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This blog recommends the immediate and continuous listening of -

The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

This was used as the Phoenix Wright (get it?)-heavy show VGCW: Endgame 6 which I previewed last time, it was awesome by the way.


It's that time once again where I steal Patrick's Worth Reading idea, voice some opinions and point you in the direction of cool stuff!

Making Points


Remember this image from the last blog? Well I'm afraid the husk could function no longer because BermanBraun, the company who bought Whiskey Media, its Top Men, Tested, Screened and Anime Vice, have announced the imminent closure of

In my opinion Screened would have the hardest time out of all the Whiskey Media websites trying to succeed when it and Tested launched in 2010. Even with Alex and Rorie, the movie industry is a different beast from video games, anime, comics and tech/coffee/Will Smith memes.

By far, Screened was the site that had the least access to the medium, or rather the industry itself, that it was covering and therefore the most issues with making content and gaining views and users. I always thought that Screened's most prominent and funny content was its presence in the Big Live LIVE Show: Live! and the Whiskey Media Happy Hour.

Joey Fameli's excellent mash-up videos not withstanding.

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I do recommend looking up Rorie's Remake Rematch videos also!

Good Tweets

RT: After failing to win an #Oscar, Leonardo Di Caprio has gone on an all night coke binge and ended up in Ukraine.

— Katie Gibbons (@katie_gibbons1) March 3, 2014

Before playing #MGSV: Ground Zeroes, here's what you need to know about Metal Gear Solid:

— GameSpot (@gamespot) March 5, 2014

There are two types of Smash Bros players

— CVG (@CVG_News) March 4, 2014

Can't wait for the future, with streaming only, no physical copies of anything! I foresee smooth sailing!

— James Moran (@jamesmoran) March 2, 2014

It’s what we’re all thinking, @Joystiq.

— Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK) February 26, 2014

Chinese Oldboy bootleg keeps it real (via @DaveFawbert, @kevin_church)

— Benjamin Lee (@benfraserlee) February 26, 2014

"Hot Coldman". Are you taking the piss, Kojima? You're taking the piss, aren't ye? Don't take the piss, mate.

— K (@TheSacredTurf) February 23, 2014

Justin White vs Justin Wong hmm..but do two whites make a Wong?

— Ari Weintraub (@Floejisan) February 23, 2014

.@SirPatStew Seriously, Patrick, how the hell did we ever get through this?

— Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) February 15, 2014

.@rickygervais As I recall Ricky, we only got through it because Stephen finally had to banish you from the set...

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) February 15, 2014

Clicking Things

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I pretty much agree with everything said in this video.

  • Classic Devil May Cry please.
  • DmC Devil May Cry, no thanks. Didn't enjoy the new versions of Dante, Vergil and Mundus at all.
  • DmC wasn't bad, in fact it was a pretty good action game.
  • Ninja Theory would be better served working on a new action IP.
  • My personal DMC preference is DMC3, DMC1, DMC4, DmC, DMC2.
  • I have an awesome story in my head involving Mundus, Nero, Dante, Trish and Vergil that would make for an amazing DMC5 story.
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Watching this video once in a while is keeping my GoT withdrawal symptoms in check until Season 4 starts next month (season 4 next month?! Hurray!). It's hilarious and takes clips mainly from Season 1 and a few from Season 2.

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The impression is spot on and makes plenty of amusing points about games like Wonderful 101.

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This is why we don't need battle threads in forums, DEATH BATTLE is a good series that features high level production and animation.

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Bah, I don't know why the tweets aren't working, the links are still there at least.

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I remember Alex, maybe it was Alex, saying if Screened has a certain number of official reviews they would be admitted into sites like Rotten Tomatoes. I think that would have started to really blasted Screened off into a bigger better site.

Of course if BB had put a little more effort, or merged it with any of their other entertainment focused content, Screened would have had a better chance at surviving.

I think the worst part of all of this is the wasted potential. Seeing a site fade and then just be given up on. I understand the business decision to close the site, I just don't understand the many decisions that got them there.

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