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Jason Goes to Hell 0

Imagine a wooden barrel full of juggling balls, each one of those balls representing a movie or IP license. To sum up LJN's business plan during the late 80s and early 90s, they pretty much picked up every one of those balls at once, attempted to juggle them, and dropped them all on the first try.This game's not HORRIBLE, but it's not playable enough to be considered 'good', at least not by my weird and unpleasant standards. The 2-and-a-half stars I gave it are for nostalgia alone. Also, I don't...

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Jason Lives...and You Die 0

Friday the 13th for the NES was one of my favourite games back when I was a kid.  I used to play this game a lot in the early 90s and was both obsessed and frustrated with it at the same time.  First off, I'll admit it, without a Game Genie, I can't get anywhere in this game.  Jason is just WAY too hard in this game, and you have to beat him three times.  Even with cheats, it still takes a long time to beat him (unless you have a pitchfork).  I don't see how people could handle encounters with J...

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Old school madness! 0

Time for some old school shit!This time im reviewing Friday The 13th on the NES.  The game begins with a start screen you press start,then you start the game and then the first thing you do is choose a camp counselor.Yeah,thats right you dont play as jason it sucks ass. Anyway,when you start the game the graphics are blury as most of the old games.The main idea is to collect lighters and then go into cabins to light up chimneys.The easiest enemy in the game is zombies.The first weapon of the gam...

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