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I finally made a giant bomb account after always going to the site :D so Hello everyone

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well hey there

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Welcome! :D

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I hope that name came from mailbag and not for another reason...jk, or would it then be malebag?

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Tell me, How is the rice doing?

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@error5305: hahaha I will leave it wide open for choice :P jk its my PSN :D
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@twinkie_factory: Well then it makes perfect sense why today was The day you decided to make an account. :)
I should seriously think about getting some twinkies for the Bombcast later, it is a sign...
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@error5305: Wow I should have been the person to send all those twinkies... I shall have to make them rain from the sky.
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hey, don't be an ass and make blogs and then post them on offtopic with one word blogs.

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@towly177 said:
" Tell me, How is the rice doing? "
Dammit man, I said never to mention the rice! 
Also hey there.
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Welcome to the forums duder. Don't forget to check out the rules.

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Welcome. Welcome to Giantbomb.com. You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remaining Whiskey sites. I thought so much of Giantbomb that I elected to establish my account here in the forums so thoughtfully provided by our bradafactors. I have been proud to call Giantbomb my home. And so, whether you are here to stay, or passing through on your way to parts unknown, Welcome to Giantbomb.com. It's safer here. And less janky.

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Alright dude.

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What's cookin', good lookin'?

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Hello and welcome!.... Officially...

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@twinkie_factory:  howdy
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sup dawg

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Welcome aboard - I'm new myself so I won't razz you or anything. 

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Yo son, how it do?! YA heard? HAaaaa naw naw HAAAAAAaaaaa wha dup aaaaa shitttttttt

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welcome to the world of tooomorrrowww!

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@twinkie_factory:  Welcome, and don't piss off the Mods, they're a nasty bunch of bastards (<3)
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Wellcome.And thanks.
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@twinkie_factory:  Hey-ohhhh
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@twinkie_factory: Welcome