chaingangsoldier's Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360) review

Takes very well advantage of the 360 hardware

  • Car damage is done very well
  • Excellent amount of cars and tracks
  • Online is fun and adds to replay value
  • Car customization is excellent and also adds to replay value
  • Buying cars, etc online works well 
  • Taking screenshots feature works great

  • Online can be quite laggy


Menus work great. No cut scenes or anything like that.



Car models are pretty good, as well as the environments and race tracks.



Probably the best racing sim i've ever played. Very realistic speeds for turning, etc. Details on the RPM and tire friction and what not are neat. Great amount of tracks to race on. Online and car customization add to the experience.



Car engines sound great, crashes sound decent.



Extends the fun and experience, although it can be very laggy on many ocassions.


Lasting Appeal

The huge amount of cars and tracks, the car customization, and the online will definitely keep you coming back for a long time.



A must-have racing title, especially if you are a simulator fan.



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