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#1 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

Of all the games I've played this year, it would have to be between Rayman Legends and Super Mario 3D world. Both look stunning and run great. I'd really like to know what the bombcrew would pick for this year if they have the category.

Other standouts include:

  • NBA 2K14 for PS4/XONE
  • Tomb Raider
  • Metro Last Light

What impressed you visually this year?

#2 Posted by Animasta (14824 posts) -

I haven't played that many, but of what I have played... Antichamber.

#3 Posted by JasonR86 (10031 posts) -

Last Generation: Tomb Raider, Last Light, Ni No Kuni, Splinter Cell.

PC: Bioshock, Tomb Raider, Antichamber, Last Light

New Consoles: Killzone, Forza 5, Ryse

#4 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3142 posts) -

Easily Rayman. I thought Origins looked great but Legends is on a whole new level.

#5 Edited by benspyda (2123 posts) -

I really liked the artstyle of:

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Bioshock Infinite

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

#6 Edited by spraynardtatum (4068 posts) -

The Last of Us, fuzzy textures and all. Mario is close though, you can practically taste that game.

#7 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2646 posts) -

Bioshock Infinite for art style, Last of Us for graphical horsepower.

Next Gen doesn't count until Jan 1st as far as I'm concerned.

#8 Edited by BigJeffrey (5143 posts) -

Crysis 3 (PC) (I know, it came out this year crazy)

Ryse: Son Of Rome for the xone

Forza 5

#9 Edited by RonGalaxy (3689 posts) -

I thought the swapper looked reaaaaalllllly nice. I didnt play any AAA pc games or next gen games though

#10 Posted by Hunter5024 (6447 posts) -

I'd say Bioshock Infinite. The Last of Us looked great too. I didn't dig the look of Ni No Kuni as much as I thought I would. The execution was great, but the concepts were kind of dull.

#11 Posted by Starfishhunter9 (385 posts) -

Assassins creed 4 black flag needs some praise. My god was that sea realistic. I would sail and stare like it for hours, just like the real sea. Also moving foliage, yay!

#12 Edited by Daze (71 posts) -

I have not played it but apparently Battlefield 4 looks ok.

#13 Posted by spraynardtatum (4068 posts) -

@daze said:

I have not play it but apparently Battlefield 4 looks ok.

The beta? Yeah, it looks really good. I'm not sure that game is going to actually come out in 2013 though.

#14 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5885 posts) -

The graphics in Killer is Dead are really nice.

#15 Posted by jkz (4084 posts) -

Metro Last Light's beautiful. I love the look of their engine so much

#16 Posted by TheMasterDS (2470 posts) -

Bioshock and Last of Us had many many parts where I stood and admired how pretty the worlds were. I'd say those two and pass on deciding between them. Oh, I'd also give major props to Pikmin 3 and Killer Instinct for also having extremely pretty graphics but I think Last of Us and Bioshock are on a whole nother level artistically so I stand by those two.

#17 Posted by JesterArbo (94 posts) -

Honestly Battlefield 4 for PS4 looks real nice. Also for art style would have to go with Tearaway.

Honorable mention goes to Assassin's Creed IV for the sea. I have never seen such a realistic/good looking ocean.

#18 Posted by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

Ni no Kuni easily.

#19 Edited by GunstarRed (5884 posts) -

Rayman, Mario, Ni No Kuni and Puppeteer are equally gorgeous.

#20 Posted by 2HeadedNinja (2007 posts) -

Bioshock, Metro and Tomb Raider all looked really good. And I loved the artstyle of Brothers in some areas (dead giants anyone?).

#21 Posted by Nekroskop (2831 posts) -

@benspyda: Bioshock infinite had some terrible looking feet and hands. Some of them looked like splicers.

#22 Edited by MEATBALL (4033 posts) -

I'm going to have to go with Super Mario 3D World, it looks fucking incredible on my TV. I haven't seen anything from the other two next gen systems for myself that wasn't screenshots or an internet video, though.

Rayman Legends is certainly right up there.

#23 Edited by AlecOfTheWest (293 posts) -

GTA V for the lighting and draw distance. And I thought Bioshock looked horrible, like everything was covered in vaseline.

#24 Edited by lun49gameon (202 posts) -

I would say the best looking game of 2013 would have to be Metro Last Light. This game looks spectacular on a gaming PC. I think it could also be my game of the year because the story was interesting and mixed in with the graphics I just wanted to keep on playing it. The outdoor parts of the game were really stunning and then the effect of the weather on your mask were some of the things that I clearly remember.

I would also like to add that Killzone Shadow Fall looks pretty good too. I only have played about and hour and it certainly feels like Sony wanted this to be the game that showed the graphical power of the ps4.

