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What were some of the better third perso shooter multiplayer games of this gen. My friend is trying to collect like the top 10 tps multiplayer games. I told him about gears, but what are others. Thanks

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Uncharted comes to mind.

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Uncharted 2 and 3 are pretty great. The multiplayer in 3 is the only improvement in 3 over 2.

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Besides Uncharted and Gears, the Socom and Ghost Recon games are probably up there.

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Gears, Mass Effect 3, Warhammer 40k Space Marine, maybe Max Payne 3

Although not a shooter, Assassin's Creed has great multiplayer and is a third-person game

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the max payne 3 multiplayer was damn good, its a shame the population dropped like a rock after release.

they did the slow down time thing effectively in a multiplayer setting which was awesome, and with that the game went nuts, people diving out of 2nd floor windows to shoot you from above rather than just shooting from the window. why? CUS THEY COULD. and it was awesome for like 2 weeks, then EVERYONE stopped playing it. shame.