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The one game that I have always wanted to be re-made or to be HDified is Parasite Eve. Something about the setting, story, monsters, protagonist etc. are all really interesting to me. Just imagining a fully realized New York City with today's graphics, a combat system that was true to the original's roots but still very modern, a classy redesign of Aya Brea that shy's away from fan-service and puts her in a respectable role are all things make me wish Square would return to the franchise. It's good to dream, right? But maybe it is for the best. Also that battle music.

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I feel a remake of Bible Black would do the industry wonders.

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None. The remakes/HD-ifications are getting out of hand. New IPs please.

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Dino Crisis

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Not a remake, but I'd like to see people make RPGs that look like the PS One FF games but cleaner and sharper. I don't know how realistic this is, but I'd like to see RPGs in the similar to those but they never aim for being a $60 title. I have no idea how realistic that is, but I'd like to see people make RPGs similar to them but with a smaller scope and being very sharp.

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The first two Metal Gear games, if only to fit them more strongly into the crazy Kojima canon.

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I'd love to see a few games remade with today's technology. The two big ones for me would have to be Deus Ex and probably Marathon. Though with the second, I seem to recall that Bungie may be doing something with the series in the future.

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System Shock 1 - an absolutely amazing game,

Created by Warren Spector, it contains many of the mechanics and concepts that would go on to make Deus Ex such a revolutionary game - an open world, multiple solutions to puzzles, the blend of RPG/FPS gameplay, but SS1 came out six years earlier. It was ahead of its time, but hobbled by terrible controls and high system requirements it didn't find a huge audience on release.

The game still holds up remarkably well if you can get past the crazy controls and chunky sprites. The story is still interesting, even by today's standards, the gameplay is rewarding, and the world is detailed and varied enough to keep you playing. Even the voice acting is decent, those audio logs were mind blowing back in 1994.

Thanks to Bioshock many people are aware of its existence, but I'd say very few of them have actually played through SS1 and appreciate what a truly great game it is. Give it a shot if you can, and experience one of the classics of PC gaming.

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I think everything from the PS2 generation that I want has been redone so I'd have to go back even farther than that. Those early Need for Speed games are really good but if I had to choose one it'd be NFS High Stakes. I play through it once every year. Sometimes it's the PC version with all the tracks from NFS3 and extended career mode, or sometimes it's the PS1 version with the much more difficult AI. They're both pretty different and both really fantastic and hold up today.

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Grim Fandango. Timeless classic anyways.

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Wow. I agree with pretty much all of the above, especially Metal Gear, Dino Crisis, Parasite Eve, Grim Fandango, System Shock and Marathon. Sweet, sweet Marathon.

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I'd say pretty much any ps1-era 3d game would immensely profit from updated tech. I don't think you can go back to playing these games today without having really strong nostalgic feelings. Urban Chaos would be my first choice in that regard.

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Baldur's Gate. The entire series. Not with a 3D engine, but with the 2D art that was hamstrung by computer monitor resolution and GPUs (or the lack thereof) in the era. The enhanced edition releases have at least unlocked some limits on the already existing assets, but true use of modern hardware could support so much more.

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Assuming they are good? This is like asking what are my favourite games from the NES to PS1 really.

Call me crazy, but I'd like a HDfication of Devil Dice. While we're at it Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. I agree with @hans_maulwurf that the early 3D (PS1) era is where its at.

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Call me crazy, but ever since Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 came out, I've always wanted a similar game set in the FF8 universe. Despite its myriad flaws, 8 is one of my favorite JRPGs of all time and I'd love to see more of that stupid, stupid world they made.

I'd also like to see a new Castlevania game in the style of Symphony of the Night (and so would a few million others, I imagine). That kind of game with graphics on a level with Rayman Legends? Would be divine.

@acidbrandon18: Did you feel that the fanservice stuff was overdone in the PE games? Other than her tearaway pants in the PSP game, I never really felt that way myself. Even the shower scene in the second game felt appropriate in its time and place. For the most part Aya seemed pretty close to today's ideal female character - strong-willed, capable, and not tarted up for the sake of pandering to teenage boys. But then it's been a long time, so maybe time has dulled my memories.

Either way, I totally agree that it would be great if Square revisited this series, though I'd definitely prefer to see a new game in the story rather than a remake or a reboot.

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Megami Tensei 1 & 2, Shin Megami Tensei 1 & 2

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Kotor. Change the gameplay, keep the story.

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NES Strider ... not the new 3d stider but with pixels a la Dragon´s Crown

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@doskias: I've been a longtime PE fan and there was very much some saucy official art of Aya.

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First MGS, although it has been somewhat remade for the GameCube.

Original PE and PE2 are good choices, so is Dino Crisis, or RE series.

I find 2D games age more gracefully than 3D games, so I'm okay with them not being remade. Unless, say it's better control or smoother gameplay.

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Soul Reaver, since its twin world stuff could let them do some cool stylistic things. Or just remake Blood Omen without it being a technical bummer.

But I do agree that Parasite Eve would be awesome.

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TimeSplitters 2/TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

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@csl316: Man, a new version of classic Blood Omen would be pretty sweet. Other than that free-to-play PVP thing, I wonder if Square-Enix has any intentions of doing anything at all with the Legacy of Kain universe.

