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Alright, the thread title came out bit since I couldn't think of more fitting name for the thread. In short, most of us (hopefully) have purchased game for odd reason, haven't played a popular gaming series, dislike a game series that's popular among most or like a game or game series that's considered awful by most, just examples.

I personally have two that come in my mind.

I got into Final Fantasy games because of music.This is the only "odd" way of me buying a game I can think of, The game had already been out for few years and I was visiting my cousin and saw him play the game for a while, he triggered a boss fight (Think it was first battle with Reno) and I was immediately sold. Now that I look back, the movies I loved as kid such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park had quite memorable music as well. I bought FFVII as my first FF game and fell in love with the series immediately, English isn't my first language and I was quite young back then, so I pretty much learned English by looking up unknown words to me from dictionary. Nowadays I work with music everyday and compose it myself as well. It isn't far from saying that Nobuo Uematsu's brilliant soundtracks got me into music, if not that, the man is massive inspiration to my music and the reason I got so into it in the first place.

I haven't played a single Zelda game but...
..I still have 3 Zelda OSTs. Another music related, sorry. I've never played a minute of Zelda game, but I love the soundtracks in the game. Some day I'll force myself to buy one of the Nintendo gaming systems and games on the platform. I've been planning to do this quite a while, the ones in N64 look the most interesting to me. Gerudo Valley was the first song I absolutely got hooked to.

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Watch this

These are my confessions

Just when I thought I said all I could say I came up up with more secrets to tell you today

These are my confessions

Slip my mind the last two times

Silly me, so now I gotta give you part three of my confessions

First I told you about not playing Halo 4, then I mentioned I didn't play Wars

That's not all, now I recall more you see, so I'll give you part three of my confessions

Now this is gonna be the hardest thing I ever had to do,

Gonna tell you everything I left out of parts one and two

Like remember when I told you I beat Persona 4 (Persona 4)

That's a lie, I don't know what I said that for

I borrowed Wind Waker (from you)

Without asking I tried out your copy of Earthbound (too)

And by the way your Stadium Events is a fake,

I broke your Xbox accidentally, just replaced it with another one

These are my confessions

Just when I thought I said all I could say I needed to get some things off my chest right away

These are my confessions

Slipped my mind the last two times, silly me, I guess I gotta give you part three of my confessions

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I never finished Ocarina of Time.

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I finished Ocarina of Time, but it took me 10 years.

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I actively dislike the original Legend of Zelda.

I think A Link to the Past is possibly the greatest game ever made.

That seems weird to me.

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  • The only Zelda game I've ever enjoyed was Wind Waker. The GBC and GBA games were pretty fun though.
  • I'm fucking sick of games like Borderlands where their idea of difficulty is just to throw more dumb enemies on screen instead of making intelligent A.I.
  • I think FFX-2 and FFXIV are the best Final Fantasy games.
  • All of my mains in fighting games somehow end up being half-naked women. I don't think it's a coincidence.
  • I think GW2 is a legitimately bad game, but I haven't played like this entire year so it may have gotten better..
  • I think Demons' (Demon's?) Souls is infinitely better than Dark Souls.
  • The only traditional Mario games I can remember playing for any significant amount of time are 64 and Sunshine. I specifically avoided using the words "enjoy" or "complete."
  • The Mario Tennis and Mario Golf games are the only Mario games I like.
  • I love fighting games and have played a ridiculous amount of them. I still mash and am therefore still completely terrible.
  • Lord of the Rings: War in the North is one of my favorite games this generation.
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I have never played or want to play a nintendo game ,im not joking.

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I never liked Bioware writing and only enjoyed their RPGs for gameplay reasons. Which puts the Mass Effect series as my least favorite franchise in their roster by a fair margin.

I've never finished a GTA game without cheating. And don't really have any intention of trying.

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I actively like the Call of Duty series and am perfectly fine paying 60$ every year for a new game that is basically a big map pack.

I played Gone Home, really liked it, but dont think it is worth 20$ and definitely dont think its "revolutionary".

Putting those 2 things right next to each other makes me feel bad about myself.

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I really enjoy the Final Fantasy games, and have played several of them for 20-30 hours each. I have never finished one.

I love point and click adventure games, I've never finished one without looking things up at some point.

Of all the old consoles I own (going back to the NES), the N64 is the only one I have no interest in hooking up.

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Final Fantasy X-2 was the game that first introduced me to both JRPGs and the Final Fantasy series. I also kinda like that game.

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I beated Tony Hawk's Underground story mode 6 times in a single month. I couldn't stop imagining it could be me who lived that story, so I replayed it doing the exact same things over and over, thinking it was me doing the skating

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I actively dislike the original Legend of Zelda.

I think A Link to the Past is possibly the greatest game ever made.

That seems weird to me.

When you look at the fundamentals of both games it is clear LTTP is the better crafted game so I'm never surprised people think the original is kind of stilted, boring or unplayable compared to LTTP.

