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Ok, I do like children in general. BUT, I'm talking about spending time with them, video game time.
Imagine this. Ok my friend is away to America and his little brother has gotten into the regime of coming to my house alot, because I let him play kung fu panda like once every 2 months. Now he comes almost once a day. 
I be a bit strict and say im trying to complete Just Cause 2 and so I play and he decides to stay. I am getting pissed off and thus the reason for this thread.
Im getting annoyed because he's constantly telling me to do stuff which would result in me dying, and he keeps asking for a shot (I'm playing on hardcore)  and he keeps asking me to play another game, namely kung fu panda.
 Im starting to think I dont like children... What do you guys think?

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I work in a before and after school program for kids K-5 all school year. No, I really dislike children

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I hate children.

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@Nux: Haha, good to know I'm not some sort of monster
Does anyone know a way I can bring him down softly? Like dumping him
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I love 12 year olds...

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@Rittsy: 12 year olds I would class as "Pre-teens"
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Trade in Kung-fu Panda for a start.

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@Prodstep said:

I hate children.

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Tell him you have homework, gym, girlfreind that you need to see during his peak gaming times.

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children are ok. its teenagers i can't stand, i just want to slap them

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I work at a summer camp and kids can be pretty cool once you get to know them

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@Colin said:
@Prodstep said:

I hate children.

I hate people who hate children.
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I'd say get rid of Kung-fu Panda, and tell him you can't hang out everytime he comes over. He'll get it soon enough.

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@pornstorestiffi said:

@Colin said:
@Prodstep said:

I hate children.

I hate people who hate children.

I hate people who hate me for hating children.

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@Prodstep said:

@pornstorestiffi said:

@Colin said:
@Prodstep said:

I hate children.

I hate people who hate children.

I hate people who hate me for hating children.

I hate me for hating you for hating children, no?
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They're much too energetic for my liking.

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@pornstorestiffi said:

@Prodstep said:

@pornstorestiffi said:

@Colin said:
@Prodstep said:

I hate children.

I hate people who hate children.

I hate people who hate me for hating children.

I hate me for hating you for hating children, no?

I just hate everything, less confusion that way.

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Most children are ignorant, snot-nosed little shits. And that's ok, because they're young and don't know how the world works.
That said, I've definitely come across a few bro-tier kids. My friend's little brother, who is 8 years old, loves the shit out of New Vegas, Stalker and Splintercell and is a genuinely cool little dude.

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I think that "hate" is too strong of a word for people's feelings towards children. I understand hating a certain child, or finding most of them annoying, but you can't hate every child. There are some really smart and funny kids out there. Not all kids are exactly the same, and saying that you hate children from your experience with one of them is ageism.  
Anyways, the kid does seem annoying, but you also kind of seem bad with children. Just don't play video games while he's there, and he probably won't come back.

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Children are cool. Parents are a whole other story.

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Children are fine. They each have their own personalities, and their attitudes are directly related to how they are raised. I figure I'd like my own children more than others, especially the whiney and undisciplined ones.
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@LunarAura said:

Children are cool. Parents are a whole other story.

This, i mean how can you hate those cute, sometimes annoying little bastards?  And parents...can be difficult. 
Anyway which is creepier?
  I love kids or

  I love kids
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 Why don't you tell him not to come by so often? You're not under any obligations.
Children are like adults: I can tolerate some but others are annoying. 

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Are you a cop?

Nah seriously, kids are mostly fine, it's usually the parents that are the issue.

I'm looking forward to having a few of my own soon, both because we want them and because I'm looking forward to putting my plans into effect for raising children. The teen years especially should be interesting.

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Qouting a 80's hardcore punk song,"If I had my way I'd give you all away" so ya I hate childern. I hope this isn't youtube spam but here is the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA4jnG1LC64
You're an awful person, you know that right?
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I'd say get rid of Kung-fu Panda, and tell him you can't hang out everytime he comes over. He'll get.

Thirded. That would solve half of the problem right there.
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I dislike most kids, but that's mostly because they have shitty parents.

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If you lived where I lived you wouldn't last 5 minutes. Dou you know the amount of religious bullshit I have to go through everyday, here are my state's demographics http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/49000.html, there is NO DIVERISITY WHAT SO EVER. The LDS church teaches that having mulitiple childern a service to god, NO that's just the church trying to get more money ( you get into heaven by giving the LDS church money crazy I know)
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Children can be very annoying, There's this one kid in my School Bus who is very noisy and discussing video games(I think?) while everyone is trying to sleep

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I hate children.

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I hate kids. fucking annoying as hell

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Children are cool with me. I have a ton of nieces and nephews that I often end up watching so I'm kind of used all the crazy shit kids do. That said, I'd be a liar if I denied the fact they can sometimes grate my nerves, but for the most part it's kind of fun having em around.

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HAHA, you've got a little kiddy tag-along.

Is your Mom forcing you to be nice to him? Play nice now kids.

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I like children but I tend to treat them like smaller adults meaning I'm uncomfortable speaking down to them.  At best, I use smaller words, but I can't feign interest in some subject they're talking about or over-enthuse when they relate a happening in their life like some people I've known do.  It's probably not the best way to communicate, but all I can do is approach them on an equal level and if they get it then good; if not then oh well.

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Hell no.

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No, but I actually like them better when I'm playing video games; they tend to shut up and watch more than anything.

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No, I do not like children. They're usually annoying little pricks.

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Yes, I like children. Although my little cousin used to steal my games!

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Love children :) Hate teenagers. Well can't say I hate all of them, but most

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I love children.  They taste like chicken.
Seriously, kids are a lot of fun if you have the patience and energy.

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I love kids, they can be a lot of fun if you sit and talk to them. I worked with kids and teenagers this summer and I really enjoyed it; granted I'm still young myself so maybe I could relate to teenagers more...

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No. They're gross and annoying.

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I don't hate them per se, but I think they're kinda dumb and I avoid interacting with them in general. Though some kids I find funny, usually the ones who are smarter than their age implies and make funny observations about the world.

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I have two of my own.  They're alright. 

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There are good kids and bratty kids. My appreciation of them depends on which they are.

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I don't hate them, but I know all to well how f*cking annoying they can be. Especially when it's someone else's family...

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Tell him to go to the nearest church as ask to play with the priests joystick.

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It depends on the kid. It also depends on my mood. Kids generally take full attention and time, and I don't always have it in me.