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#51 Posted by Petiew (1282 posts) -
@Wrighteous86: What's wrong with having fun?
They play games and sometimes say or see funny stuff. What's so awful about the format or content that makes you think people shouldn't like it?
I like the fact they're never serious and just say stupid things about the game.
#52 Posted by Mesoian (1570 posts) -

@JayEH said:

I love watching their "Let's Watch" of the MGS4 cutscenes

So dumb that Konami made them take that stuff down.

#53 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

I pretty much turn my nose up at any "Let's Play" crap, especially when it's someone doing Amnesia for the 1000000th time.

and in this case I was not wrong to turn my nose up, that ain't funny.

This is:

#54 Posted by Yadilie (380 posts) -


That's actually not funny in the slightest.

#55 Posted by Freshbandito (614 posts) -

@Sooty said:

I pretty much turn my nose up at any "Let's Play" crap, especially when it's someone doing Amnesia for the 1000000th time.

and in this case I was not wrong to turn my nose up, that ain't funny.

This is:

Urgh, see this is why humour is so subjective, it's all about personal preference. I sat through that video you linked and now find myself just hoping you were being sarcastic when you said it was funny.

I enjoy the odd two best friend's play video from time to time, they have alot of energy and genuinely seem enthusiastic to be doing what they're doing and that makes for some amusing videos.

#56 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

@Yadilie said:


That's actually not funny in the slightest.

I fail to see how you can reach that opinion assuming you actually spent significant time with vanilla WoW. Every single reference it makes is spot on.

#57 Posted by altairre (999 posts) -

I really like their videos even if they are too over the top sometimes but all in all I've had a lot of laughs watching their stuff.

@Wrighteous86: I can understand that their style is not for everyone (it took some time for me to warm up to it too) and you don't have to watch it but since they seemingly entertain a lot of people I don't get what's wrong with that.

#58 Posted by Yadilie (380 posts) -


Doesn't make it funny, no matter how true they are. Especially when people are trying to use high pitched voices to try to make something humerous. It's just annoying and so fucking overdone. Oh man! Wasn't it funny standing in Ogrimmar for an hour trying to get people to do Raid Black Rock Spire. So funny! Actually, no. Just annoying. And man I sure am laughing at how funny it is that AV took weeks to complete! Just rolling on the floor over here.

#59 Edited by Wrighteous86 (3642 posts) -

@Petiew: @altairre: Hey, there's nothing wrong with you guys liking it. If it makes you laugh, that's great. I was just saying that I don't. I don't connect with the (seeming) majority that liked it. Personally, I thought it was loud, obnoxious, and referential more than it was funny. I'm not judging anyone else. Enjoy it all you want. I just can't get into it.

I was actually pointing out that I seem to be the odd man out around here that didn't like it, that's all.

#60 Posted by altairre (999 posts) -

@Wrighteous86: Like I said they are pretty loud and over the top and I normally don't like that kind of style but they know their stuff and I enjoy the banter. So I don't think it's odd that you don't like them and I'm sure there are enough dudes on GB who would agree with you.

#61 Posted by ViciousAnchovy (692 posts) -

This is as good an excuse as any to watch some more. Thank you for posting some of their videos I was unaware of.

#62 Posted by PerfidiousSinn (716 posts) -

Their Machinima videos are okay, but some of their stuff on the main channel is consistently funny.

The Scrublords series has to be my favorite. It's just Matt and Woolie playing the worst fighting games ever. Most of the time the games themselves are funnier than any jokes they can make.

#63 Posted by SuperWristBands (2265 posts) -
@super2j@Fattony12000: Thanks duders. It must have been buried in my YouTube subscription... thing. 
@Mesoian: I definitely can't speak to the genesis information being wrong as I've never really known anything about it (I've either not seen the video or the information went in one ear and out the other cause I don't care enough about the genesis to listen) but I will take your word on it. It's always a bummer when that stuff happens (especially with the GB staff). On the bright side Game Grumps are far more a comedy duo than an informative one. I don't mind letting it slide as it isn't the main focus of the Game Grumps. I suppose you could be right about Arin's sequelitis videos but I feel like they are still well done as they are, even knowing that Arin may not have some of his facts straight regarding other things that don't(?) appear in the videos.
#64 Posted by super2j (1611 posts) -

is there any other people i should be watching then?

