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Posted by Max_Cherry (1133 posts) 8 months, 30 days ago

Poll: Did you know this mind blowing fact about Joseph Gordon-Levitt? (455 votes)

Yes 86%
No 11%
Can dick get off the stick? 17%

For the past few years I had know Idea where Joseph Gordon-Levitt came from. I mean he just appeared on the scene as a celebrity A lister appearing in such films as Inception, 500 days of summer, Premium Rush, Looper, and The Dark Night Rises. Everyone seems to love this kid and I don't know why, but then I saw something on tv and I my mind was blown. JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT WAS THE KID FROM "3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN"!!! I can't fucking believe it. I really think John Lithgow should have let me know. Did you know about this fascinating factoid?

#101 Posted by Dalai (7030 posts) -

@razielcuts said:
Breaking Bad \ Malcolm in the Middle

Also the voice actor of Isamu in the classic anime, Macross Plus, and two monsters in the original Power Rangers.

While we're going down this rabbit hole.

#102 Posted by Vitor (2821 posts) -

@truthtellah said:
And he was Emcee in Broadway's Cabaret! (aka. the inspiration for the new DmC)

Oh gosh... nnf.

Now this actually blew my mind.

#103 Posted by McShank (1629 posts) -






only thing here that I did not already know.. never caught this