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So, the other day I'm going through a bunch of games that I haven't played in a while and I come upon Ninja Gaiden: Black. Looking at the box art, I was immediately reminded of the love/hate relationship I had with the game. Now, I'm not the type to throw a controller at a TV or punch a coffee table because I keep dying do to enemy cheap shots. The most I'll ever do is get up and walk away for a few hours or whatever. I play video games to relax, not break shit. However, I've known a guy (Not naming any names.) for years now that I have seen fucking LOSE it due to video games. King of Fighters '99 cost him half of his VHS collection. He had this weird way of breaking controllers where he'd rip them out of the system roughly, yet carefully, so as not to pull the system to the floor, spin them from their cords and once its speed and his mounted rage had reached their explosive apex he'd slam them into the ground where they would explode into a million tiny tears of plastic. I saw him do this...I don't know, 6 times. Man, I saw him burn through two VHS copies of Friday in one day. No, I DON'T know why he had two copies of Friday. Probably because its so good; if you have to ask. And I'm not even going into the strange, primal grunts and howls of anger that accompanied all of this. Anyway, that's my story. What about you? Have you or anyone you know ever gotten so angry that you just obliterated an inanimate object? Let us know! :D No judgement. Not from me anyway...the internet, as always, is going to judge the shit out of you.

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I never understood the concept of flipping out over video games to the degree where you actually break shit. Like yeah, I've gotten annoyed but I simply stop playing then. I just never understood it.

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Nope never

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The only time I've ever gotten frustrated enough in a game to damage something was when I threw (more like dropped) my Xbox 360 controller on the floor after losing a certain match in SFIV. It bent a small bit of the plastic on it and I realized that that was a silly thing to do.

Oh, there was also that time yesterday when I lost in StarCraft II and crushed a nearby soda can.

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@Azteck said:

I never understood the concept of flipping out over video games to the degree where you actually break shit. Like yeah, I've gotten annoyed but I simply stop playing then. I just never understood it.

Same here. I can't think of anything that would compel me to break a $40 (or whatever the hell they cost now of days) controller.

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My brother kicked a hole in my wall years ago.

#7 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -
@HardcoreScene08: Right? That shit is expensive. I don't want to buy new things simply because I got bested by a section of a video game.
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Videogame RAGE *giggles* ... Uh I guess never I hardly get mad while playing videogames , that's one of the reasons I play videogames!.

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none. i do get angry while gaming, but i just take a break if i get too pissed off. which is why i have so many of unfinished games

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None because I don't have anger problems.

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good to see the giantbombers don't need anger management classes. I, for one, would never harm videogame stuff. I like it too much

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I've thrown tons of shit but have never really broken anything

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I fully love and adore Ninja Gaiden: Black. So good.

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I like to curse a lot. A lot. A LOT.

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When I first started playing Metal Gear Online I got pissed because I never could figure out why I was getting killed in two seconds whereas people I shot a bunch of times seemed to be invincible. One day I picked up my nearby paperweight and chucked it in a random direction ... went through our cheap drywall and I had to patch it up.

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@SexyToad said:

Nope never
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When I'm mad at a game, I just get quietly frustrated and may eventually just stop playing it for a while. However, one game managed to make me get screaming mad (I didn't throw anything though): Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. Fuck that octopus boss.

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I once had a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament that spontaneously shattered. I can't remember if I was angry at the time though.

#19 Posted by Brendan (8690 posts) -

I've chucked controllers into the couch a bunch of times, although it hasn't happened in a long while. Consequence free :)

#20 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -


I just try to twist the controller apart. Never works. :(

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I've twisted a few controllers till I hear something snap inside them, at which point I realize what I'm doing and stop it. They still worked after though, so not sure if that counts.

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I've broken a lot of controllers over the years. I try not to let my rage get to the point where I want to throw or break something; I usually just end up cursing increasingly louder, but sometimes I can't help it, because FUCK SOME GAMES. And when my anger does hit the boiling point, these days I try not to abuse the controller and instead use something I don't care about or that is not easily damaged. I definitely have anger issues, and I seriously wish I didn't because it makes it incredibly hard to play and enjoy a lot of games when even the slightest thing goes wrong.

As for most damage done, years ago I was lying on my stomach playing Assassin's Creed 1, and for whatever reason I was getting super pissed at the game. I ended up inadvertently kicking a hole through my wall. I didn't even realize it until later on when I quit playing and turned around. Also, Geometry Wars caused me to break two controllers, one of which wasn't even mine.

#23 Posted by Unchained (1091 posts) -

Being an adult, I've never done anything of the sort. 

#24 Posted by Getz (3344 posts) -

I've thrown my controller in disgust many-a-time though I don't hurl it across the room. Usually just toss it on to my bed and let out a loud, frustrated grunt.

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No. If i had i would have put a restraining order on them.

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Am I wrong to think the topic title sounds like something from the Giant Bomb Forum Thread Generator?

Anyway, I haven't yet damaged or broken anything because of a game. Most I do is just get really angry, maybe swear under my breath a bit.

