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I'll throw them a bit of change sometimes unless they look really sketchy and I know it will just be used for booze or drugs. I have tried to buy them food before and one just straight up ran off instead of taking the food I bought for him. So giantbomb do you throw them a bone?

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Whenever I get pennies I throw them on the ground outside the store. Does that count?

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Hahaha mosespippy I guess that counts?

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I live in the middle of nowhere, farm county New Jersey. So no, not currently at least. In the past I probably have.

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I throw my petty change and laugh as they scramble about at my feet.

Usually I buy food, though.

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I went with sometimes.  I know most of the homeless here, so I know their games.  They know me too so they know not to ask.   No money from me to crack/meth/heroin heads.  If you dare pull one of the known lines or games = nothing from me.    
Old guy vet that is hungry...sure.  Honest freak that I've seen around and I know isn't pulling shit for drugs...every now and then(don't want them to latch on).  
I'm very much a bleeding heart liberal - also very jaded and what-have-ya from having lived and worked my whole life in philadelphia/killadelphia.

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I live in a small community in northern Canada. There are no homeless people here, but if there were I probably would give them spare change.

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Never, don't want to pull my wallet out and get potentially robbed.

There was a homeless guy asking for some of my lunch the other day too but I had just finished, I also had headphones in and couldn't hear properly so I just said "no sorry", and then he flipped me off and walked away...

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No. I donate to the red cross and the like.

A few weeks ago, a quite sketchy looking man was walking up to my car while I was pumping gas. I knew this dude was going to ask me for cash so as he is moving toward me I call out "HEY..........HEY BUDDY.........come here." As he nears closer I say "Hey man, I only have a few bucks to put in my ride. Can you spare a few bucks? I'm worried about running out of gas on the way home from work." As he explains he was going to ask me for cash I say. "Come on. You don't have just a few singles? I'll get you back next time I see you." He just walked away, but the befuddled look on his face was priceless.

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There are people without homes? Sounds cruel to me.

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Sorry Mynthon on my phone so I can't reply. Are you being serious? If not then that is very worrying.

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As a rule I don't like to give them money, since the stereotype is that they will just go spend it on booze or drugs. Every few weeks a group of my friends will make a couple dozen meals and just wander around downtown Calgary handing them out to people. Always a feel good moment doing that.

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i live in a wealthy area so no homeless people, i tell the people at stores and restaurants to keep all my change (coins).


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@laserbolts: I don't want to turn this into a political thing, but yeah I haven't ever seen a homeless person, except in the movies.

(and this is not in a douchey way like the above comment)

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Not usually. I'm not really in a financial situation where I can just give money away. Even to those less fortunate. Maybe after I graduate from college and get a good job. Til then I'll just keep doing volunteer work since all that really takes from me is time.

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@mynthon said:

@laserbolts: I don't want to turn this into a political thing, but yeah I haven't ever seen a homeless person, except in the movies.

(and this is not in a douchey way like the above comment)

Where do you live?
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I did when I had money, but now that I do not I do not

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I've only given money once to some homeless guy that specifically wanted money for beer.

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Nope. I help the less fortunate by participating in charity programs and events because that actually affects the community itself in the end. I'm not saying that the homeless don't deserve to be helped, but there are far better ways to benefit the community with your time, and money, rather than a quick and forgetful toss of a coin.

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I have never encountered a homeless person, but if I did, I imagine I would give them a few bucks if they asked nicely.

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Shit... man, I'm like two steps away from being homeless myself. I can't afford to be throwin' spare change around like that!

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I will if I have small bills. I'm fine with giving four dollars to a homeless person, but not a ten-spot.

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We don't really have homeless people where I live. At least not the guy sitting on the corner begging for your pennies kind of homeless people. I have never seen one in the 26 years I have lived here, but to be fair I spend most of my time in the country where I live and only go into the city for work then back home so maybe I'm just not hitting the right parts of town. Even if I did find one however, I never carry physical money on me as I just use my credit card for everything. So unless he has a card reader he is SOL.

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I usually do when given the chance. I still have some humanity left in me to care.

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Best to avoid eye contact and keep walking.

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I don't since I can barely afford my basic needs.

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I don't...though I'm paranoid that I could always be scammed or something, and don't like approaching or being approached by strangers in general, homeless or not. I've always wanted to, though, go to nearby fast food restaurants and get a bunch of free coupons to hand out, so at least I know I’m providing them with something they need, and not supporting a bad habit or something (unless you count fast food as a bad habit, but usually those are the only places you can get easy little coupons like that). In a way, I'm like that with everyone I don't know when I just dish out money without anything in return. I'd like to know that it will potentially be beneficial, and not be a complete mystery to me and a waste of money...or worse. Plus, as most people here, gotta save that money for when I graduate. But I know if there is a time where I've got plenty of money, I'll try to be as generous as I can...not necessarily by handing it out on the street, but supporting programs I know who can help those who legitimately need support.

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As much as possible.

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Yes, since it'll get 'em off my back when the approach me.

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I'd probably pitch in if there were actually homeless people in my area.

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Never carry change to begin with.

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@mosespippy said:

Whenever I get pennies I throw them on the ground outside the store. Does that count?

I hope you're kidding.

EDIT: Read it wrong, sorry. Thought you said you throw pennies at homeless people on the ground.

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I've stopped giving change and started offering to buy meals. It's more money but it's a good fishing process for the drunks. More than half refuse the meal.

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I offer to buy them heroin instead.

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I've never seen a homeless person, so no.

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When Im able to I do ..... Im baffled at the stingyness of the duders here D: .... but then again I live in another country were bums are really bums and criminals dont make scams like those .... they just rob you :P

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I deal with homeless people as part of my job, so I tend not to give them change but rather food parcels and vouchers, and generally just try to help them in other ways.

#41 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

I always use my credit card to pay for stuff. Never carry cash unless I specifically have to, so no change.

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@PeasantAbuse said:

I've only given money once to some homeless guy that specifically wanted money for beer.

Sounds like a good cause. I've never given any homeless money on account to refusing to roll down the window for them.

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I throw money on the ground to distract poor dudes and police so I can continue stabbing.

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I've never seen a homeless person, but if I did, I wouldn't have change to give them, as I use a debit card for everything. If I did have change, sure, I'd have no problem giving them some.

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Yes, I don't think just walking on by and leaving them without at least some money would be the moral thing to do.

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No, I'm not going to give money to someone who'll likely waste it on beer or drugs. I regularly buy The Big Issue though, and happily give to homelessness charities. And if they talk to me, I always acknowledge them. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing the majority of people just walking past and ignoring homeless people speaking to them.

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I do, yeah. 

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@Gamer_152 said:

Yes, I don't think just walking on by and leaving them without at least some money would be the moral thing to do.

If you live in a big city you may change your mind, or stop carrying change on you. I live in Vancouver and I can't count how many homeless people I see every day, it's so high I think I even see homeless people when I don't even go outside for a whole day...

When I close my eyes all I see are homeless people :S

#50 Posted by Mcfart (1879 posts) -

No. I'm a college student in debt, so I have even less money then they do.