Battlefield 4 on PC looks amazing..... the wet, shiny surface of the cement when it is raining in the campaign is awesome.

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#26 Posted by Yummylee (23508 posts) -

Puppeteer's art style is absolutely sublime, and it's downright criminal that so few people have played it =(

#27 Edited by LackingSaint (2002 posts) -

The Wolf Among Us is an absolutely beautiful game. It's a shame TellTale seem to be trying as hard as they can to shove it under the door and push The Walking Dead instead; I think it's so much better than that series in a lot of ways, and TWD was my 2012 GOTY.

#28 Posted by JacDG (2137 posts) -

@yummylee said:

Puppeteer's art style is absolutely sublime, and it's downright criminal that so few people have played it =(


I would also like to add Remember Me to the list of beautiful games. Technically it is good looking, but I think the art throughout is amazing.

#29 Posted by Guesty_01 (383 posts) -

The Wind Waker HD.

Other games that actually left a lasting impression on me, visually, are Bioshock Infinte and Brothers.

#30 Edited by MEATBALL (4033 posts) -

Yup, Wind Waker HD.

#31 Edited by Happenstance (492 posts) -

For me its Ni No Kuni, closely followed by Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider.

#32 Posted by avantegardener (1270 posts) -

Wow, Wind Waker looks rather lovely. AC4 has some pretty stand out vistas, Bioshock Infinite was also pretty stunning visually from a fidelity and artistic stance.

#33 Posted by Tatsuyarr (88 posts) -

I hesitate between Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite and GTAV. Brothers 's not bad also.

#34 Edited by AlexW00d (6803 posts) -

What year does Project Cars count for? Otherwise I'd probably say Last Light, with Knock Knock getting the art style mention.

E: Actually no fuck everything else the answer is Democracy 3. That game might just be UI, but it's such a wonderful game to look at. Super minimalistic.

#35 Edited by ervonymous (1299 posts) -

Tearaway, such dedication to the aesthetic and Media Molecule never took the easy way out. Muramasa Rebirth as runner-up and Dragon's Crown gets a mention in the same breath.

#36 Edited by MeierTheRed (5023 posts) -

Best looking game is kind of hard, some people think that means prettiest graphics, for others its down to art direction. And in both cases there have been so many great looking games this generation.

#37 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1110 posts) -

That is an infinitely tough question, But I LOVED the look of Ni No Kuni!

#38 Posted by hermes (1784 posts) -

Best Graphics (technical): Battlefield 4, Metro, The Last of Us.

Best Graphics (artistic direction): Rayman Legends, Ni No Kuni, Bioshock Infinite.

#39 Edited by HH (865 posts) -

i'm gonna go with the contender that's the least impressive stylistically - GTA V - it has a lot less to work with, being stuck with a realistic modern day setting, but manages to look freaking incredible.

#40 Edited by Yesiamaduck (1481 posts) -

Rayman Legends, The Wolf Among Us, Tomb Raider (PC), Brothers, Bioshock Infinite (PC) & Metro Last Light (PC)

#41 Posted by afabs515 (1478 posts) -

Assassin's Creed IV, Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, and the hair in Tomb Raider are all up there for me.

#42 Posted by oodli (131 posts) -

Journey. Didn't even need to think about that.

#43 Edited by pweidman (2447 posts) -

Ryse, Forza 5, BF4, Tomb Raider, Crysis 3, and Metro: LL all look ridiculously good technically. Art wise maybe Brothers or Bioshock Infinite.

#44 Posted by MEATBALL (4033 posts) -
@oodli said:

Journey. Didn't even need to think about that.

But Journey was 2012 :P That said, the game looks so amazing that I am okay with you crowning it the best looking game of 2013 too :P

#45 Posted by TheMasterDS (2470 posts) -

Oh, you know what, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon deserves a mention. That game looks really crazy good.

#46 Posted by NateDawwg (16 posts) -

Curiosity has to win hahahahaha

Nah but seriously, the moment that graphically wowed me the most was racing across the country side on a quad whilst a torrential storm was taking place at night in gta v.

#47 Posted by crithon (3549 posts) -

no shame in being a graphic whore, but I still felt style is standing out more then Raw tech.

Guacamelee is my favorite

#48 Posted by VooDooPC (380 posts) -

Beyond Two Souls. I also think Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light, and Tomb Raider looked great on the PC... but most things do. ;)

#49 Posted by mrfrox250 (64 posts) -

Best Game Of 2013 : bioshock infinite

Amazing Game and Very Good In Graphic and Gameplay

(VGX choised bioshock infinite Best Game of 2013)

#50 Edited by Rorie (3409 posts) -

I would say that Crysis 3 on the PC has come as close as anything has to photorealism in its environments and faces. We're still five or ten years away from that, I bet, but getting pretty close.