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Video games are back, but I have a crappy amount of money right now due to stupid purchuses. So I really should only get one of these games, I will probably end up getting New Super Mario Bros 2, seeing as I'm in the middle of playing Assassins Creed 2.

What will you get?

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I have interest in Sleeping Dogs since everyone seems high on it, but for now my money is going towards Darksiders 2.

#4 Posted by Humanity (11437 posts) -

I can't make up my mind. I mean between Sleepings Dogs and Darksiders 2. Ihave midwater to play Super Mario again.

#5 Posted by Shivoa (679 posts) -

Where's the vote for more than one?

I don't yet have a 3DS (still thinking there could be a hardware refresh to give better angles or even use face-tracking to move the parallax barrier to always align with the main user's eyes - something autostereoscopic TVs now do) so I've got no immediate plans to get New Super Mario Bros. 2 but the other two definitely seem like worthy purchases.

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I've been looking forward to Darksiders II for the last couple of years.

So that will be the one I buy.

Sleeping Dogs caught my interest, but I probably won't be buying it to be honest. Seems decent if derivative, but I don't have tonnes of cash to blow atm.

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@Shivoa: There is no vote for all, I didn't think people would get all three on the same day.

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I'm in UK and I have Darksiders 2 pre ordered for PS3 (comes out next tuesday) and Sleeping Dogs pre purchased and pre loaded on my PC ready for tomorrow!

If I had to choose one though it would probably be Darksiders 2.

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Darksiders 2 and Mario. Darksiders is in my 360 now, Mario will arrive Sunday. My vote went to Darksiders, though seeing as Mario is much lower in the polls perhaps I should've voted for Mario. I am very happy to have Mario coming, let's say that. My 3DS could use another game and I could use another game I'm happy to play exclusively while listening to podcasts and not giving a shit about story, music, etc. It'll be great.

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@Hizang: I very well might get all three. Eventually, that is. I won't be getting any of them day one.

Darksiders 2 will likely be the first one I get, although I still haven't finished Darksiders yet. And really it boils down to Steam sale prices and such.

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I might get Darksiders 2 eventually, I enjoyed the first one. Right now I'm enjoying me some Iron Brigade!

Where's my "none of the above I just want to see the results" option?

#13 Posted by OldGuy (1591 posts) -

If I had a 3DS I'd get all three... but I don't so I'll just have to settle for Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs (still gotta get a handle on the driving... the cars don't drift much and the bikes don't seem to drift AT ALL)...

#14 Posted by Rafaelfc (1767 posts) -

I preordered Darksiders 2 and I'll be getting Sleeping Dogs tomorrow... but I really plan on playing Dust: An Elysian Tail for a long while still

#15 Posted by Sackmanjones (5188 posts) -

Already got sleeping dogs. It's awesome. If yor interested at all Id say purchase it

#16 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

I think the 3DS XL comes out in Europe tomorrow too, right?

#17 Posted by doobie (612 posts) -

still playing through what i bought on the last steam sales. but when i've finished those DS2 will be mine!!!! and then SD.

i don't have 3DS yet

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I picked up Darksiders as something to tide me over until Guild Wars 2 comes out. It really has surpassed my expectations, it's a fantastic game.

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#20 Posted by Maginnovision (520 posts) -

I have plenty of money but no will to play any of those games.

#21 Posted by Aquablak (211 posts) -

None of these for me. I'll be waiting for Dishonored (provided it reviews well) and Borderlands 2.

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I already own both Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs so I'm good, thanks. 
I was never really a fan of the Mario games.   

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Darksiders 2.
I need my fantasy fix.

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Out of those I would choose Sleeping Dogs since I played Darksiders recently and I'm not in the mood for more right now. I'm going to try to get Persona 4 Arena above all else though, I bought a stick recently just for that game.

#25 Posted by Cthulad (70 posts) -

I bought Sleeping Dogs, and might get Darksiders 2 also. I have not made up my mind as of yet. I picked up Sleeping dogs for 20$ because of Best Buy coupons, and might do the same for Darksiders 2.

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Sleeping Dogs plus CS:GO and Dust cause fucking video games, y'all! Finally. I'll get Darksiders II down the line, same with Mario Bros.

#27 Posted by Maginnovision (520 posts) -

@MikkaQ: Yea, CS:GO should have been on that list so I could click something since I've already bought it.

#28 Posted by BrockNRolla (1725 posts) -

No interest in Sleeping Dogs. I have a 3DS but nothing about Mario looks compelling.