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Max Payne 2 with Max Payne 3's gameplay would be great.

@andrewb said:

Baldur's Gate. The entire series. Not with a 3D engine, but with the 2D art that was hamstrung by computer monitor resolution and GPUs (or the lack thereof) in the era. The enhanced edition releases have at least unlocked some limits on the already existing assets, but true use of modern hardware could support so much more.

This would be great too. Could have an incredible game if you just did a 3D modern update to Baldur's Gate II (not saying that's easy to do, but that would be very cool to see).

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It would be several of the Metal Gear games.

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Urban Champion. Turok: Rage Wars

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Shenmue 1 and 2.

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Socom 2

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Let's see, I'd probably wouldn't mind seeing some classic old-style adventure games getting the HD treatment. I started to play Beneath a Steel Sky the other day and that game would be pretty cool to see in an HD format with up-res visuals.

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Rollercoaster Tycoon

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Panzer Dragoon series

The original Spyro, the first three in my mind are the perfect trilogy.

Crash Bandicoot 1 through 3


Kotor 1 and 2

System Shock 1 and 2

Super Metroid

Some of these probably don't require a massive visual update and the unique and strangeness of the worlds in Panzer Dragoon, Crash, and Spyro are probably what made them stand out so much. My only problem is that I can't play most of these without busting out the old consoles or running an emulator. I wish I could just buy them digitally on PSN, xbox live, or steam. The rest in my list in my opinion could benefit from major graphic overhauls and possibly even a change in the gameplay as well would help. (Looking at you MGS1)

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Probably Final Fantasy 9. For the most part, older games are 2d and have aged better, and many newer games got HD collections.

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Rollcage - obviously. Been clamoring for it everytime a new generation of Sony consoles came around. Haven't done it yet though. What could be done today with destructible environments in a Rollcage game would simply be amazing.

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Random one I just thought of: Freedom Force. Be cool to see that with more destruction and physics and scale.

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Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction would be fucking awesome with the Frostbite engine. Too bad EA are such butts about everything pertaining to keeping people happy.

also R.I.P Pandemic ;_;

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The first Parasite Eve was so awesome. I really liked the semi-turn based battles where you were actively moving. Removing that from PE2 was pretty much the major reason I stopped playing PE2 very early on.

The following Parasite Eves? For some reason, I'm a-okay with Aya wearing a slinky dress to the opera since... that's what people do, but I kinda draw the line at "Look at our jean ripping tech". As the shower scenes in the Parasite Eve series rose higher up the echelons of fan-service, the quality of the game went the opposite direction.

Bushido Blade would be sweet.

A revamped TIE Fighter would also be great.

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The Legend of Dragoon. Final Fantasy VII. Hogs of War. Descent. Neverwinter Knights 2. Probably could list hundreds more I would replay if they were remade in an engine of today.

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The original Kingdom Hearts would be real purty if it was done with the new tech Nomura and team are using for 3.

Also, I guess Okami since that's my all-time fave game (for now...I don't want to have reached the game peak already).

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Shining Force 3. I'm generally pretty accepting of outdated graphics (most PS1 era 3D games don't bother me), but that game came out at practically the beginning of the 3D crossover and it just looks so bad. As much as I like that series, it's just too much. There's also the fact that only 1/3 of the game actually got localized.

I'm sure there are tons of games that could benefit a lot more from a gameplay standpoint, but no great examples are coming to mind.

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metal gear, metal gear 2 and MGS1

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@chtasm said:

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction would be fucking awesome with the Frostbite engine. Too bad EA are such butts about everything pertaining to keeping people happy.

also R.I.P Pandemic ;_;

Basically what I was going to post. I loved Pandemic. And Westwood. Mercenaries 2 is still really fun, but I'd love a new one.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge was one of my favorite games ever. I had so many custom maps downloaded.

But yes - a new Mercenaries game with Frostbite would be fucking awesome.

Also, a new Pokemon Stadium (or at least a fully 3D/Third Person Pokemon) would be nice.

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I want Maken X with a good devil may cry-esque fightingsystem and graphics that can make some of Kazuma Kanekos most ridiculous and awesome creations ever, justice. The original was a clunky, ugly mess. I want those boss-designs to be made justice. Just by looking at them I know there's so much potential.

Also, SMT 1 and 2 ofcourse. And maybe If..., though I haven't played it so can't say it needs it for sure.

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FF6 in a small way. But most definitely Majora's Mask

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TimeSplitters 2/TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

That is actually in the works. A team of TimeSplitters fans and volunteer developers are working on making a HD/compilation sort of thing. Better yet, the guys who own the TimeSplitters stuff gave them the okay and they are remaking some classic maps, characters, weapons, and even get to use the original music and sounds.

Here's their blog. They update pretty regularly. There's even some early gameplay footage in there.

One of my all time favorites series, and I couldn't be happier it's getting some loving treatment.

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MGS1. I want to play that game but not the PS1 version.

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Super weird, before I clicked on this thread, I was thinking Parasite Eve would be cool if remade. Eeerie man. I also would be interested to see what a new Vectorman would look like.