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Let me put what I am going to say next into context. I live in Hong Kong, where everyone is always on their phone, and always takes photos of their food. Okay, everyone might be a little strong, but I guarantee that if you go into a restaurant you are very likely to see it happen.

Now........ I hate when people takes pictures of their food. I find it bordering on obsessive. I have only taken a photo of food once, and it was a before/after photo of my friend eating a 12 patty burger. I have been out to meals with a group of people on multiple occasions, and have had one of them takes photos of the food.

Now, I'm not talking about a photo of the people at the table smiling...with the food sitting on the table. No....I'm talking a photo of the food, just the food, sometimes with special effort made to avoid getting people in the photo.

Now, do you do it? Do you hate it? Or am I just weird?


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What the hell else would I put on my instagram?

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Why the hell would I?

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@unilad said:

Now, do you do it? Do you hate it? Or am I just weird?

I don't do it.

I don't hate it but I do find it a little weird. Especially since it doesn't ultimately matter if Food "looks good", it really only matters if it smells and tastes good. I get that high end restaurants have designed dishes and such that are carefully laid out so they have a nice appearance, but most instagram pics I see are really mundane things like McDonald's quarter pounders or Pizza.

Honestly I don't care to know what other people are eating anyway and it baffles me a little to think any would think someone else would care except perhaps on very rare occasions.

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Maybe... Sometimes....

Only when my mom cooks the really delicious food though.

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I don't understand why people do it.

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You see, i don't use my phone when i'm in a restaurant because i'm a quality individual.

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Never done it. Would you like me to?

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Why do they take pictures of their food?

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I don't take pictures of my food as a rule, but this was the best meal I ever ate. Pulpo gallego:

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Nay. Does food ever take pictures of you and put it online for everyone to see?

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I was in France last year and I had a very nice meal (many of them actually but this anecdote is about a specific one) with people I had traveled with. These people thought it looked so good it should have its picture taken. I feel like it was too classy a place to have gawking tourists taking pictures of the food. I think it's a very tacky thing to do.

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People are sentimental. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

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Nah, I take MENTAL pictures

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Of course I do, I find people that don't do it almost as strange as the ones that deny music on vinyl being more authentic and thus better sounding. I think the only reason for you not to take pictures of your food is if you are part of the 1% and working for the machine.

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I did this once, because it was so fucking good, I needed to share it with the world.

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I take pictures of food that I cook and post them out of pride. I don't know why people post pictures of food that someone else made.

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one time i texted a friend that i made a fancy dinner for myself and she wanted to see it so i took a picture and sent it to her, but yeah. thats about it.

(it was just a steak and a salad btw)

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I take pictures of food that I cook and post them out of pride. I don't know why people post pictures of food that someone else made.

Yeah this, I like to think of myself as an amateur chef. I take time to prepare the plate too.

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Taking pictures of food is only really justified in my eyes, when the food has been arranged on the plate in some special way and looks amazing, or maybe when something looks exceptionaly bad.

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if something looks exceptionally good to eat, i'm not photographing it- i'm eating it.

i think a lot of people take food pictures because food is relatively easy to photograph (compared to nature, people, or animals).

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I can't imagine why anyone would care. Not only don't I take pictures of my food (seriously, wtf?!), but I have never taken a picture with any phone, ever and of the couple hundred pictures I've taken in my entire life (pretty much just the last fifteen years, though) only about ten have been of something other than my house or packages I've received or am shipping for evidence.

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The only time I've ever photographed food is at special occasions like birthdays, and the focus of the picture is on the people crowded around the food.

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It'd have to be something really special for me to take a photo. There is something tragic about people who submit a photo of their dinner on Facebook or Instagram every night.

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I've never done it nor do I understand the appeal to it. Facebook, thanks to Instagram, is full of that shit.

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If it's like a specifically weird dish I could see myself sharing it.

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I hate food bloggers. Nobody cares what you ate today.

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I usually take pictures of it after it's done being food. That's the kind of shit that instagram is filled with.

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I don't but I can understand taking pictures of food to share if it looks/is very unique. For example if I told people I ate Balut today someone would ask "Oh Jack, what does that mean?" and I could send them a picture of a chicken fetus.

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I don't take pictures of my food but I also don't have a problem with people that do it

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When I see people do it in a restaurant I think it's totally tasteless behavior, makes it look like they've never seen a good meal in their life. But knowing the kinds of people who do photograph food, that's probably the case. These are the same people that eat at chain-restaurants.

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I do it sometimes, I don't really mind others doing it. Unless they're taking photos of my meals and their actions are interrupting my eating.

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I've done it three times. One time was when I was on vacation in Chicago and had my first real deep dish pizza. Wanted to remember that because I don't know when I'll ever get back there again. Second time was on the boardwalk in the summer where a group of us got a 36 inch wide pizza or something. It was super big, took up an entire table on its own. The third time was in Atlantic City when a group of us got a ten pound pizza. If I ever eat another crazy pizza I'll probably take a picture of it.

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I too find it very, very, very annoying, especially on those days where it is the only thing filling out my Facebook-homescreen.

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Generally I avoid it unless it was something I made that I'm either somewhat proud of/turned out great.

Most recent example:

Motherfucking zucchini boats with an amazing ceasar salad and champagne, thrown together by me and this one very special girl. It was taken part of the deliciousness, and part of, cornyness allowed, memories we made.

Mandatory "no filters applied, because I'm not a terrible person"-mention.