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I want to experience some of the great SNES games I hear everyone talking about, but I need some advice. Should I buy a original SNES and game cartridges or should I buy a Wii U and play them through the Virtual Console?

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Get a SNES.

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Get one of the newer SNES retreads with the exact same controllers and the ability to play NES games, too. Some of them even play Genesis and Super Famicom games, like the FC Twin. I also think that you use composite cables to hook them up to your TV instead of the old-school adapter, which can be a little more convenient.

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SNES broski.

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Get a PC.

It comes with a built in snes.

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How much are SNES carts of the games you want to try?

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The console will be cheap but the carts might be expensive...

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Chrono Trigger and Earthbound are going to cost you a bunch; if you want the true experience go SNES but it's going to cost you a lot in the long run.

Also DONT MASS BUY GAMES for the "NEW" Console. Buy em when you can find em cheap and you actually plan to play them. I have 30 N64 Games on my shelf that I barely touched that I purchased within the last 6 months. eBay is addictive.

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Well, considering that the Wii U doesn't have the virtual console yet... I'd say get a wii. The VC on that should suffice

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The trouble with the SNES is that you'll likely be buying one used, and while hardware malfunctions weren't as bad then as they are now, it's still been a very long time and it's an old system. It's simply not as reliable as a brand new Wii/WiiU would be. In addition to that, the original cartridges for some games might cost just as much as a Wii, some approaching the cost of the WiiU. Not to mention they're difficult to find.

Then again, those games aren't even likely to be on the Wii, and definitely aren't on the WiiU yet. I guess it comes down to what you want to play. Make a list and cross reference it with the WiiShop's Virtual Console. See what you'd be looking at spending that way, and vice versa.

Think about the future too. WiiU will almost certainly be getting the bigger SNES games that are available on the Wii, eventually. Plus, if you go that route you're sort of 'future-proofing' yourself for Nintendo consoles. You won't have to make any 'big' investments with Nintendo for some time.

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@Turambar:@avidwriter: I've looked up prices on ebay and decide to keep it simple. I'll start with Zelda and Super Metroid which both run for about for 25 to 30 dollars.

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Get an emulator and a 360 controller.

If you must pay for the games, then get a a Wii or Wii U, buy what you want off of the Virtual Console, then get an emulator and play what isn't on the virtual console.

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@jap_2002 said:

@Turambar:@avidwriter: I've looked up prices on ebay and decide to keep it simple. I'll start with Zelda and Super Metroid which both run for about for 25 to 30 dollars.

For the "inexpensive" route with a SNES, might I suggest the following (in no particular order):

(Note: All prices subject to be different wherever you look. These are what I was finding them for)

Super Mario World - $15-20

Link to the Past - $20

Mega Man X - $18

Super Mario Kart - $20-25

Yoshi's Island - $20-25

DKC 1 (or 2): ~$20

I could go on, but that's my opinion for starters. Amazon is a good place, but I'd say they're more the high end of pricing. If you stake out Ebay, you can find some awesome deals or a lot of games (like $100 for 10-15 games).

The hardware should be able to hold up well (just look it over when you get it), and the carts clean up well with rubbing alcohol, or some Brasso if you need to break out the big guns and clean off a ton of gunk. I've been using the SNES from my days as an anklebiter, and that's going on 20 years old now. Just don't put in any new games without cleaning em first (keeps from contaminating the connector), and you oughta be fine.

VC is nice if you'd rather save some money, but there is something about using the original article (to me anyway - this is all preference).

Hope it helps!

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SNES and a CRT television. Everything feels off on an LCD and some games look funny. I was mysteriously missing tons of bonus damage timed button presses on Super Mario RPG. As soon as I got out an old tube TV it all went away. Check Ebay auctions, you can get SNESs quite cheap. I got mine for $40 with a copy of Super Mario World and mine is in perfect shape. Using an emulator just doesn't cut it. You can't see the framerate drops in Super Mario World (they are there. I was shocked when I saw them. Mostly in Donut Plains levels).
Edit: Just watch for prices on games. Some places charge a lot more than others. A lot of the pricing is based on condition. I paid $5 more for a copy of Super Mario RPG that was mint over one with a nick in the label, but that is worth it for me because I collect old games and want them in good shape. You can get most of the staple games for $20-30. LTTP sometimes goes for $35 and Yoshi's Island varies because it isn't as common. Once you get into the more rare stuff it goes up fast. It will be nigh impossible to get Super Mario RPG for less than at least $60 (I got mine for $70 but mine is mint. There were cheaper copies available). 
And yeah, bust out rubbing alcohol for the connector thingies. My copy of Zelda: A Link to the Past straight up didn't work before I took a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to it. Now it works perfectly.

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Playing through VC is much easier and less of a headache, but if you have the ability definitely get a SNES and a CRT tv.

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I would just get them on the Wii U if you can, much less hassle and more convienant. Especially considering you would have to chase down an old system and it's games which may or may not work properly after all these years.

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I could probably look it up somewhere else, but are the batteries in the snes cartridges replaceable?

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I lol'd at the thread title because I thought this was going to be 'Nintendo were so much better back in the day, the SNES is way better than the Wii U' but you have my gratitude you didn't go there.

I've always been one for playing on the original hardware with the original controller as thats how it was played back in the day and if you're going back play it how it was do exactly that and have the same experience, so yeah, get a SNES.

@jap_2002: Batteries in a SNES cartridge? Unless theres some really obscure FX Chip game I'm forgetting the SNES didn't have them. The NES did with Zelda, maybe thats what you're thinking of?

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@Canteu said:

Get a PC.

It comes with a built in snes.


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Well, if you have the money and the love for nostalgia, then by all means get the Super NES.

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@jap_2002: If you end up going with the original carts, I recommend the Supa Boy portable SNES. Got mine last friday and been playing mad Super Mario World.

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WiiU because it's not an old system and because it has better games, and it has more games (if you count VC), has better controller, and can play Wii games, and has off-TV play for some WiiU games, and the controller can be used wirelessly, and the system is white and not yellow

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Get a sega genesis bro, its got blast processing.

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@HappyCheeze: Funny you say that. I asked for a SNES when I was a kid but got a Genesis instead. I still have it and play it every once in a while. Genesis does what Nintendo don't. LOL

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The SNES is one of the greatest consoles ever. The WiiU is just . . . whatever.

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I could probably look it up somewhere else, but are the batteries in the snes cartridges replaceable?

Totally replaceable (lots of how-tos online)
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Are you insane? Don't buy an SNES! IT's twenty years old!

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If you really don't care that much, just get an emulator. If you want a more authentic experience, get a SNES.

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If the Wii U gets better Virtual console support I think it would be a good choice, but it may not have DCK 1, 2, or 3 still...

So if you are only planing on playing SNES games? SNES is the better one. If you want to play future, potentially awesome Nintendo titles, grab the Wii U.

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Get a Wii U because you'll have more gaming opportunities beyond the SNES and, since you're new to SNES game ownership, you'll care less about nostalgia.