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Poll: (To Subscribers) Would you still sub if Vinny were gone? (304 votes)

Yes 63%
No 37%

This past week had me reflecting on why it is I actually subscribe to Giant Bomb, and why I enjoy coming here. One of the main reasons is because of the personalities employed here. As Vinny was on vacation this past week, I noticed myself not watching as many videos because I knew he wasn't going to be in them and kind of ignoring most of the content in general. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the other guys, but Vinny is far and away my favorite; and I know he is the favorite of a lot of other people too.

So that brings us to my question: If Vinny were to go off and do something else, or retire (God forbid!) would you still subscribe to Giant Bomb? I think I would, just because I enjoy so many of the other features (Jar Time, TNT, Live Streams, Encyclopedia Bombastica ((speaking of which, isn't it about time for some new ones!?)) but it most certainly wouldn't be the same without him. It's hard to imagine a live stream of some goofy game without Vinny.

Anyways, let's hear your thoughts, and long live the V-Man!

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Yep. I like plenty of content that Vinny isn't in.

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I fail to the interest of this thread, but yes.

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Ya totally. There is no one person's departure that would make me unsubscribe. Maybe there is a combination of two departures, but definitely not one.

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It would really suck, but yes.

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@kidable said:

It would really suck, but yes.

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Depressing as the thought may seem, All good things do come to an end. It'd be terrible if any of the crew left, but it's something that could happen sometime in the future. Although I love Vinny very much, his departure alone wouldn't affect my continued interest in the site. As long as the crew keeps up thier fun-loving shenanigans I'll stick around to support them.


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Everybody is eventually going to retire except for Jeff.

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Vinny usually isn't on most vids due to him being the one recording it. He's great but he isn't the reason that I come to giant bomb.

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There really should be more options.

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I love me some Vinny, but I would probably still subscribe, yes, but I am not really sure for how long. Vinny is a fount of positivity amongst the five of the core Giantbomb personalities and I think without him we'd just be seeing a lot of negativity and criticism in most of the content.

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This is, not

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Yes. While Vinny is absolutely amazing, it's the whole crew that makes up Giant Bomb.

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Vinny is eventually going to let his kid take over for him and his kid will probably be in a quick look and laugh because he made a poopie and nobody will know the difference.

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omg don't even say that!

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@kidable said:

It would really suck, but yes.

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Sure it would suck but ya I still would.

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Wha...what? Why would you even think about such a thing?

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I love Vinny.

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I'm in love with Vinny.

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I'm only okay with Vinny leaving if he goes off to start

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I would hang tight, but it would be a massive blow to the crew. Vinny is the most optimistic and jolly of them all. Motherfucker has energy all the time and if he doesn't, he still finds a way to make it exciting for the audience. I love all the crew, but sometimes they're really down and Vinny is there to pick up the slack. Without him, some days/weeks would be really rough around GB.

But like I said, I'd still be down with the set. Like the old saying goes: Bomb in, Bomb out.

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Of course, as much as I like Vinny and the content of GB in general, half the reason I subscribe is to support the very reason this site exists. This is the one site I know would rather close up shop than buckle under publisher pressure or be any less than 100% honest with their opinions. I wish there were a site like GB for everything.

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Why would he leave?

I don't want him to go...

Vinny's leaving!?!

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@hailinel said:

This is, not

..I would subscribe to

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@hailinel said:

This is, not

Not yet.

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Everyone brings something to giantbomb that balances the whole site out. Vinny brings the optimism about certain games that I feel the others kinda don't. Either way I enjoy giantbomb for what giantbomb as a whole stands for.

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No, but I would if Drew left.

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Don't even put that thought out into the ether, for fuck's sake!

#31 Posted by Tylea002 (2382 posts) -

Of course I would, I love all the GB crew. I'd keep subscribing if it was just Drew and Alexis 24/7.


#32 Posted by Harknett (168 posts) -

I'm only here for Vinny.

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Whenever Vinny isn't around, everyone else should be asking "where's Vinny?"

#34 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7788 posts) -

Yeah I would, but I really don't want him (or anyone else on the staff) to leave, it would suck so much. :(

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There's always for all your Vinny needs.

#36 Posted by DangerKick (10 posts) -

absolutely not. flight club for life

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I think the only person leaving that would cause me to maybe leave too would be Jeff. It's so much "his site" that I'd be concerned without him here to keep it going in the right direction. Of course I'd stick around to see if it kept going of course.

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No, because without Vinny, the site would not be the same.

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I fail to the interest of this thread, but yes.

It's GB. We don't have many meaningful or civil conversations here like grown-ups on (seriously) GAF or RPS forums. We just have tripe crap and polls. Primarily, we just want to see our post count go up or something.

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I've been thinking of cancelling my sub over the past couple of months anyway and that is with Vinny still here, so my answer is Probably.

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Not yearly, probably sub every 6 months or so, grab what videos I want to check out but yeah, Vinny to me is the heart and soul of this site. And, still, the best part of 2013 for GB was the 3 days Vinny ran the site, sad that they haven't even come close to how awesome and funny those few days were

#42 Posted by CaLe (4252 posts) -

I like Jeff as much as Vinny so yeah. If both were gone, then no.

#43 Posted by Avanzato (106 posts) -

@nightriff: Yes whatever magic was happening in the first week of this year they need to find out what it was and do it again.

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@branthog said:

@winternet said:

I fail to the interest of this thread, but yes.

It's GB. We don't have many meaningful or civil conversations here like grown-ups on (seriously) GAF or RPS forums. We just have tripe crap and polls. Primarily, we just want to see our post count go up or something.

Humm... I am rocking a very nice 3rd in the GD ranks.

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@kidable said:

It would really suck, but yes.

I was about to write up some long-winded-ass post essentially saying the same thing, but this is just plain good enough.

Also, I remember when I didn't used to 'get' the whole Vinny idolization thing. I don't remember exactly when or with what piece of content it finally dawned on me, but one day I realized Vinny's just the most positive, fun, smile-inspiring dude on the crew. I think this place would just be depressing as hell (with plenty of laughs still sprinkled in, sure) without him.

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I'm no paying subscriber but a Giantbomb without a Vinny sounds like a real bummer. Without him, who would inspire me to make crappy videos that I never intend on finishing.

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In reality, without Vinny and Drew this site could not function. So it seems to be a mute point discussing this, GB will probably not function more than a few weeks without Vinny.

Giantbomb's existence is pretty dependent on Jeff, Vinny, Drew and the engineering team.