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I kicked the shit out of an armchair on multiple occasions while playing F-Zero GX. I think I've calmed down since then.

That story about controller-smashing guy is hilarious to me. Surely as you're starting your swing, you say to yourself "Hold on, maybe this is a bad idea."

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While I am glad I'm surrounded by a bunch of zen-ass muchachos/muchachettes (I think 'muchachas' is the female counterpart to a 'muchacho'. Doesn't matter.), I'm surprised that a lot of you don't at least know 'that one guy'. The weird thing about it is that he was otherwise a very non-violent guy. Something about that little Rugal sprite uppercut kicking little Terry to death over and over again just set him off.

#29 Posted by Metric_Outlaw (1198 posts) -

I never broke any furniture but I did punch a chair out of rage in Street Fighter 4 and sprained my wrist.

#30 Posted by TheSheepherder (77 posts) -

No I've never really broken anything. I have put small cracks and dents in controllers and my PSP though...

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I've once thrown my GBA in a rage for one of the Battle Network games. I think that's the only time.

#32 Posted by Still_I_Cry (2522 posts) -

No, I usually just swear profusely then walk away.

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I think I snapped a PS1 disc when I was younger. I haven't done anything like that since. I generally just quit out of a game when I start to feel frustrated to the point of anger.

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I once got so mad at Call of Duty 4 on veteran that I bit my 360 controller. Now there are tiny little indents from my teeth on parts of the controller. Only did it the one time, but man, what an infuriating experience. NEVER AGAIN!

Also, It wasn't game rage, but I lazily tossed a Nintendo 64 controller onto a couch cushion less than a metre away and it managed to land face down and break the goddamn control stick off! That was really dumb.

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I'll usually let out an obscenity or two, but that's about as much "rage" as I ever experience.
Edit: Also, that GB Forum Thread Generator is freaking amazing.

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@SethPhotopoulos said:

My brother kicked a hole in my wall years ago.

I did this when playing the original Mario Party. Fucking Donkey Kong.

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When I get angry at a game I tend to just swear profusely and then stop playing for a while. There have been a few times mostly when I was younger that I would get really pissed and frustrated and I would vent it by punching my pillows a few times.

#38 Posted by Equal_Opportunity_Destroyer497 (578 posts) -

I used to be quite the controller destroyer up until a few years ago. I've smashed one or two 360 controllers but they were already a bit messed up. Nowadays when I get angry I just swear A LOT, hurl insults and finally just walk away.

#39 Posted by matthias2437 (992 posts) -

Only one time, back in my WoW days when ulduar was the hot shit. The guild that I was in was working our way through Hard Mode 25 man ULD before the nerf and got stuck on Firefighter of course. After a night of wiping on that one fight for 5 hours straight because idiots couldn't get out of the fire I slammed my fist down on my keyboard tray and busted it in half.... I stopped playing WoW soon after that.

#40 Posted by Fappo (16 posts) -

I once threw a guitar through a wall like a javelin because I kept losing to the final boss in No More Heroes 2. Fuck you, Jasper Batt. Fuck you right to hell. Thank god the wall wasn't load-bearing.

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I broke the A button on a GC controller due to Mario Party rage.

I was playing with my friends and I came upon an event that was going to give me a star just as long as I said yes to it. One friend slaps my controller and refuses the star. Controller is promptly thrown.

Why the fuck would there be an option to refuse a star? Mind boggling.

This, however, was when I was a bit younger and more prone to getting upset at games. I haven't done anything that egregious since. Video games aren't worth getting upset at.

#42 Posted by habster3 (3618 posts) -

I've actually never destroyed anything out of rage at a video game :D Sure, I have sworn a lot out of frustration, but curse words don't put dents in the wall and the like.

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Well I broke one Xbox 360 controller once after I got beaten in a rank up match for Tekken 6. Then I realized I can never do that again if I want to save money. lol

#44 Posted by Vigil (232 posts) -

About 6 years ago I obliterated a controller playing cod 2 on veteran, now when I become frustrated with a game I just start laughing (sounds kind of disturbing) or I stop playing.

#45 Posted by Dimsey (1108 posts) -

I've rarely get mad at games at all and on the few occasions I have it's not been enough to make me break things. That just seems dumb. 

#46 Posted by Redbullet685 (6186 posts) -

I'll swear at the game, but I'll never break anything over a game.

#47 Posted by mikethekilla (329 posts) -

I melt people with my heat vision when I take one too many loses at street fighter.

#48 Posted by Jay444111 (2640 posts) -

I got a stress ball that broke while playing Dark Souls... does that count?

Also punching pillows... maybe biting them helps as well. Just remember, what you are holding costs enough to buy 40 MCdonald french fries and is 2/3s of a new video game price. Don't let controllers break!

#49 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5878 posts) -

I punched a chair hard enough to make my hand bleed once. 
But I slam things and throw stuff around a lot when I get frustrated, whether it's because of a videogame or something else.

#50 Posted by Jeust (11377 posts) -

Once I shattered a SNES controller. After it was still somewhat... functional.