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I've always wondered exactly who comes to this site and what they do. I'm kinda intrigued to see if there is a pattern or if it is more random. I myself am a Student who is 18 and will be starting a Computer Science course in September. So what do you do GB community?

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Finishing high school.

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Student in Mathematics and Statistics at Old Dominion University

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Leaching off my parents, aka college

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Studying Industrial Engineering in Belgium.

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I'm still a high school student. Only a couple years left, though.

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" Finishing high school. "
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Drink and get drunk, Smoke and get high.

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Prospective college student with no predetermined major or any ultimate life goals. (See: Hopeless Bum)

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@Cloneslayer said:
" Leaching off my parents, aka college "
Unfortunately... this.
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French Literature Student.

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working in a shoe store till i get a life goal

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Still a student in high school. Blows, a lot.

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Chemistry Major

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@LordXavierBritish said:

Prospective college student with no predetermined major or any ultimate life goals. (See: Hopeless Bum)

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Going into my 3rd year of college doing computer science

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Alot of students, personally i have exams in 6 weeks that have been breaking my balls for the last 8 months or so, i suppose they are comparable to the SAT exams ?

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Industrial design since 1995

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Computer technician, which is the most obvious stereotype of someone who visits a gaming website.  I know a lot less about computers than people assume I do when I tell them my job.  But don't worry, It's just a high school job!  It's never something I'd want to do as a full career.

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I'm on my last year of A-levels at the moment, going to Portsmouth Uni in September! :D I literally can't wait.

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uni student. job? real life? me? Pffftttt.

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I'm a professional Programmer and also an auditor. I mostly make custom software solutions for small to medium businesses here in Bolivia.

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Freshmen in college, Journalism Major

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database administrator.  fun times

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Senior in high school.  Prospective Sociology major with plans to be a professor.

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I am graduating next week in Agriculture Education. Hopefully I will be teaching high school soon.

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IT Support for entertainment industry company and working on my major in 'administrating international projects'

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I guess I am the old timer on the site. I graduated College in 1990. I work in Marketing. I am the Marketing Manager for North America for a software company.
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I work as a T.A. at my university and am presently putting the finishing touches on my thesis. After that I'll graduate with an M.A. in Russian/East European Area studies...so soon I'll be unemployed, haven't thought past that yet =/

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I push trolleys at Asda :D

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Sitting on my ass and doing nothing.  I really need to get a job.

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Im a high level (aka Level 2) Tech Support Rep for 13 ISPs and I work from home.
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3rd year of Uni, studying Formal Logic (argument structured mathematically). With that in mind, I spend a lot of time drinking and playing games with my flatmates trying to forget...

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Generic college student. Nothing special here.

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About-to-be-college student at Dawson in Illustration and Design Job wise, a copy editor for an RFP company. I do graphic design stuff on the side, also.

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I had a 'real job' but got laid off, so right now I've got a temp job as a game tester. Which is pretty nice considering I'm actually testing a half decent FPS game instead of "Imagine Hello Kitty Cooking Rec Room Games 3."

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I want to be a filmmaker, but right now nothing. 

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Currently a student/custodian, but aspiring to be a translator, ideally for videya games.

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I'm pretty much a useless piece of shit bum. I sit around all day and play video games. But I used to be a videographer. I shot local commercials and industrial videos. Even got to work on a couple of minor films.

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I am a Railroad Conductor
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University student, studying computer games development.

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I write test automation for a large software company in the Seattle area. *cough*
I effectively write software that runs software that tests software.

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i just finished my last day of classes in college got finals left and i'm done. probably go on unemployment and go find a job

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IT support  for a casino.  Which mainly involes telling people to turn there computer off and then back on.

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I work for the man...
...Asda Wall*Mart in Kilmarnock, Scotland behind the Music, Games and Video desk...sigh

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Self employed web and minor app developer,  also finishing collage

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maintenance man at Burger King.

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finishing high school, and can't wait to get into filmmaking. be sure to look for my name on the big screens!

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I'm actually a police officer

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@Brianmcdon: used to be an office manager but am now finishing school then going off to become a publisher