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Where's the "GameSpot" option that everybody's gonna pick?

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Wow, those are the only options? 
None of the above. 
Edit #1  My own primary reason is to keep up on various games, their quirks, and what people generally seem to think of them.  I don't get this info from the articles, podcasts, or videos, but glean it from the forums.  My husband calls it "keeping my finger on the pulse of gaming." 
Edit #2  I guess that would make my primary reason "Community."

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Yeah, I followed Jeff after gamespot and then listened to the Arrow Pointing Down podcast and then made GB my homepage once it launched.  
I guess you could ultimately put my reason down as the podcasts.

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QLs and Podcast.

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@Video_Game_King said:
" Where's the "GameSpot" option that everybody's gonna pick? "
The gamespot option is the personalities.  At least for me.  I liked gamespot because of Jeff, Ryan, Brad, etc.   So that's why I switched to Giantbomb when they started this up.  Too bad Greg, Rich, and Tim didn't make the switch as well!  Well I guess some of them left before everything.
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This website has great writers, a great community, and an excellent business model that benefits both the consumer and the journalists. I am here for all of those reasons.

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C: All the naked cartoon pussy.

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Because the rest of the internet is pants-on-head retarded, and none of my friends care as much about video games as I do. If I didn't come here I would 'splode.

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I discovered these guys on gamespot a little bit after all the shit happened. Then, after some time, I started to come to the site; I actually visited the sight like sixth months before I even made an account.

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@melcene said:
" Wow, those are the only options?  None of the above. "
Yeah, you're right personalities was maybe too vague. 
Everyone  (generalization) for the most part are doing QL and Podcasts (all of Whiskey Media's podcast I find to be superior to the others). It seems to me that video game sites are less focused on writing as they once were. It seems to me like the personalities are the selling points.  
My apologies if i caused any confusion.
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The personalities, clearly.

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You can't beat 100%.  Personality wins. 
Edit: Also I would fight that the personality is in the writing, so both?

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@melcene said:
" Wow, those are the only options?  None of the above.  My own primary reason is to keep up on various games, their quirks, and what people generally seem to think of them.  I don't get this info from the articles, podcasts, or videos, but glean it from the forums.  My husband calls it "keeping my finger on the pulse of gaming." "
I agree that those aren't really a good selection of reasons people come to the site. I come to the site for a lot of reasons. A big reason is because of Giantbomb's closeness to members of the industry. The personalities are great, especially for Endurance Runs, and going back to watch some of the better QLs is such a joy for that reason. The reviews are often in line with what I think about games, which I consider to be pretty important. They also have a good range of people, from Dave, who I love for his PC RPG faithfulness, to Jeff, who I love for his love of outrageous shit, to Vinny who is totally adorable and often addresses the more serious aspects of games (which I actually find very interesting), and has a lot of insight into things that are a little beyond the normal bounds. Also he loves FMV fire :3
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The awesome community and content.

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  • social interactions that dont include real life awkwardness or danger 
  • video game news 
  • the funny staff 
  • conversing and exchanging opinions with fellow game lovers
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LOL 34 votes for personality and 0 for the writing so far lol 
If there had been more choices mine would have been the video content

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Other than Gamesradar, no other site comes close in terms of personality.

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hahah wow 100%.
I guess this shows how horribly written this poll is...

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Quick Looks and Endurance Runs.

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I've followed Jeff's work from Gamespot and when he left and began blogging, then uniting w/ Ryan, then Vinny and  Brad, I knew what they where working on would be epic.

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I love everyone's personality, not just GB but the Tested & Screened guys and if I were into comics and Animu I would probably feel the same for the Comic Vine and Animu Vice as well, but unfortunately I don't visit those sites because I am not into those two things(only Animu I watch is Cromartie High School & Colorful),

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Mostly for quicklooks and podcasts, but i guess you could put that under personality, as that is what makes those two things good.

