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Posted by Animasta (14667 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: what's worse: crawling bugs or flying bugs? (128 votes)

flying bugs 39%
crawling bugs 27%
they both freak me out equally 34%

so I have a mild form of bugphobia, whatever hte name of that is.

and by mild I mean heavy.

so, I am (obviously) freaked out when bugs get into my room, and as I live in LV cockroaches were more prevalent and they freaked me out, but really it's the flying ones that freak me out more because they're more mobile. I mean, I can get away from a cockroach if I really wanted to but flying bugs are harder to avoid. also allergic to bee stings

so what say you?

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Flying bugs are dumb and will land on things and make themselves easy to kill. Crawling bugs will hide underneath stuff, plotting how they're going to crawl all over you in the middle of the night while you're sleeping.

#2 Posted by JasonR86 (9649 posts) -

Flying Bugs.

Bugs in general don't freak me out. So what 'bugs' (HAH!) me about flying bugs is that they are usually loud fuckers and hard to kill.

#3 Posted by mellotronrules (1179 posts) -

real talk: fuck bugs.

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I've seen giant ass flying cockroaches before. It's fucking gross.

#5 Posted by Demoskinos (14710 posts) -

Flying cause flying enemies are always the worst in video games and thus that logic translates to anything flying.

#6 Posted by MentalDisruption (1620 posts) -

Tough question. Flying because once you lose track of it, it can be anywhere. They also tend to go right for my face when flying and I hate that. The only time crawling beats flying is if the crawler can also jump.

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The way wasps and bees sorta hover always makes me anxious, plus the way moths always flutter about in your face will result in me me spazzing out waving my hands everywhere. But if we were to include arachnids in this poll, then nothing tops the slow crawl of a spider or a daddy long legs.

#8 Posted by Animasta (14667 posts) -

I've seen giant ass flying cockroaches before. It's fucking gross.

oh god I saw one of those too. It totally came out of my fucking uh AC vent and I didn't sleep that night.

it was the fucking worst thing I've ever seen, I was traumatized for a week :(

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Fuck all bugs equally.

#10 Posted by Aterons (198 posts) -

Flying bugs, mainly due to those little fucks,if those would die I would be o so happy... let the spider invade, at least here there are no venomous ones.

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I would say flying freaks me out more. When you have things like wasps, yellow jackets, and giant carpenter bees that buzz by your ear out of nowhere, it is pretty damn freaky. It always freaks me out and I end up immediately running inside.

Crawling bugs can easily be squished and aren't as frightening to me.

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Flying bugs, obviously. You can manage avoiding and even killing crawling bugs, but flying bugs are nuts!

*sees a flying bug*

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I hate all motherfucking bugs, even the ones that are essential to our survival. Kill them all!

#14 Posted by TyCobb (1960 posts) -

@aterons said:

Flying bugs, mainly due to those little fucks,if those would die I would be o so happy... let the spider invade, at least here there are no venomous ones.

This! Fuck those things.

#15 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5813 posts) -

Well flying cockroaches can do both D:

those are some nasty fuckers.

#16 Posted by MOAB (374 posts) -


goddamn spiders

#17 Posted by Sackmanjones (4682 posts) -

There's a reasons the saying goes "creepy crawlers"

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I live in Australia, so I've seen a whole mess of fucked up shit when it comes to bugs - but I can live with most of them. Roaches are horrid, but I keep my shit sprayed down on the regular so they don't come near my room or places in my house that I frequent. Spiders are actually pretty cool - I'd never fucking touch one ever, but if there's one in the corner of my room, that's fine.


Because spiders kill the fuck out of flying bugs and flying bugs are the worst thing in the fucking world.

I've left (read: fled) rooms because there were wasps in them. Moths seem to have no fucking fear anymore either - they just fly at you whenevs, the bastards. Flys are effing bigger and bigger every year...


#19 Posted by ShaggE (6398 posts) -

Both, because they are all disturbing by their very nature.

That said, arachnids are fine to me, for some reason. I actually like spiders. (but some of them still elicit a large "NOPE" from me, like Huntsmans)

Flying insects may have the edge, though, because nothing paralyzes me faster than a bee, hornet, or wasp flying up to check me out. I feel like I'm being mugged... "Do what you want, bee, just put the weapon down!". Good thing I'm not allergic, or the terror levels would be through the roof.

#20 Posted by gogosox82 (424 posts) -

I am terrified of crawling bugs. There's something about the them that creeps me out. Flying bugs are ok, they're mostly just annoying but crawling are horrible.

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@moab said:


goddamn spiders

Fuck those things. I found one in my room in FEBRUARY. There's 3 inches of snow on the ground, they should be dead.

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I live in a place where the worst thing a flying bug can do to you is land on your monitor at night, so I don't mind them. Spiders, though... These motherfuckers need to go instinct.

#23 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2496 posts) -

@moab said:


goddamn spiders

Fuck those things. I found one in my room in FEBRUARY. There's 3 inches of snow on the ground, they should be dead.

Oh, by the way - during rain or snow, spiders migrate to sheltered areas. Welcome to the fun fun world of spider-filled homes during winter!

