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What was the longest session of gaming have you participated in and what items do you need to survive such events?
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I took part in Sarcastic Gamer's ExtraLife charity, 24 hours of gaming. I was fueled by Turkey sandwiches and tea in the early going, then Pizza Rolls and Red Bull towards the end.

My longest non-charity gaming marathons would probably be about 8 hours long. I'm not sure if that would be WoW, Oblivion, or some RPGs from my past when I had more free time. Fueled by lots of Pizza Rolls and Vault / Surge.

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Longest I did was from 6pm until 11am, playing various games on Xbox Live. Took an hour's break at about 3am to go and buy some chocolate and a litre bottle of imitation Red Bull. 
That was pretty much 3-4 nights a week in my first year at university (college).

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When starcraft 2 came out me and my friends had a LAN party (even though there was no LAN support...) that lasted around 30 hours.

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17 hours of playing wow a couple of times. i would do nothing special to stay up that late. i would eat regularly and drink lemonade.

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Probably just over 12 hours at a time of Final Fantasy VII. Which happened almost everyday while I was on summer break.

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24 hours or so of socom 2

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I played Persona 3 from 8 PM to 2 AM every day for an entire month.
That's about 6 consecutive hours a day.

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I played Dragon Age 2 for 13 hrs on Thursday but my longest is 24 hrs of COD 4 12pm-12pm

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Longest gaming marathon for me was probbaly Oblivion, I have spent entire dlays playing nothing but Oblivion before
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About 8 hours or so playing games online with friends is usually the most I can handle.  The only time I've played a whole (long-ish) game all the way through was when I beat Ratchet:Deadlocked co-op with my brother, but even that was only about 6 PM to 2:30 AM if I remember correctly.

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I have been on "game nights" a few times so 15 hours none stop...
Also Dragon Age Origins - 10 days straight, 10 hours each day. Dragon Age 2 - 5 days straight, 12 hours each day. Food? Hmm... dunno the usual stuff... although I don't feel hunger when I'm playing games...
P.S. - I'm european so I'm skinny :)

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I went to LANs where we did not sleep, so probably something of 48+ hours.

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Mass Effect 2, the only game I ever stayed up all night to keep playing, started around 7ish pm and I can't remember when I stopped, but I defenitely went into the afternoon.  Only break I took was at 8 in the morning  for about 15 minutes to walk the dog.  Only reason I did it was because I had to walk the dog in the morning, and I didn't think I'd be able to wake up early enough to walk him at the proper time.
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When I was in high school I played Morrowind for over 24 hours straight (obviously excluding bathroom or beverage breaks) once when I was sick. I forget exactly how it happened, but when I went to save, the power went off for a second or maybe the game just froze as it was prone to do, and I lost all my progress. I didn't touch the game again for several months. 

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Hell, when I was still playing WOW, I'd do 16 hours Friday and then another 16 hours Saturday followed by 8 on Sunday.  The only reason I didn't do another 16 on Sunday was because I had to work Monday morning. 
I don't play that game anymore. :-)

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My first Persona 4 experience was 8 hours long; Dragon Age 2 has been 5 hours nightly for the past week; MW2 was a 9PM-2AM deal every night when it came out for about 3 weeks.
All of these sessions were fueled with green tea and clementines/watermelon. I can't down caffeine; it literally puts me to sleep faster.

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Hmm.  Probably Fallout New Vegas, for about twelve hours?  I can't recall, but I think I was mowing down fools with the help of quesadillas, rum and Cokes, and hard candies.

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Depends does food/bathroom breaks count?
If so, 12-15 hours I guess, lol.

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I played Fallout New Vagas for 7 hours when I first got it. The only food/ drink I had was a  2 letter bottle of Orange Crush and a box of donuts.
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In recent memory, easily Halo Reach. Midnight launch, was playing from around 12:20 a.m. until 6:30 a.m. the next day. Solo Legendary took around 9 hours, then just played loads of MP with friends. Was an awesome time.

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A little preface before I get into my longest marathon, I have had insomnia since I was a kid. So anyways, my longest session would have to be beating GTA4 to completion in less than 30 hours in one go. 