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None of the above. I really only come here for the forums. I don't watch quick looks, TNT, or the articles. 
 I do listen to the bombcast though, and I guess I found the site because of the early podcasts the crew recorded.

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Im come for the Mailbag segment
but stay to troll

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I didn't play games from about 2005-2009 so when I got back into them and found an absence of Mr. Gerstmann on Gamespot I did a little research and found this little website. Since then I have stayed for the podcasts and QLs because I get more useful info about current games here than any where else. There a few people that like bitch about a lack of video reviews in these parts but I think that I have saved (or spent) more money thanks to Quick Looks than I ever did from video reviews.

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Jeff, Ryan, Brad, and of course Vinny.

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I'm not really sure anymore. Habit, I guess.

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I like Quick Looks. And TANG. How come I can't get no TANG 'round here? 
Also, every single person on the staff seems pretty awesome.

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Most of the writing (read: news) is crap, IMO. I only read the reviews and watch the videos; they're all that matter, and the personalities define the site by proxy.

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Because Gamespot was no good after these guys left, and they made something new that's a lot better. Their writing and conversation is far more intelligent and fun than 90% of what's on the internet. They feel like old friends to me. Gamespot still isn't what it was, the writing is fine but no one on there is good in front of a camera, they are coma-inducing.  Watch their unboxing of the 3DS video. You'll see the contrast.

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I'm here for the babes. ;)

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My reasons are, in order of importance... 
Video content. Podcastering. Shenanigans.

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@Aus_azn said: 

" Most of the writing (read: news) is crap, IMO. I only read the reviews and watch the videos; they're all that matter, and the personalities define the site by proxy. "

Yeah, I don't really know the situation, but there's gotta be a better option for their news then what we're currently getting.  I don't know why they just don't hire someone besides Nicholson to freelance.  The news and trailers could  be posted a lot faster with less typos and less factual inaccuracies pretty easily.  Fuck, GB, I'm unemployed at the moment (working on getting into Groupon), but I'll do it for free!   I can probably do it better than Nicholson without being on any company mailing lists and just through reporting from other sites.  Either fix the news feature or drop it all together.    
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this poll sucks. 
it's both.  i like these personalities because they write well.

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What? No "Because Gamespot fired Gerstmann"?

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Sorry but this is a skewed poll.
I come here for quicklooks mainly, to see the game in-action without having to download some 1gig+ demo or pay 60$ to end up being disappointed, this is like the only site to actually show legitimate playing of games.

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Ideally the personality comes through in the writing.

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@NMC2008 said:
" Cromartie High School & Colorful"
I've seen those. Stumbled on to them both one day. Cromartie is probably one of my favorites. 
Initially, I was drawn in by the personalities here and the content (videos, podcasts, reviews...) they released. I stuck around even longer because of the community and because WM as a whole is just good stuff. Yep. 
If I had to vote, it'd be A. Although the poll is really lacking in depth.
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After Jeff was fired and all my favorite reviewers at Gamespot left, I followed them because it also made me realize how little I liked the forum community of Gamespot/FAQs. 

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@crusader8463 said:
" C: All the naked cartoon pussy. "
ZING, good times. 
i come here for the news and forums.
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Vinny Caravella

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Everything....especially endurance runs 

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Off-topic / 

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I got banned from gamespot, and my cousin told me about this site  awhile ago, and i randomly started coming here and started liking the content, especially the personalities

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Started off coming to this site because of Jeff, after he was fired from GS, i stop going there, and found out later that he was forming his own site, so i figure i would give it a shot.  
Found that i enjoyed the features on the site (mainly the quick looks, they are amazing in the sense that they actually do preview a title without the fluff (i.e. marketing bs) since they just show part of the game, as is, not as they want it to be seen (see the crash for swarm... or horde... whatever that blue lemmings game is called)). 
Also, i like/respect most of the people who work on this site. I may not agree with about half their opinions, but i understand them (most of the time).

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Mostly the videos. Weird poll.

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