#24 Posted by Clonedzero (4194 posts) -

crawlers by far.

fucking centipedes man UGH

earwigs? UGH, that shit will crawl in your ear and lay eggs! IN YOUR EAR!

#25 Posted by MisterSamMan (363 posts) -

Why can't all bugs just stay outside like in Animal Crossing. (Yeah...Yeah roaches...ugh)

#26 Posted by Boombastic (4 posts) -

Flying bugs. When they start to fly I start to run for my life.

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#28 Posted by teh_destroyer (3565 posts) -

I hate spiders a lot, anything that crawls on my floor will die and rot.

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There are shitloads of bugs here in Australia and most of them don't bother me, except for these mother fuckers:

They are the worst, silent and stealthy, you don't notice them until you start to itch and the welts are appearing. They'll even drop off of ceilings or trees onto you and climb under your shirt. Apparently they even cause horse abortions. Crawling are definitely the worst.

#32 Posted by Picsl (201 posts) -

In real life, crawling, because they are bigger and grosser. In video games, flying, because flying enemies are annoying to hit.

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Insects don't really bother me, but during the summer flying ones, simply because of the noise they make and how hard they are to catch.

#36 Posted by audioBusting (1488 posts) -

Flying bugs usually can crawl too so they're a real pain. Crawlies I can live with or smack them out if need be. I draw the line at centipedes and

@radecau said:

these things, though. They freak me out.

It's a good idea to keep a cat or let a couple of spiders live because they will murder all the horrible bugs.

#37 Posted by EarthBowl (164 posts) -

Flying bugs. It's a pest that has complete mobility: Horse Flies, Wasps, Mosquitoes, etc, etc. These bother me more than any crawling bug ever could.

#38 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1850 posts) -

Are we including spiders in bugs? Cause if so, spiders can fuck right on out of my life. For forever. Times two. Please. PLEASE.

#39 Posted by MrT (162 posts) -

how come I can't pick neither

#40 Posted by Intro (1206 posts) -

Bugs don't bother me that bad, but I chose flying because I'm still trying to get over a phobia of bees. I use to play paintball every weekend but am still terrified of a single bee flying by my head and the thought of it stinging me.

#41 Posted by Nev (544 posts) -

Are we including spiders in bugs? Cause if so, spiders can fuck right on out of my life. For forever. Times two. Please. PLEASE.

Yeah, this right here, pretty much. I can ignore, or at least just casually back the fuck away from most bugs, but spiders leave me paralyzed in fear. I have to run across the room and throw shit at it and hope I hit it. Fuck'em.

Wasps are a pain, but I see them pretty regularly here in Summer, and they're usually pretty easy to deal with.

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Ahhh get it off, get it off!

#43 Posted by AndrewB (7563 posts) -

I hate bugs. They make me EEK. Ironic considering how desensitized to them I used to be as a kid. Flying... not flying... it makes no difference. I think the turning point was being stung for the first time ever when I was a teen by an incredibly stupid bee which was sucked into our car and managed to get stuck under my armpit, and in its rage against the big old thing which didn't even know it existed, it stung me as its final act of life. From there on out I've just been annoyed/freaked out by every type of insect, be it visible or microscopic enough to avoid the human eye.

#44 Posted by Icemael (6313 posts) -

Flying bugs. With crawling ones it's like "I'm over here now and it's gonna be a while until I can get over to you and you can trap me pretty easily so it's all good man". With flying ones they'll be far away one second and then a second later it's like "guess what chump now I'm all up in your punk-ass face ain't nothing you can do about it bitch". And they often make noise, whereas crawling bugs are usually quiet.

I mean, they're both bad, but once I was in the passenger seat of a car driving at over 100 km/h and discovered that there was a wasp in there, and the only reason I didn't just open the door and jump out was that it was too tired to fly around and just slowly crawled (it had probably been stuck in there for a while). I'd rather risk breaking a couple of bones than stay in a tiny enclosed space with a fully functional wasp.

#45 Posted by oldenglishC (943 posts) -

I'm 6 feet 7 inches of former college athlete badassitude that doesn't scare easy.

That being said, I squeal like a school child and run the other way whenever I see a June bug.

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I fucking hate the buzzing sound a flying bug makes when it's circling around your head. Mosquitoes, bees, ladybugs, it doesn't fucking matter, any bug that gives my ear a fly by must pay the ultimate price.

Bugs don't otherwise perturb me unless they crawl/land on my person, in which case, again, they must die for their transgressions.

#47 Posted by metalsnakezero (2290 posts) -

I don't have a problems bugs. In fact I actually like all types of bugs and respect them to a degree. In terms of which one most annoying when they are bothering me I go with flying bugs because they make a lot of noise and had to catch/kill.

#48 Posted by Pr1mus (3854 posts) -

Crawling bugs get you in your sleep man!!!

#49 Posted by Animasta (14667 posts) -

all you bug sympathizers make me sick

#50 Posted by believer258 (11771 posts) -

I was already terrified enough of bees and wasps. That thing looks terrifying on-screen; if I ever saw one in real life, it wouldn't have to sting me because I would have already died of shock and fear.

So thanks for strengthening my distaste for the not-so-great outdoors!