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We used to do 10 hour sessions on a regular basis.  But maybe 12 was the max.

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Black, one sitting of 4 hours, Riddick: Butcher Bay, one sitting of 6 hours and Mass Effect 2, one sitting of 10 hours. Not much, but it's something.

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When I was a kid my neighbor and I would have 'sleepovers' where we just stayed up all night playing video games. We'd start at six or seven the night before and play until noon the next day or so. Rock n' Roll Racing, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Secret of Mana, etc. Many Mountain Dews and bags of popcorn were had. Good times.

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Hmm....not sure. 
I know my roommate and I played Halo 3 on Legendary on my first playthrough the day it came out. Probably took about 8 hours or so with no breaks and then sleeping through class the next day.

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Has to be my 7 Day Survivor run in Dead Rising. That was a long ass day/night...

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About 28 hours of WoW lan, only breaks to get Taco Bell, Pizza and drinks. Dark time in my youth >< haha

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After losing someone close to me, I lost myself in video games for some time. I remember I would often play Diablo 2 after getting up on weekends at about 8am til about 1-2am the next morning stopping for lunch/dinner and toilet breaks and such.

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Lost a whole day playing Fallout 3 the first time. Took a lot of microwaveable foods to survive. Another time was, playing Splinter Cell, SC: Pandora Tomorrow, and SC: Chaos Theory back-to-back-to-back. Two days of stealth action. 

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Probably about 6 hours of Madden 10, fueled by water and rage.

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I played Kingdom Hearts 2 for 12 hours straight when it was first released. yeah.

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I played Persona 3 from 12PM to 12AM the first day I got it. Still haven't beaten it but that's manly because I'm grinding my team to level 70. 

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Probably 3 or 4 hours in BF2  years ago.

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Gotta be the second banjo game. I mean, my goodness, I literally played that as a kid NON-STOP. and I don't joke about that, about a week strait with no breaks other then sleep, dinner(sometimes.) lunch. awesome videogame. bad thing though, my eyes got so sensitive to light that once our countie fair came up with some crazy Xboxdome thing with a bunch of videogames being showcased in it, I was unable to play any of the games without my eyes feeling like they bug outta my skull. 
I only regret not being able to play that Godzilla fighting game there.
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48 hours straight of P4 with my best friend. I frequently get lost for like 5 hours in Borderlands. Spent 10 in Mass Effect when I was sick a couple months ago.

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I spent a long week primarily garbed in a bathrobe and a furry bear hat playing Mass Effect 2 while under the influence of what that titular psa Reefer Madness warns us about. I lived off 7-11 hot dogs and shame.

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34 hours of TF2. Man it was awesome!

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I've binged on World of Warcraft a few times, and the longest was probably in the neighborhood of 10-12 hours. Despite the amount of time I've played it overall (50 days on one character), I don't think that's a game I can or want to marathon.

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Kotor or DAO forgot

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72 hours. My buddy planned it out for almost a week. It was glorious. I slept for almost a day afterward. I don't even remember most of it.

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Not sure of the exact times on either of these, but I played Dragon Age: Origins for over 10 hours straight one day. I also played WoW for around 6 or 7 hours one Saturday.

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Was 17 hours in one sitting, yeah.
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In high school, I would frequently spend the entirety of my weekend playing WoW. Come home from school on Friday, play till 3 am, maybe sleep for 3-4 hours, wake up and play all day Saturday, then do the same for Sunday. Of course, I would always stop for food and bathroom breaks. I'm glad that part of my life is over though, it's nice to get out of the house on the weekends, see friends and such. Most recently though, I I spent  7hrs playing Fable III straight, only to have it glitch out on me. If I want to play it again, I'd have to restart, I'll pass for now :)

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A friend and I played 36 hours of Resident Evil 5 when it launched. We beat the game once, then maxed out every weapon till infinite ammo, finally we beat the game on professional. Crashed hard after that. Although I can't pick out any instance, I'm almost certain I had close to the same stint back in Diablo 2, I spent a lot of time in trade chat.