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#1 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

I have about 150 PS3 games now, it's pretty crazy just how many I have. In March I went out to the GAME firesale and picked up 20 of them, in the pile was Killzone 2 Platinum version. Well today I was about to play it, looked at it and put it in my cupboard. I then went on eBay and picked up Killzone 2 for £6, non platinum edition, because other than that I have no Platinum games.

Would you have done the same, or am I just weird?

#2 Posted by SmilingPig (1370 posts) -

I vote for weird.

#3 Posted by N7 (3826 posts) -

Why do horrible designs like that still exist? I would have never bought that ever. It looks like something you'd find in a bootleg Gamestop or something. You did good.

#4 Edited by Phr4nk0 (362 posts) -

I feel you, I want to do the same but haven't actually pulled the trigger on it yet. I have 150 to 200 Xbox 360 games (not including XBLA) and 99% of them are normal, the couple I have that are Xbox Classics bug the shit out of me, I have had a look online but I'm not paying $10, $15 dollars for basically a new cover. If I had found one for cheaper I might have bought it.

I was however looking into buying a new printer (need one anyway) and just printing out high quality scans from the internet if I could find them. Though the discs are marked as classic too, but that doesn't bother me as much.

#5 Posted by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

Yes you are weird, and yes that's fine in my eyes. I'm extremely anal about my games looking in order on the shelf. The PS3 having the old design, the new one and the GOTY style sleeves drive me nuts trying to arrange them in some semblance of order while keep the sleeve design consistent. Wish they would make it standard to allow you to reverse the covers and have the normal one on the out side.

#6 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

The Xbox 360 platinums games are just in a nice gray box. With Xbox platinum edition on the top. I probably wouldve done the same. That's too much yellow.

#7 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@N7: You see though when I bought it in the shop it was the normal edition, but turns out it was a display case and they put the disc into a Platinum case.

A CRACKED platinum case!

#8 Posted by Phr4nk0 (362 posts) -

@Hizang said:

A CRACKED platinum case!

Oh shit just got real, you did the right thing.

#9 Posted by N7 (3826 posts) -
@Phr4nk0 said:

@Hizang said:

A CRACKED platinum case!

Oh shit just got real, you did the right thing.

Word. Who does that? That's like saying "I want your money but don't respect you as a human being, so here's the game now get out."
You don't give someone a Platinum case... A CRACKED PLATINUM CASE! That's one of those small things that makes you want to slam the door really hard just to annoy that guy into being mean to all of his employees so one of them will quit during the holiday season and force them all to work overtime and then management gets annoyed because they don't have the payroll for all of that overtime and so you beat them, psychologically.
#10 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

no, i vote for weird.

i think you can find a image of the box and then print it out somewhere... i would do that unless the disc also said platinum edition.

#11 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@Phr4nk0: @N7: It also had one of those sticker marks where somebody failed to take off a sticker.

#12 Posted by Sbaitso (608 posts) -

How can you own that many games?! I tend to keep my console library very slim. I currently own a single ps3 game(dark souls). Of course I also have a very large steam library, but I can't stand having tons of cases like that.

#13 Posted by mlarrabee (3221 posts) -

You did the right thing.

The crazy, OCD thing, but the right thing.

It's what Jesus and I would have done.

#14 Posted by TooWalrus (13332 posts) -

Nah, it's fine... I re-bought Viva Pinata because I hated that stupid case most editions came in. Now I've got 3 copies of Viva Pinata (and zero regrets). When I first got my PS3, I went out of my way to get non-platinum editions of games like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Killzone 2, etc. If you're gonna have a collection on a shelf... at least make sure it looks pretty.

#15 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@Sbaitso: I spend a large amount of my time playing video games, so why not? I'm better though and since that big splurge in March I really haven't bought much else. Those 20 games I bought have also gone untouched since purchase, still going through my current backlog before I touch that.

@mlarrabee: Thats what I thought.

#16 Posted by oliver (144 posts) -

ahah kinda crazy i sell al my games on my ps3 kinda wish sometimes iv keep some of them but i always have my steams i hate boxs

#17 Posted by Phr4nk0 (362 posts) -

@Hizang: Tea tree oil is your friend. Whenever I get a game the first thing I do before I put it in is spend 5-15 mins (some stickers are the worst) peeling all those bastards off and then using tea tree oil and a tissue to get rid of all the residue.

#18 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@Phr4nk0: I am useally good at getting those fuckers off, but I find that if it fails the palm works well.

#19 Posted by egg (1619 posts) -

@Hizang said:

Would you have done the same, or am I just weird?

Let me put it this way ... some of my games didn't even come with boxes.

#20 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -


Loading Video...

Honestly I have once thought about getting rid of all my box's and just having one of those CD holder things.

#21 Posted by Tokoname (29 posts) -

You made the right call. I don't know how you could live with yourself if you hadn't done that.

#22 Posted by JackSukeru (6105 posts) -

You have way too many Ps3 games, but sure, platinum boxes look like crap so you might as well.

