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I couldn't find such a topic here, please, remove it if there is one.

My folks manage to get me very useless presents if I don't write a wishlist. Actually, my whole family is very bad in finding good and useful presents (even myself).

I'd love to get:

  • Assassin's Creed Revelations,
  • Skyrim,
  • different gamecards but I haven't decided which exactly,
  • a new tent (mine was destroyed at the last festival),
  • a voucher for a book store or Amazon / gift card for some clothes instead of those ugly sweaters my aunt likes to give me every Christmas.
  • and a puppy :D

That's it. And what about you?

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Haha, I'd go for the puppy if I didn't have one already (not so much a puppy anymore, but she was at some point :D )

AC is awesome - I already got that.

Skyrim's on my list as well :D

Books are always great but I got two tents, so no need for that..

Gamecards, hell, yeah. paysafecards for LotRO Points would be nice - need to get some stat upgrades for my hobbit :D

I already know what I'll get for Christmas this year though: new laptop.

Mine's old and crappy by now so I wished for that and my parents agreed (yeahhhh :D)

Otherwise I would have wished for a Kindle... but I'll have to wait until my birthday for that, hehe.

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All I want is a GPA of 3.5 or higher (First Semester at a new College). Please Santa, crack some skulls and grease some palms to get me this.

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AC: Revelations and Rayman origins.

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Yeah, more money to pay for video games.

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Coffee and Cigarettes. That's all i need. Also Skyrim, but i already have that. So yeah.

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A gaming Pc, which is not going to happen.

Bah-Humbug (or however you spell it).

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Rayman origins! How could I forget that? I've seen a parcel with Amazon logo in the living room today. These must have been my future presents, because I already gave my list to my mum and she hardly ever buys other stuff there. Can't wait to get whatever is in there and hope not to find it somewhere in the closet till Xmas.

I also have to tell them about the game cards asap, so that they tell the rest of the family. Don't really need things like Zynga game cards, I guess..

And my both parents ignored the puppy. Damn it. Not again.

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I'm not really certain. I would like to have a PS Vita, but that's not coming out yet. My gaming tastes are mostly satisfied since I have quite a backlog. Other things I want include... nothing much.

I have asked for the lowest Kindle available, the $80. I only want to read books on it and do not need all the fancy doodads on all the other ones. And I want Halo Anniversary. That's... it. Anything else I want is merely a passing interest and not something I think about every day.

...is this a side effect of growing up? 'Cause I'm 20 years old and I've got my own money and my own things now, almost none of what I currently enjoy was paid for by anyone but me, and a good bit of it hasn't been completed yet.

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Good food, good company, no arguments on christmas. Gifts are nice, but I'll take whatever my family feels like giving me, I kinda don't care about them as much as the festivities anymore. Especially cause my dad always brings out the most interesting wines from the cellar on christmas. And the one time of year I can pig out on caviar. Mmmhmm. Also want my mamma's home cookin', nothing beats that after making shitty meals with value grocery store ingredients.

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Skyrim + Kindle

Both of which I will probably buy for myself.

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Well, I also can afford the most of the things I'd love to have myself. I was going to buy me a Kindle for Christmas if I pass the next big exam, too. But before I get 50 Litres of some shampoo and 40 kg of soap, I'd better write a wishlist for my family so that everyone is happy in the end.

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No; I have a list of demands.

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Not being broke would be a nice Christmas present.

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I have to tell my parents I got married

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No. I didn't ask for anything last year and my mom ended up getting me some pretty rad shit.

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I want one of those new cheapie kindles, even though they ain't so cheap in Canadia.

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*uuuck... :(((( had a very serious conversation with everyone who's living in our house and got another big 'NO' for a puppy. I really have to find an own flat and to whatever I want.

As for Kindle, there is some kind of sale on Amazon and they offer Kindles for 99 Euros. Seen it today.

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I dunno. A watch?

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I don't think I've ever "made a list" for Christmas in my entire life and I haven't asked for presents since I was like ten or eleven. And certainly since my mid teens until now (early thirties), I've never asked anyone for presents. I mean, when you're a kid, that's fine. But as a grown man, if you really want something, you just buy it for yourself.In fact, I actually ask for the opposite. I would rather give presents than get them and if someone really wants to give me something, I prefer it is something they put some thought and interest into. I just ask my mom to send me some of her amazing rocky road fudge (when you get older, little things like that from your childhood start to be things you look forward to all year) and one of my best friends to send me one of her paintings.

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I start building a wishlist of stuff on Amazon in November. Relatives find that very easy to follow.

I tend to focus on Quantity over Quality in a sense, as many cheap games as possible that I've missed over the last 12 months. So games like Red Dead GOTY edition, Dead Rising 2 Off The Record (I didn't play Dead Rising 2) I've not asked for a game that came out after November. And books that came out in Summer. Much cheaper and family members can easily buy it and not screw up.

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Nope. The few things I want right now, that can be purchased, are way too expensive for anyone I know to buy me. People know to just give me money anyway. Would rather everyone give me $5-$10 and put it towards something I actually want then to have them waste it on some random thing that I will forget about by the end of the day or never use.

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A new turntable.

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I always have to buy games the moment they're released, so I have nothing in the ways of video games on my Christmas list (yes, my parents still buy me presents for Christmas). I'll probably just receive a big wad of cash, and maybe some cheap electronics I'd never buy otherwise, like a digital camera.

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Don't really have a list. I would like a new and bigger TV. Other than that, I can't really think of anything else.

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Just some money, enough for my own cheap gaming computer.

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damn how much shit do you get on christmas, all i'm asking for is a pair of pajamas

i don't know if your rich/spoiled or if i'm just cheap/poor

edit: not meant to be insulting, if it is then oh well

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Not really. Not sure I can afford to buy any myself, so asking for stuff would make me feel bad.

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Smartphone. Money.

Yeah, that's pretty much my list.

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My mother pretty much pinned me down and forced me to make a list, so I dashed this off while I was waiting for class.

Ok, random list of things that I want in no order except that in which I thought of them. None of which are expected in any way shape or form.

15" laptop
Quality set of surround speakers, 5 or 7
A tube amp (or a replacement power adapter for my small cube)
An analog delay pedal (I really like this one, but I'm not choosy as long is at isn't a Behringer or something awful like that)
An SSD (something small like this) or Velociraptor Hard Drive. Barring that, I'm actually just low on space so any drive would be helpful.
This (while I'm making random lists of things that I want...)
A video capture card (as in not a USB dongle) that supports HDMI.
A limousine
World peace
Stuff off my GB list, which has been updated.

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Mine are super-open. Especially if it comes to video games; I've bought everything I really need to play. I know my brother got me Saints Row The Third Special Edition with the Zimos headphones.

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Everything I would care to ask for I can just go out and buy, chistmas kind of gets ruined as you grow older. I hate going to the mall so when my folks get me a shirt or socks I'm pretty satisfied.

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I agree. I also appreciate selfmade things and you know... a little bit attention is always good. The thing is that my parents want to give me something and get very offended if I don't let them do that. And then when I say something like 'ok, mum, just get me a nice book', I get a dozen of travel guides for Africa followed by Goethe biography which I never use. I'd be more happy if she made me a hat instead, really.

But when they ask me to make a list (which doesn't mean I'm getting everything mentioned), I'll do that.

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I don't have a Christmas wishlist because I'm 25.

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Already have Skyrim. I have no other needs now.

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Novels, Comics, DVDs, Games, Vouchers, Money. Anything like that?

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A New York Ranger jersey

NHL 12

Maybe some Ranger shirts

I got a subscription for here

I have to think of a few more things =D