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That's a thing in other places in the world right? St. Valentine kissed a bunch of girls on the 14th and now we celebrate by taking our girlfriends out to dinners we can't afford. Well, that's my plan anyways.

What about y'all?

Romantic dinner and candles? Bubble bath? Gift exchange? Are you anti-St.Valentine? Did you forget?

Intimate details are welcome.

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Fetal position and crying.

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I will get out of bed, eat breakfast, go to the office for 8-9 hours then come home. Then excercise cook dinner and go to sleep.

We probably won't even mention the day because it's stupid and I cancelled it forever like 10 years ago.

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I'm really hoping it's Titanfall. Titans are for lovers.

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Nothing on V-Day itself (impossible to get a reservation anywhere), but later that weekend probably flowers, a book, maybe a gift card to Lush, and I'll wrap it all up with some wise words from Detective Rust.

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@rorie: hahaha - hey baby I love you, PS. the whole world's a gutter

@beachthunder: :(

@chaser324: Yes I too am hoping to fall in love with Titanfall this weekend. Huh? huh??? Come on pretty good huh? *excuses self from room*

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Taking my daughter to her valentine's dance and playing PS4. Aside from the usual eating, sleeping and such.

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I'm really hoping it's Titanfall. Titans are for lovers.

This and if I cant can't get in I'll find all my single friends, buy a cube of piss water and have a Civ V or Rome 2 lan party.

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I'm going to some club with friends just to drink and hang out, not like some crazy pick-up-chicks night. They're having some weird Depeche Mode themed party so it should be interesting.

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Drink pricey beer with my pinky in the air and watching Drew on UPF :)

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This is the first time I have been in a relationship around Valentine's Day (actually the first time I've been in a relationship ever), so I will definitely be going to a semi-fancy restaurant with my girlfriend. I would have gone for a super-fancy restaurant but, as Rorie says, it's impossible to get a reservation anywhere.

I was also thinking of getting her flowers, but she has a rather rambunctious cat who would probably break the vase and eat the flowers.

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This seems about right.

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Cry softly to myself while playing Bravely Default.

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@rorie: Your date is ready Rorie.

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Step one: walk to the store.

Step two: buy a few bags of conversation hearts.

Step 3: consume all conversation hearts and weep until I fall asleep

Step 4: wake up with regret and stomach ache.

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I'll be crying for different reasons this year.

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Drink until I forget what day it is.

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Your mom hooooooooo!

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Fetal position and crying.

is this before or after the date?

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Get up, eat breakfast, try to get through some more of my backlog (almost finished Dust: An Elysian Tail), probably while listening to Cynic's "Kindly Bent to Free Us" on loop, skip lunch, possibly clean the house up some, eat dinner, and that's about it.

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@video_game_king: When that's what you wish was going to happen like I do, you know you're at a very dark place in your life.

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I'm lame I've never had a Valentine, but I'll probably...

1. End up watching porn.

2. Play some games.

3.Go to the gym.

4. Figure out ways to improve myself as an employee for my job.

5.Go on the internet visit giantbomb, go on youtube, check and see what money I made for the week and my next work schedule.

6. Debate whether I should buy Strider next week on ps4.

7. Figure out what I'm going to eat on Friday. Maybe I'll make some Ramon Noodles with meat balls, and eat turkey hot dogs.

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Hug my grandma. Play games. Suffer from crippling depression. Sleep. The usual.

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I am going to build a cake from the basic elements which to make up a cake. It's for me. Happy ValentiME. *|cake is for me|* cake baker.

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its the 14th right? that's a friday, i guess i'll get drunk

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Persona 4 Golden. If my Vita makes it on time, which it should.

Maybe Soul Sacrifice / Dragon's Crown.

Or just go back to Dark Souls.

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Not sure, trying to get with this girl in my intro to sociology but im definitely going to avoid doing anything on valentines day. Guess turn my paper in at university go home and play video games and drink? Sounds like a plan to me. If we are having a GB lonely man party let me know @bigjeffrey and @video_game_king

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actually had date with a chick but then it didn't pan out, maybe next week..... so back to lurking at bars and drinking.

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Working the closing shift.

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Uh I guess sleeping because my ass has to be at work at six in the morning. It's a long weekend were I am at so I guess I get two days off in a row. Best case scenario I get real drunk somewhere and watch some olympics with friends.

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Looks like unprofessional friday is still on schedule, not sure if that will make ya feel any better, valentines day can be depressing when alone. Just hang in there :-)

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Honestly? Drinking alone probably marathoning the second season of house of cards to forget how lonely i am...

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Fetal position and crying.

Or as I like to call it, just another day.

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@rorie said:

Nothing on V-Day itself (impossible to get a reservation anywhere), but later that weekend probably flowers, a book, maybe a gift card to Lush, and I'll wrap it all up with some wise words from Detective Rust.

Dear Rorie,

Your body is paraphilic love map.

Happy Valentines Day

P.S. I'll see you in Carcosa.

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There was a "what's your plan for halloween?" thread this past halloween that I could literally copy paste to be my answer for this question as well, cuz shit ain't changed. I'd get it but the site seems to be all fucked up for me at the moment.

edit here it is:

I'm just going to treat it like a regular ass day. Which is to say I'll go to class, afterwards I'll be home alone, sitting in the same spot I'm sitting now, maybe I'll eat some candy or maybe I won't, maybe I'll watch some GB videos, maybe I'll play a game, maybe I'll do some homework, or maybe I'll do absolutely nothing. Whatever I do eventually I'll crawl into bed, assume the fetal position, and cry until I fall asleep.

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im either going to go with a couple models to a gig or watch annie hall by myself and drink bourbon. im fine with either really.its not like im not single the rest of the week.

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@beachthunder said:

Fetal position and crying.

is this before or after the date?


I'm not doing anything. That day is my last midterm so I will probably go home and sleep.

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My fraternity is having a valentine's day social with our sister sorority, so that should be pretty rad :D

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Oh hey! That's Friday!

We got a bunch of snow today and we're supposed to get more tomorrow and it's unlikely to melt by Friday, so I'm likely going to be stuck at home. Playing video games.

If by some miracle all of the snow and ice melts tomorrow, it will just be a regular day unless another miracle happens and I get a girlfriend in a day.

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Probably get a nice bottle of wine and drink it.

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A lot of singles here, I'm going to make an okcupid account and hope I find a date.

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Call my dad and wish him a happy birthday.

And hope that he's not fucking drunk off his ass already when I do or that phone call is going to last like two hours.