#65 Posted by gla55jAw (2682 posts) -

They're great. Their shorter videos are the best, since all the funny is basically back to back. I watched some of their Silent Hill: Downpour playthough while doing other things and I enjoyed it. I've want to check out some more of their full game play throughs at some point.

#66 Posted by Coombs (3449 posts) -

Watched their Saints Row the Third stuff, Was pretty funny

#67 Posted by golguin (3674 posts) -

I watch a lot of their stuff. They are giant bomb fans for sure since they sometimes reference stuff from the site.

#68 Posted by Zippedbinders (980 posts) -

@CaptainCody said:

It ain't no Game Grumps.

I would take 2 Best Friends over Game Grumps in a heartbeat.

I prefer JonTron and EgoRaptor separately rather than together. JonTron's Monster Party video is a goddamn masterpiece. The Nuts and Bolts one too.

#69 Posted by BisonHero (5687 posts) -

Their Harry Potter Kinect video had me in tears for basically like 13 minutes straight. Almost passed out from laughing so much. So many lewd Hermione and Luna references, so much making a complete mockery of Kinect.

#70 Posted by Sin4profit (2873 posts) -

i keep seeing their videos in my recommended selection, i'll have to give them a look and blow my whole week going through the back catalog.

#71 Posted by super2j (1611 posts) -

@Sin4profit said:

i keep seeing their videos in my recommended selection, i'll have to give them a look and blow my whole week going through the back catalog.

lol thats what happened to me and I am totally not regretting it.

#72 Posted by Zomgfruitbunnies (563 posts) -

"Two Best Friends Play" sounds like a really good name for a porno.

Just sayin', in case you guys want to branch out in the future.

#73 Posted by Sin4profit (2873 posts) -

@Bourbon_Warrior said:

Is that the guy that does the Walken impressions, sounds just like him.

Jason Stephens does the Walkenthrough voice.

(Gay Christopher Walken @8:07)

#74 Posted by wjb (1554 posts) -

I'm going to agree with on this one. It's great if people like it, but after watching several minutes of a few videos, it's not for me. It is loud and obnoxious, and I'm assuming since their whole schtick is humor more than anything else, it feels like they constantly have to try too hard for the laffs (YouTube, in essence). Clearly it works for some people, but I like a more natural take on humor.

It reminds me of how I'm currently trying to like the Besties podcast over at Polygon. For a few moments, all of them could be hilarious and that's why I'm trying to stick with it, but for the majority of the time, it's a giggle-fest with an "Aren't we hilarious?!" vibe that always turns me off.

#75 Posted by Lord_Xp (599 posts) -

These guys make me laugh alllll the time. Another one that made me laugh a lot was "Bro Team" their video's are also pretty funny to me.

#76 Posted by henry1989929 (26 posts) -

It is cool . just do what you want.

#77 Edited by MocBucket62 (1043 posts) -

I'm digging Two Best Friends Play. I've been watching their Metal Gear Rising and The Walking Dead playthroughs and I think their videos from their main Sw1tcher channel are pretty hilarious. I also like their videos from Machinima, especially the Man vs. Wild video, that was golden.

Also I noticed some people talking about Game Grumps, which I also enjoy, but now I'm finding TBFP to be funnier. I do want to say this, Jontron is the anti-Brad Shoemaker. Both have some pretty polarizing opinions on certain games. A lot of the games Brad loves, such as Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Final Fantasy 8, Jak and Daxter and DmC are all games that Jon either hates or will never buy because the game does something to piss off the IP's fans. I kind of think its funny and interesting how these two guys have such different views abut certain games, and I'd be willing to see the two debate over whether Nuts and Bolts a quality product or not.

#78 Posted by Solh0und (1680 posts) -

Best moment from their playthroughs right here. Matt will NEVER live this down.

#79 Edited by prontopup20 (27 posts) -

@captaincody: gamegrumps is what I watch instead, I like it more than Two best friends play. However, I'm starting to get bored with the same stuff over and over again, Thats why I signed up for premium on GB, since I always get a good laugh out of a quick look.