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I would like to propose a hypothetically question to the internet, the keys are handed to you and you are told "These are the keys to your new ______ !" You respond " No thanks, I'll stick to my _________" or "No thanks I'll stick to walking and biking" What car or cars would it be? You can only drive the car given to you and you can't sell it.

For me it would be the Audi TT and the Porsche Boxster. I could "barely live with myself" (this is a figure of speech to all your stupid haters out there) if I drove a Mazda Miata. I say this because I am tall and I dislike the car culture behind the Miata. I would love to drive a MX-5. I bring this question to the internet because the few times I see an Audi TT ( I live in a Province called Prince Edward Island and there are mostly middle class people and there is a rare number of expensive cars) I say to myself I say to myself that I would not drive that car if it was given to me.

Edit: Can't sell the car and have to drive it until it blows up!

I have only seen Asian women and female realtors driving this car.
The car for the middle aged man with enough money to get a Boxster over a Mazda Miata.

There is A LOT of rude and unnecessary comments that I find disappointing, I am just asking a question on the internet I am not trying to complain about my first world problems, as Kanye West says " Your all a bunch of major haters with some math minors"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Ford Pinto. Unless I was planning some kind of suicide bombing.

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@ThePaleKing: My dad had one of those beauties, he said it was a pile of shit.

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A Prius. Or anything that looked like an egg.

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My original answer would have been an Aztek, but now I feel like I'd just copy that shit, faded grey color from Breaking Bad and feel like Walter White as I drive down the streets.

So my new answer is a Gremlin.

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Any car made by Chrysler. They are complete garbage ripoffs of Audi, and they aren't even worth renting much less buying. Utter shit as far as a car goes, all of them.

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Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chrysler Crossfire, Toyota Prius, Smart Car, Volkswagen Bettle. I could live with an Audi or a Porsche, despite looking like a cock. I could live with a Miata despite looking like a chick. But I couldn't live with any of the other ones. I'd rather drive a fucking minivan over those.

Thankfully though I have some taste, and money.

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Well, do I have to worry about insurance and gas? If not, I'd drive any car except the ones with weird paint jobs (y'know, like the ones with anime girls painted on them...)

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@CptBedlam said:

C'mon. That looks like a riot. I would drive that. Not every day, but every day it was sunny and warm and I didn't have deadlines.

Edit: I'm 5'4''

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A Prius.

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A boat.

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A limo, it would be a bitch to find a parking spot.

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@bigsmoke77: I thought we were talking about obvious stuff like a PT Cruiser with faux wood paneling. That first car is like a super expensive beetle but I'd probably still put up with it for free.

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A car that was on fire.

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@tooPrime: I couldn't do it, too small and i would look like an idiot in my opinion. Im 6ft and it just screams female car, and you know im a man, a manly man, man.

@RazielCuts: You do realize this is a forum that can be used for hypothetical discussion. I knew there would be a comment like this so great job on making the internet predictable.

@AiurFlux: I would love a crossfire, I like the style. It handles like shit compared to other cars in its price range i believe. I helped a women win a PT by drawing her name for a church raffle, she gave me 20 bucks, I felt I should give it back plus more! You could drive in a TT?

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Smart Car

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@TheVideoHustler: I know a guy in high school who got a diesel smart car, always that he was a douche even before getting the car.

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Mazda Miata. Blech.

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Are you serious? If I was given a car for fucking free I wouldn't give two shits what it was or if it was neon pink with green flames smeared over the sides...

A car for free.. who the fuck am I to complain.

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None. None of the cars.

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Shit, I'll take anything. There's bound to be some idiot on Craiglist ready to buy it.

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@Dad_Is_A_Zombie: You have to keep it and drive in it for the rest of your life.

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@bigsmoke77 said:

I could barely live with myself if I drove a Mazda Miata.

For me it was this quote that irked me, hyperbole at its best and most white whiniest. 'I couldn't live with myself if...a luxury item didn't look/perform the way I wanted it to' so yeah of course you knew there'd be a comment like that, you made yourself sound like a dick.

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@TheVideoHustler said:

Smart Car


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As long as I could go over fifty, and then slow down without blowing up...I don't really care.

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A hummer.

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a reliant robin

clarkson will demonstrate why.

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@Kyreo said:

A hummer.

Good call.

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Probably a hummer.

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as long as it has 4 wheels, an engine, and is safe to drive I'll take it. I mean don't get me wrong there are certainly styles of cars I prefer and those I dislike but who the fuck am I to decline a free vehicle? I'm not made of money and cars sure as hell aren't cheap to buy.

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Probably a manual transmission car

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I'm not an idiot, so nothing. Its a free dam car. I couldn't care less what model or make it is. If I really hated for some stupid reason I would just drive it until I found a seller. You would have to be a pretty stupid person to not drive a car because you don't like the look of it.

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Any sort of gas guzzler. I may be getting the car for free, but that doesn't mean that driving it will be cheap.

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To quote James May: "The only person who looked good in a beetle was Hitler"

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No car, unless it could not achieve its function of getting me from point a to point b. Why? Cause i'm not a prideful idiot.

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@wordfalling said:

A Prius.

@insane_shadowblade85 said:

A Prius. Or anything that looked like an egg.

I would just like to add why I would not drive this car again. The car is the exact opposite of fun to drive. Giving it juice on a long straight road with no traffic or driving energetically on a curvy back road are two things it cannot do. Plus I'm convinced that it attracts douches, (cocks in the UK), like flies to honey.

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As others have said, any gas guzzler. Public transit it pretty okay where I like, so I'd opt for that over something that's going to murder my wallet.

Also the PT Cruiser. I don't know why that car exists.

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I own a functioning vehicle and if anyone ever offered me a free car I would say thank you. Mazda Miata is a great little roadster and the Porche Boxster is really fun. if this were a trade scenario I would likely reconsider, but if I was forced to drive the gift car...

1. Hitlers cars

2. Pope Mobile

3. Hot Dog

4. Ice cream truck

5.PT Cruiser

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PT Cruiser. Probably the most ugly thing on the road.

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I love most cars, mostly because they all have their own distinct characteristics, but I'd probably avoid cars that would make others think I am an inconsiderate asshole, like a Hummer.

And don't hate on the Miata, it's the standard for handling on compact sports cars.

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I'd probably take whatever came to me. I like free shit :)

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The Chevy Aveo.

It's nice that it is a cheap car that anyone can afford. It's also built really cheaply. It's a car that is almost more rubber then metal. It even has rubber rims.

Smart City-Car

It's a rolling death trap. I know it has good safety ratings. But still. It's like two pounds. Physics tell me it will be destroyed by any car that might it hit it and that I would be destroyed with it.

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PT Cruiser for sure, they were ugly when they came out and they remain ugly

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Trabant, Lada, Wartburg353

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Jeez you guys are picky. Would probably hate my Ford Fiesta hatchback.

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I'd rather drive a hellaflush Smart car than a PT Cruiser.

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Any Chrysler and any Hummer. My first car was a Le Baron. What a piece of shit that was. It only had 50k miles on it, it died at 70k miles. Had an axel break. Front lights only worked half the time. Trans took an utter shit. It burned oil. It had the shitty 90s Chrysler paint job where it started to peel away. To contrast that, my Camry made it past 120k before I sold it and my Mustang that I abused to hell made it to 80 when I got tired of it.