But Darksiders II, THAT I am genuinely excited to play.

#29 Edited by Chaser324 (7063 posts) -

I'll probably pick up Sleeping Dogs this week and Darksiders II at some point soon after that.

I'm not at all excited about yet another New Super Mario Bros. I might pick it up in a couple of months when I'll be taking some flights, but I'm more likely to get more interesting fare like Rhythm Thief.

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#30 Posted by BrockNRolla (1725 posts) -

On a related note, where are people finding the drive to play Sleeping Dogs? I feel like it's gotten next to no buzz until very recently, and even then, only a few positive words here and there. Are people just starved for games right now? I'm not saying it's bad, because I've not played it, but I'm surprised at the number of people who seem to have picked it up in this forum.

#31 Posted by AlexW00d (6715 posts) -

Probably Sleeping Dogs. Don't care about the other two.

#32 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

Neither, i'm getting dust. Why is that and The Last Story not options?

#33 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

I'm getting Mario when I pick up my 3DS XL. I know Darksiders 2 will be good but I don't really have the time for it right now. I don't even know anything about Sleeping Dogs.

#34 Posted by betterboulder (200 posts) -

All 3

#35 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (879 posts) -

none of them right away. I don't have a 3DS, and Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs could be bought down the line for cheaper, maybe a good Black Friday deal or something.

#36 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Darksiders and Sleeping Dogs when I get money.

#37 Posted by Zacagawea (1651 posts) -

Already have Darksiders 2, no interest in Sleeping Dogs with GTA V close, and am definitely picking up NSMB2

#38 Posted by Jack268 (3368 posts) -

I can't afford either of those because my headset just broke so I need to replace that. But I think I would go Sleeping Dogs > NSMB2 > Darksiders 2. Sleeping Dogs looks amazing, and I'm all for supporting a new IP that is good. NSMBWii was good, but mostly for the multiplayer, so NSMB2 isn't my top priority because I don't have many 3DS-owning friends to play with. DS2 comes last because I will probably save it to add some meat to the WiiU library once that's out.

#39 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -
@BrockNRolla said:

On a related note, where are people finding the drive to play Sleeping Dogs? I feel like it's gotten next to no buzz until very recently, and even then, only a few positive words here and there. Are people just starved for games right now? I'm not saying it's bad, because I've not played it, but I'm surprised at the number of people who seem to have picked it up in this forum.

I've been kinda excited about it back when it was a True Crime game because I enjoyed the first two games.  
Then when they released the first Gameplay video for Sleeping Dogs I knew I wanted the game because it looked kinda cool
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D) None of the above.

Pokemon White 2 in October, Hitman: Absolution and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward in November.

I have way too much to play between now and then already.

#41 Edited by sixpin (1333 posts) -

Already bought Darksiders 2 and Sleeping Dogs on Tuesday. If The Last Story every ships, I'll have it this week as well. Not sure if I'll get NSMB2 yet, but I might when I pick up my 3DS XL Sunday (since they both release Sunday here in the US).

#42 Posted by SuperSambo (3019 posts) -

If I were to pick one of those it would be Sleeping Dogs, but I have so many games that I am yet to play (including Darksiders 1) that it just wouldn't make sense.

#43 Posted by IntoTheN1ght (63 posts) -

None of them, they are fine games but they arent absolute must haves

Saving money for RE6, NBA 2k13, ACIII and Blops3 which all come within a month of each other, will be brutal.

#44 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

I've got Darksiders installed and I'm not feeling it, so it's gonna be a long while until one day, if ever, I'll be done with it and get Darksiders 2.

Meanwhile, I've been craving a Grand Theft Auto for a few months, and Sleeping Dawgz seems like the perfect knock off, especially with the Hong Kong setting.

#45 Posted by DeF (5212 posts) -

@Hizang: You forgot The Last Story. it's really sad how that game gets ignored here after all the trouble of getting it released in the US ...

#46 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -
@DeF It's been out in the UK for ages, screw you Amercians and your weirdness.
#47 Posted by JJOR64 (19542 posts) -

Going to be the odd duck and get New Super Mario Bros. 2. I will get Darksiders II at a later date.

#48 Posted by JJOR64 (19542 posts) -

@Hizang said:

I think the 3DS XL comes out in Europe tomorrow too, right?

The 3DS XL has been out in Europe since July 29th. It comes out Aug. 19th in the US, the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2.

#49 Posted by Bocam (3977 posts) -

All three

#50 Posted by _Zombie_ (1473 posts) -

None of the above. Saving for ACIII.