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I've never played a Thief game but since its coming from the guys who made Deus Ex: HR, I'm excited for it.

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FUCK YES!!! Thief games were some of the staples of my early gaming life. So stoked for this.

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Oh good, this game isn't dead after all.

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Man, they announced that how many years ago? I thought that project was long dead.

EDIT: Article says it was announced in '09. Damn, that's a long silence.

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Thief 1 and 2 are probably the best stealth games ever made

I wonder how closely they'll adhere to the formula set by those games.


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I'm cautiously optimistic. Thief 2 is probably my favorite game ever and while these guys impressed me with Deus Ex, I really hope they get the feel of the game right and keep the missions interesting.

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A face mask?! I hate that bow. They ruined the series to appease the mainstream audience. Should have listened to the fans!

I'm a fan if the originals so its ok for me to say that!

Seriously though I'm pretty excited to be able to play another thief game.

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The intricate level design that promoted avoiding combat will do a total 360 and turn into a hack and slash linear "go here" Assholly Creed console game. Probably with wall cover. Waste of time.