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I don't care about the characters I wanna see the worrrrrrrrld :(

GTA is all about that open urban goodness, all other games of that type have pretty worlds that happen to be completely dead (which is substituted with good mechanics and other gimmicks, so it's fine).

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up.

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Awesome, looking forward to it.

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I'm looking forward to it. I'll take any piece of GTA V content that I can get, and few in the industry can cut together a better trailer than Rockstar.

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I probably won't be getting this game, but who knows, maybe charismatic characters will be enough to sell me on it?

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@officegamer: No problem. Rockstar likes to keep the game as secret as they can. They want us to be surprised by the stuff that they put in the game, because we have no clue of most of the stuff that they put it in the game.

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Yes please.

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Should be good.

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I can't wait I love Grand Theft Auto

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I'll be looking forward to this trailer just as much as I would with a new game. Bring it.

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Now 6 Days like 6 Years

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Tuesday is too far!

Currently playing GTA: Chinatown Wars and I'm dying for GTA V

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Kinda makes me want to play a GTA game again. Is GTA: San Andreas any good on the PC?

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That should be interesting. It's kinda crazy that this is a day one buy for me already eventhough I did not like GTAIV at all but Rockstar really is one of those studios.

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@andorski: I played through the whole game for the first time on PC last year. It generally runs really well (I had it crash several times, but I think that was on account of some mods I had installed), but there are a few oddities; for instance, you can't swim underwater unless you enable Frame Limiter and the aircraft controls are a bitch to get used to.

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Great. Looking forward to it.

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I honestly can't wait for this trailer and I'm not one that gets that excited for anything trailers related.

I absolutely adored GTA IV and yes I know, I'm the anomaly here (and i'm totally cool with that).

August: Saints Row IV

September: GTA V

Good times for people like me who like their urban-open-world-sandboxy type of games.

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@shevar said:

I absolutely adored GTA IV and yes I know, I'm the anomaly here (and i'm totally cool with that).

Don't worry, you aren't the only one. GTA IV is legitimately one of my favorite games of this generation.

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dying to see more - San Andreas is possibly my favorite game of all time, but I loved 4 too for what it was, and can't wait to see what they've done this time.

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@shevar said:

I absolutely adored GTA IV and yes I know, I'm the anomaly here (and i'm totally cool with that).

You aren't. The game released to universal acclaim, so, you're actually in the majority. There's quite the vocal minority when it comes to GTA IV, though.

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Characters look promising from the 1st couple of trailers, the Tony Soprano guy has me really interested, a GTA character with a wife and kids has some great story potential, plus with their being 3 characters storys to tell I can see them going for quality instead of quantity with each characters story line.

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Looks like there will be a new episode of The Lazlow Show on May 2nd as well. That automatically makes me more excited* than any trailer could. It's the first time Laz has been in his studio since Sandy fucked up Long Beach. I hope he and Wayne have great stories about it.

*excited in general, not excited about the game.

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i wish that judge radio show is brought back in 5

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I hope this comes out on the next Xbox, probably won't but im hopeful

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Is anything planned for the guys to stream them watching it and getting their reactions? Might be a good idea.

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@dooley: I don't think they'll do anything like that, but if you're into that sort of thing, IGN will have coverage starting in about an hour that will include reactions.

You can expect some GTA V coverage of some form on Thursday or Friday with gameplay impressions from a demo that some of the GB crew got to see last week.

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@chaser324: yeah thats what gave me the idea. I would just much rather watch Jeff than anyone at IGN.

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I'm excited! Can't wait to see multiplayer as well!

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The direction Rockstar have with their games is so fucking good, that 3rd character just seems like a gift for all the people that just want crazy Saints Row gameplay back. Really interested in Michael, a GTA character with a wife\family and riches from the get go sounds pretty great, and also is his son played by Jonah Hill, looks and sounds alot like him.

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Woah, wasn't really what I was expecting but feels super refreshing. One, it looks super polished, at least from what I can tell on my tablet. Seems like it can benefit and easily be a launch title for next gen consoles. Secondly, it's unbelievably grounded. This is not the GTA we know.

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@liquiddragon: I don't care, "This" GTA is fucking awesome... and I can't damn wait to play the living shit out of it. :D

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for real all of these trailers are great

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@live2brighteous: yeah, i'm on the same boat. i just meant what i said in the most literal sense.

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Trevor seems like a fun guy. Really liked the giggle when he jumped out of the car at around :52.

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Have they announced official voice actors other than Jonah hill because raspy Michael sort of sounds like Fred Savage which would be weird.

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@d_bones said:

Have they announced official voice actors other than Jonah hill because raspy Michael sort of sounds like Fred Savage which would be weird.

I'm hearing a fair amount of James Woods in that VA for Trevor, no idea if I'm right.

After watching these trailers I am so on board for this. Another GTA game was more a curiosity than a genuine attention grabber for me. Until now. God. Damn.

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I still am unsure of the three protagonists angle. The game still looks absolutely amazing. It's just I really enjoyed the aspects of GTA San Andeas where you could customize your character and invest in properties and such. Those open world gameplay features really hooked me in. Being able to dress any way and get your hair cut etc. I'll have to wait and see, but I think I'm going to miss these things regardless of how good the game might turn out.

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Once again, Rockstar manages to make some good trailers that get me legitimately interested in the game, but I'm done playing this bait-and-switch game of "Awesome trailers, so-so game." At least their video department can be proud of what they made.

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Doesn't seem to fix the issue I have with GTA, which is that I violently loathe each and every character they have.

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