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As the thread title states, post what game you've played the most in 2011, and if possible how much time you've spent with it. (it doesn't have to have been released this year).
My most played was Lumines II, with over 50 hours played so far. Most of those hours were over the Summer alone.

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Probably StarCraft II. Started playing it this year and even though I keep getting my ass handed to me, I keep going back. If not that game, it's probably MW3 with over 40 hours.

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Battlefield 3, it's slowly becoming the perfect Battlefield 2 sequel, and god knows I spent thousands of hours in that baby. 
Singleplayer wise, The Witcher and Skyrim.

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Gears 3, Infamous 2 and Batman AC. Oddly enough I got bored of Skyrim after fifteen hours.
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Either Dark Souls or Saints Row The Third. Both I hit above 100 hours in.

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I think Saints Row: The Third. 33 hours on that, i think. The second place is Catherine, but i don't know how much time i've spent with it. 
It's weird, 'cause my GOTY is Catherine, not SR:III.

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Terraria - 90 hours.
Skyrim - 68 hours.
Witcher 2 - 62 hours.
Portal 2 - 16 hours.
Pretty much it for this year, picking up Rage, Deus Ex, Dead Island and Saints Row in the sales.

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Probably Skyrim, about 50 hours.

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Gears 3 probably around 50

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I think Skyrim wich is at an even 100 hours at the moment (I'm soon done)... but I don't know how much of the 251 hours of Team Fortress 2 is done this year... I know it's a lot.

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Dark Souls 
Not sure exactly how many hours but north of a 100 is a fair guess.

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@Klei said:
Gears 3, Infamous 2 and Batman AC. Oddly enough I got bored of Skyrim after fifteen hours.
I was planning on getting dozens of hours out of Skyrim but I stopped playing when I heard about all the bugs and glitches. :(
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I'm at about 100 hours in Skyrim.

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Binding of Isaac - 172h >__>

I finished the game 20+ times, collected all the items and got all but 3 of the achievements. And I'm still yet to do the Steam holiday achievement.

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I've put at least 150 hours into Skyrim.

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Super Street Fighter IV? i must have put at least 50+ hours into it this year. either that, Saints Row 3 w/ 40+ hours or MW3 which i put around 35 hours into, too.

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starcraft 2 for sure, probably more time watching than playing

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It's Europa Universallis 3 for some weird reason. Guild Wars comes at a close second.

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Still probably World of WarCraft, with StarCraft coming in second and Skyrim coming in third.

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Tie Fighter CD - 40h
Descent 1,2,3+AddOn - 55h

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Shamefully put in 140+ hours on Pokemon White, 37 hours on AC: Revelations, 70 hours (and counting) on Skyrim, and 40 hours on Warhammer 40K: Space Marine.

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@No0b0rAmA said:

It's Europa Universallis 3 for some weird reason.

haha, me too

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definitely Dark Souls

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I don't know... Dead Space 2 probably.

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@Grumbel said:

Tie Fighter CD - 40h Descent 1,2,3+AddOn - 55h

Are you out of your mind? Just askin'.

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Either FIFA 11 or Skyrim, probably Skyrim.

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Gears 3 or Dead Space 2, really couldn't say for sure which though.

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Skyrim. By a long shot.

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The sims, not because its a prituclary good, or fun game, but because I feel this need to simulate my life. So I create me and play about 20 hours until I get me a wife then I wait until the next expansion. Then I do it all over again.

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Skyrim 76 hours. Currently taking a break from it though.

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Battlefield 3, Deus Ex and Skyrim.

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pretty good spread this year unlike when MW2 came out. 90+ hours of skyrim, 55 hours of Battlefield 3 (45 of which occured in the last week) and Gears of War 3 (not sure how many hours but I reached level 50...

NFS Hot Pursuit, Fallout New Vegas DLC and Forza 4 have been played a lot too.

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League of Legends.... I must be nearing 500h just this year.

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Super Street Fighter IV and the million different versions of it that came out this year.

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Fallout: New Vegas. Nope, not regretting that in the slightest.

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Skyrim is around 150hr

Battlefield is around 130hr

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Pokemon Black, or Skyrim.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, eventhough I played Deus Ex and The Witcher II. The matches themselves don´t take much time and whenever I have a few minutes I will just play one match. Over the course of the year that´s enough for PES to be the game I spent the most time with.

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Warcraft 2 and skyrim.

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I got a Persona itch back in March so I played Persona 3 FES for about 115 hours, a lot of which was spent trying to roll the perfect persona's while fusing, then only using the persona I'd make a couple times before fusing him into another dude. I hope the next persona lets you tag skills you want for cash or something because really I can't help myself. I don't have the willpower.

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Skyrim by far with 48 hours. It will also probably be my most played game next year too since I have no plans to stop playing it any time soon.

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Just cause 2- I've spent over 150 hours according to the in game clock. Although it became repetitive after a while the game was a blast. Getting 100% completion rates on the towns and settlements was hard at times especially if you were searching for the supply boxes. All in all it was a great game which looked beautiful and it still does. The grappling hook was great as well. It is also one of the few games I've platinumed.

Burnout paradise- After the PS3 hack Burnout Paradise was offered as a free download to playstation plus users. Having received a months worth of free playstation plus time I made sure to spend as much time as possible with the game. I ended up playing the game for over 3 weeks searching for billboards and shortcuts, going online in freeburn challenges and just crashing into other cars while driving around. Years after its release burnout paradise was still a great looking fun game.

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Definitely Skyrim. Around 225 hours on the 360 and PC combined. Dark Souls comes in a distant second at around 105 hours. Third would probably be Fallout: New Vegas at around 90 hours 360 & PC combined.

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Battlefield 3. 44 hours after the official release, and at least 30 when the Beta came out.

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Fallout: New Vegas about 115 hours
Skyrim 150 hours but across like 4 characters
Halo: Reach 100 hours
So Skyrim wins, but I haven't even begun to dig into Battlefield 3 yet or else that might've won.

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Maybe Dragon Age Origins which i got last christmas. Mass Effect which I played 3 times about a month ago, each playtrhough probably around 30-40 hours each. Or Deus Ex Human Revolutution which I played twice.

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Around 60 of my TF2 hours were this year.

I've spent 80 hours in BF3's multiplayer in the last two months.

But I am pretty sure I spent in excess of 100 hours playing minecraft earlier this year.

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  1. Dawn of War 2: Retribution - 216 hours
  2. DOTA 2 - 156 hours and counting
  3. Heroes of Newerth - 150 hours
  4. Space Marine - 146 hours
  5. Dragon Age 2 - 92 hours
  6. Mass Effect 2 - 80 hours
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dark souls or gears