gaiden, maybe even some tabletop pen and paper stuff? That would require a lot of planning and set up though.

I think the best answer would be something on a smaller scale, like when Vinny decides to do something dumb off the cuff like play Euro Truck 2 for 2 hours. There was something special about some of the PC game stuff with the Vinny/Drew/Dave team. The production side was simple aside from OS woes and they really took the time to actually get stuck in to a game. The 4 hours of Blade Runner was so, so good, watching them actually finish Phantasmagoria was great. With Vinny's FMV game kick lately, I'd love to see him play some of those a bit more. Flash Traffic hooked me. Or with the way Vinny wants to catch up on a series before touching the latest entry, he could use a show like that as an avenue to play some of those games. Brad has done similar content with Breaking Brad, Bradley May Cry etc and that stuff is great. Really enjoyable content for comparatively little time and hassle on the production side.

Although maybe now isn't the time since it seems like video games are a thing again and some big releases are coming up, rolling in to the new generation of hardware etc

...But I really want to see Vinny's climactic showdown with Harmonica...

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Who is Spy?

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Honestly, the old ways of TNT seemed more appropriate broadcasting live from a basement.

They really had something going with those developer visits, though, and I think if they reformatted it to specifically be about going through a developer's history in the industry then I think they'd have not just an entertaining show but one of the more important, historically relevant shows in video games.

But without the social butterflies of the crew (Ryan and Patrick) pounding the pavement to make shows like that happen I'm not sure that it'll be doable.

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I've been pretty happy with these three person QL's. If that means one less weekly live show, I can deal with the trade off.

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@yummylee said:

TNT was getting to be pretty redundant as it went on and was basically just a lesser weird and crazy Unprofessional Fridays. Though Hell, that's kinda what all of GB's video features are to be fair.

Losing TNT isn't an especially great loss in any case, but I would like to see a new weekly Thursday feature in return.