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Poll: The GiantBomb age demogrpahic poll (803 votes)

Male 15-18 6%
Male 19-22 31%
Male 23-26 28%
Male 27+ 31%
Female 15-18 0%
Female 19-22 1%
Female 23-26 2%
Female 27+ 1%

I recently saw the thread by @KindGalaxy inquiring about peoples ages over here ( KingGalaxy's Thread ) and it actually got me quite interested in whats the dominant age demographic for GiantBomb. I spaced out the age groups pretty close as I'm sure most users here are somewhere between 18-25.

So if you wish go ahead and indulge in this little experiment, and enjoy (as much as anyone can enjoy a good ol' Poll!)


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Oh, females...

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I'd be interested to see exactly where the dropoff is. 30, 35?

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I'm 36. And I am a dude who is American and white with blue eyes and brown hair.

Have you ever considered being a video game protagonist?

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Dudes in their 20s dot com

Probably not too surprising.

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@frankfartmouth said:

I'm 36. And I am a dude who is American and white with blue eyes and brown hair.

Have you ever considered being a video game protagonist?

I also have a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow and an unnecessarily gravelly voice. I would make an awesome video game protagonist.

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Giantbomb and videogames in general need MOAR LADIES.

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Male, 21

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These demographics are clearly not laid out by anyone who has had to worry about useful demographics, before.

Also, you end at "27+". . . ? You fucking ageist! :P

(Hint: Demographics are usually more useful across meaningful ranges, like 18-29, 30-44, 45-64, 65+).

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@rentfn said:

@beachthunder said:

You may as well be dead if you're over 27.

My Appendix thought that. I turned thirty and three days later had to go to the hospital to have it removed. Stop aging people.

The one thing I've learned is that you generally cease to exist once you hit 30.

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@branthog: The thread died so I didn't bother editing the first post but I guess I really have to add in the disclaimer that this is for my own personal benefit. The results I got from those age ranges were useful to me.

A lot of people mentioned how the age ranges used are so terrible and so pointless. I honestly never made any sort of demographic polls, I was interested to see how many people on GB are teens, young adults, and older. Thats about it. For my purposes I didn't care about the distinction between 27 or 37 because that was lumped in for me as "mature adult" - out of plain curiosity, what would be "useful" age ranges to use and how are they chosen to produce these more useful results?

EDIT: well you apparently can't edit a post if theres a Poll in it so I can't put in the disclaimer and will be forced to read how terrible this Poll is in terms of providing valuable data for everyone.

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I feel so old... Wait! If I kill all of you I will be younger in the poll scale. Thats what I will do.

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Ha! What a shock only 4% women voted on a video game forum, or they are dudes trolling, excluding you @Morrow.

Although I would be curious at the granularity of the 27+ crowd. One of the most appealing things to me about the GB community is that it seems to skew older with more thoughtful discourse. Compare it to a place like IGN, there may as well be a bunch of PhDs posting here.

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This website is sexist. No equal representation! I am outraged!

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I'm in my late 30's now. Best years of my life. Fuck those 20's. I may as well have been dead then.

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Yup, it's official. at 30, I'm old

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Old men are winning !! Hurray for us !! Now get off my goddam lawn you fuckin' kids!!!

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As I predicted/expected, Male age 20-30 is the highest demographic, Generally how it usually goes. :P

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Finally, I am the one percent.