I've written this same answer to this question before: I remember the ending to all of the console Zelda games until Twilight Princess....except for Ocarina of Time. Instead I distinctly remember getting to "Death Mountain" and being completely bored with it. Bored enough to do homework instead and let my roommate finish off the game which I remember him being rather blah about it.

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I actively dislike the original Legend of Zelda.

I think A Link to the Past is possibly the greatest game ever made.

That seems weird to me.

Totally agreed. The original was special because it did things other games hadn't done, but it was also often inscrutable, bland, and mechanically boring. Even as a kid, not knowing anything about ALttP, I remember being confused and nonplussed by the original. I respect why people like it, but it was a product of its time.

I was probably more engaged by 2, but the difficulty was a brick wall for 6-year-old me.

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I like playing Call of Duty's single player and multiplayer because they're easy to pick up and play.

Mass Effect 3 was probably the best of the series despite it's ending.

Most games such as Morrowind, Deus Ex, System Shock and many more look like garbage and even though they might be better then their counter parts in some ways, they still feel clunky and overall not fun to play now.

Demon's Souls held my interests more than Dark Souls.

I play FTP games because they're my throw away titles during my time waiting for a new game I want. I don't feel bad about not playing them because I don't spend any money on them and can just jump in and play whenever I want.

I'm probably one of the few that actually enjoys replaying the single player of a game over and over.

I think the Borderlands series is terrible simply because of it's story and characters.

The PS2 had way better games than the PS1.

Halo 3 was the pinnacle of the series and of the 360s life in my opinion.

Most Star Wars games suck.

Splinter Cell Double Agent was pretty awesome. I hated the headquarter missions though.

Wind Waker was probably the best Zelda game.

I would have still played SWTOR if it didn't have a subscription to pay, same with EVE online.

I think that about covers it....

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I think open world driving games are bad because they lack the focused track design and general sense of singularity you get from a racer with a more linear structure.

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I judge people for taking a console FPS seriously when playing on a controller.

I think League of Legends has far better balance, gameplay and design than Dota 2.

I have purchased games purely to have on display as a talking point, having never actually played them myself, only read about them.

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i have never played a final fantasy game.

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Hmm, a lot of these aren't confessions but instead "Stuff I like".

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I cheated on my mouse and keyboard today and played a game to completion using a controller instead. OH GWAD! I'M SUCH A TERRIBLE PERSON! I feel so dirty evening using my keyboard to type this. I'm sorry keyboard! I'M SO SORRY!

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I don't actually like video games. I just play them to impress women.

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By this point I've probably killed around several hundred thousand representations of living things in video games... several million if we count in strategy games.

That shit has an effect on the psyche.

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I confess to thinking that Chrono Trigger is a bad game and its sequel is better in every way.

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@dethfish said:

I don't actually like video games. I just play them to impress women.

Realest confession here dog.

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I really didn't care for Half Life 2.

I've never completed a Final Fantasy game.

I hate using a mouse and keyboard to play Pc games.

I bought Sim City during the Internet shitstorm surrounding it.

I play Jrpgs for the story.

I liked Mass Effect 3.

Am I still pretty?

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The only games I've finished in the past 5 years are Batman AC and Batman AA.

I still play GTA Vice City but only because I like picking up hookers and then wrecking the car so it blows up with them in it.

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Sometimes I buy games just to have the peace of mind that I can play them whenever I want.

The more games I buy, the less I seem to play.

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Uh I hated Demon's Souls but loved Dark Souls?

It took me two years to beat Persona 4.

I couldn't stand Uncharted 2.

I've never beaten a Final Fantasy game.

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I think shooters are more fun using a gamepad. Mouse aiming takes almost no effort, point and click, point and click. FEELS AWFUL. Sure, you're way more accurate, but of course you are, its a god damn mouse. Aiming with analog sticks is far more challenging and requires more skill (derp but auto aim! you cry). Well auto aim only does so much and its very mild in most games. It still requires more skill and effort to shoot accurately with a stick than a mouse. Click a tiny link on the screen, i bet you can do that super fast and accurately. Everyone can. It's not skill.

Shooting with a mouse is just too easy and doesn't feel good at all. It's not satisfying or rewarding.

And i grew up playing PC shooters. Only this generation have i gotten into console shooters.

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I've never played a Zelda game and the only Mario game I remember playing was Donkey Kong.

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I rage quit A Link to the Past after making my way to the boss in Turtle Rock without one of the rods and I haven't gone back to the game ever since which has been 2 years.

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I think San Andreas was a shit game that was only topped by the aggressive mediocrity that was GTA4

I also think that the only truly awesome game Rockstar has ever made is Red Dead Redemption, and even then I don't understand how everyone can be so forgiving of their games when they play badly and have poor-to-okay stories that are ripped off wholesale from various movies.