#23 Posted by Portis (1293 posts) -

I would vote for weird, but that box art is horrendous. I'll give you a pass, just this time.

#24 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

Send me all of your PS3 games.

#25 Posted by Vexxan (4624 posts) -

Classics/Platinum games are the inferior race, we must get rid of them! The covers are always awful.

#26 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

The "Greatest Hits" edition of video games bother me when I go to look at my video games. I've bought multiple copies of games just to replace the Greatest Hits version. So yeah I think you're pretty normal.

#27 Posted by PenguinDust (12792 posts) -

I think you need a third copy of the game. Perhaps the collector's edition. Then you'll have one to play, one put away and one to "use".

#28 Edited by Contrarian (1206 posts) -

The main problem for me would be just owning Killzone. The cover doesn't bother me if it isn't a game I am proud to own. Then I want a none "classic" cover - my Gears of War can stay in that damn cover for all I care.

I think the PS3 is a vastly superior console to the 360, but I have struggled to get much past 20 games so far. I look at the shelves with a huge "meh". I did order 2 new games for the PS3 this weekend though, so I am managing some growth. I just wish more of the JRPG would get a translation and distribution, with a lower price. Most of what I like is never in the shops and damn expensive.

I just checked and I have 6 Xbox 360 and 1 PS3 Classic editions ....... shame on me!

#29 Posted by 49th (3044 posts) -

I hate getting platinum games too, it's understandable. I wouldn't buy the same game though just for a picture,

#30 Posted by GentlemanlyGentleman (324 posts) -

I don't know if I would've bought the game again, but I don't blame you. 
I always try to avoid Platinum versions on all systems. They just look horrendous. I spent some time trying to find a non platinum copy of Dragon Quest 8, it took a while but it was worth it.  That era of PS2 Platinum covers were truly awful.

#31 Posted by AlisterCat (6127 posts) -

I deliberately looked around and paid more to get the non platinum versions of Uncharted 1 & 2... only ot get home and find the platinum disc inside uncharted 1. At least it isn't on the cover.

#32 Posted by AlexW00d (6737 posts) -

I only have one, Infamous, and it came with the Slim I bought. It doesn't bother me. Do the different PS3 logos on the side of the case bother you?

#33 Posted by DeF (5216 posts) -

@N7 said:

Why do horrible designs like that still exist? I would have never bought that ever. It looks like something you'd find in a bootleg Gamestop or something. You did good.

Totally agree. Those European box designs for the PS3 Platinum Hits games are so incredibly ugly. I mean, they're so ugly that I would seriously consider firing the person who either designed them or who said "yea, let's use those!" ... they're actively off-putting. Whenever I came across older PS3 titles with a stock photo on eBay or amazon, I double checked that it wasn't that ugly Platinum version.

The US boxes look so much nicer with the red design.

#34 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2734 posts) -

I don't give a shit. It's just box art.

#35 Posted by Omnomnivore (2940 posts) -

@Hizang: Are you saying you are weird because you didn't want one of their tacky re-skins of their boxary? No, you're not. It's retarded that they don't they take this type of thing seriously, but I guess it's just another sign that they don't really care about that percentile of players.

#36 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@ck1nd: I mean Platinum games are an alright thing, they show people great games that they may have missed and give it to you at a cheap price. But I don't see why they feel the need to change the box art, it would be easier if they lowered the price of the game.

#37 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

I would probably have done the same. 
Or just downloaded a High-res version of the boxart and printed it out and used that instead. 

#38 Posted by Kazona (3256 posts) -

Yep, you're weird. If having a different case bothers you that much, you shouldn't have bought it.

#39 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2163 posts) -

No I wouldn't. That's a waste of money no matter how low the price was just to get a different box.

#40 Posted by RIDEBIRD (1252 posts) -

What are these boxthings and what is their relevance to you?

#41 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

@PenguinDust said:

I think you need a third copy of the game. Perhaps the collector's edition. Then you'll have one to play, one put away and one to "use".

Collectors editions aren't worth anything in the long run. Just because there are so many produced they aren't even limited now. Collecting games at all is just stupid, I finish a game and sell it online for more than half my money back. PS3 games probably won't work on PS4 anyway.

#42 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1244 posts) -

Would I have done the same? No. But hey, it's your money. To each his own.

#43 Posted by Spoonman671 (5023 posts) -

How do you own 150 PS3 games and not already have Killzone 2?

#44 Posted by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

@Spoonman671 said:

How do you own 150 PS3 games and not already have Killzone 2?

That's my question.

#45 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Don't blame you, that platinum box design is ugly as fuck.

#46 Posted by DonutFever (3811 posts) -

Man, I forgot how much better the European box art was for that game.

#47 Posted by Still_I_Cry (2522 posts) -

What the fuck?

#48 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

yeah that's kind of weird but whatever. everyone is a little weird.

#49 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

@Spoonman671: @Cloudenvy: I think I did have it before, but I was at a point where I traded in most of my games if I didn't get into it after a session.

#50 Posted by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

@Hizang: Oh, so you're crazy!