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Now, I'm a fan of hip hop and all that, but god damn that was awkward as hell.  Seriously, the little boy on the left can't be any older than 12.

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I was going to post a picture of some Tim Burton fans dressed as cunts, but I raged too much before posting and lost the link.

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Pretend i dont hate chavs...i still rage.

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ahahahh they were so serious it was hilarious

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Bulldog19892 said:
This shit made me laugh instead of raged! Damn that shit was fuckin horrible lol :D
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Judging just by the image, I refuse to even watch. I lose.

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I live in London, I know people at my college just like this.

That first video is hilarious btw, when that young kid starts rapping in his high pitched voice, I lol'ed.
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Gah. If I was going to have sex with the one on the left I would have to cellotape over her mouth first or something :/
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nice a thread that won't 404!

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Yeah, definately a FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- I couldn't make it through more than 15seconds on each of the videos.  The british chick rapping was horrible, the white kids is what I imagine every helium sucker on XBL actually looks like, and the one of Solja Boy, I raged because it is a HORRIBLE MEME.

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I didn't even bother to watch the video.  The fact that it looks like idiots on the video + the identity of the poster = already retarded.

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little chavs rapping in a treehouse.  NO BUYS.

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The only thing I understood in the video with the two girls was "fuck" and "peace"

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:35 "tell em ginger Joe, ugh" , "yeah man, yeah" "thats righ....t" 

why would i rage? this is comedy GOLD
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Aghhhh, my kidneys. I pissed BLOOD.

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Fuck. Peace.

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I love hip-hop, not gangsta wannabees.  Hip-hop is poetry over beats, don't try and be something your not.  Rhyme about what you know, your life.  I don't think these kids are even old enough to drive, let alone be smoking in a car with ho's

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crunchUK said:
Reason I stopped playing XBOX Live. ;)