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After rage-quitting twice on the Thor fight in Nocturne, I caved and cheated my way through it.

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I never played any Zelda game until 2009.

I have played roms

I like the 360 Shadowrun game and Millons secret castle.

Final Fantasy X-2 is the first RPG game I bought and played, still never finished it.

I have played over 500 games of Uno on XBL just to see if I could find women flashing the cam.

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@sbaitso said:

I love point and click adventure games, I've never finished one without looking things up at some point.

I thought Bioshock was just okay and anyone who takes it as a serious refutation of Ayn Rand's ideology is being ridiculous.

If given the chance to either replay Bioshock or Singularity, I would choose Singularity.

I found Half-Life 2 to be tedious.

I never finished Beyond Good and Evil and never plan to.

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I think Bioshock Infinite would have been a better game if it were just a day trip through Columbia without combat.

I felt sadder when lavitz died than when Aeris died.

I beat two games in one sitting and cannot remember a thing about either to this day: Paper Mario and Tomb Raider.

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Sometimes I like sexy female characters in my videogames.

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I'm at the end boss of Persona 3, and will never play it ever again (but I'll always claim I beat it).

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Loading Video...

I actually like Perfect Dark Zero.


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  • While I though they were both worse than their predecessors I still really liked Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2.
  • I played Duke Nukem to completion.
  • I really don't enjoy team ICO games.
  • I own almost every game Valve has released but I really don't enjoy Half Life.
  • I have put over a dozen hours into every RPG Bethesda has developed since Elder Scrolls III and I could never get into any of them. Oddly enough, I consider Fallout New Vegas to be one of my all time favorite games.
  • I get why people tend to dislike it, but I loved Alpha Protocol
  • I greatly prefer The Final Fantasy games that came before 7 but I have never even touched 6.
  • The only horror game that I have ever finished was Silent Hill 4 and I loved it.
  • I only like two games developed by Rockstar, Bully and Table Tennis, the rest of their games are super boring to me.
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I REALLYlike Minecraft.

I have attempted to play Bastion...didn't like it enough to finish it.

I don't like GTA: San Andreas.

I have never finished Oblivion (and still haven't completed Skyrim).

I hate the music and visual style of Hotline Miami, it's the fucking worst, but I actually really enjoy the gameplay.

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I touched myself while playing Catherine.

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  • I don't care for the "emotional storytelling" part of the indie scene. I'm happy that games like Gone Home and Dear Esther and whatnot can be successful, but they do absolutely nothing for me.
  • I've never beaten Morrowind or Fallout 3 (my favorite game of all time is a tossup between Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas, for contrast)
  • I have an irrational dislike for Nintendo; I think it has something to do with the milking double standard (to whit, Nintendo hasn't had a new franchise since Pikmin, I believe, and has been releasing multiple Mario games a year for the past two decades and no one bats an eye, while annualized franchises from literally every other developer under the sun are constantly the target of the internet lynch mob).
  • Apart from on a pure technical level, I don't think Half Life 2 was a revolutionary title or even particularly good.
  • I spend far more time reading about games than I do playing them. It's probably a 3:1 ratio.
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(Guess I can confess some of my sins)

1. I really disliked turn based rpg's I find them boring.

2. Reason why I'm not buying a Wii U because most of their games are kiddy, and the hardware just sucks to me.

3. I used to be a complete asshole back on the 360, and talked alot of shit to people on online matches, Just to pissed them off for fun. I got called all kinds of n words, all kinds.

4. I used to listen to Tekken 5 polar paradise music to relax myself.

5. Back when I had a youtube gaming channel. I really wanted to try to put up interesting vids, and for most part it was hit or miss. I experimented with different stuff to get views, got positive, negative, racist comments all kinds.

Though sense I wasn't in a good financial situation I had the channel for about 2 years and a half. One thing that really pissed me off was when people flagged my channel, it's one thing to dislike my vids, but flagging takes it to a new level.

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i have never enjoyed playing fallout 3 even though i beat it. i have tried multiple times but i find the world boring and i hate VATS.

i beat half life 2 but i hated almost all of it

when i was in college i got megaman x on an emulator on my laptop. i played so much that i could turn off the background and still play flawlessly. all i could see were the game sprites/power ups the rest of the level was black.

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- There has not been a single GTA game that I have enjoyed at all.

- Twilight Princess was the best Zelda

- I was the biggest Wii fanboy when it came out.

- I am too frightened to finish/play Bioshock and Metroid Prime.

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I've never played online multiplayer. Ever.

Edit: Unless the Souls games count.

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i play renegade first. if there is ever an option to be either bad or good, i always go bad.

Whenever i get any kind of open world game, i save, and kill as many innocents as i can just to get an idea of what i can get away with in the future.

Gone home was really good, but no way was worth 20$

Europa Universalis and all games like it are for autistic savants or something.