Liststorm of Scariness

This list serves two functions: The first is to track the Shitstorm of Scariness October '12 (and '13) (and '14) side-project of Messrs. Matt and Pat of the "Two Best Friends Play" Machinima series, in which they record themselves getting terrified at the best (and worst, ho boy) the survival horror genre has to offer. The second - and mostly incidental, if I'm being honest - purpose is to provide a list of scary games for y'all to consult for ideas this upcoming Halloween, or for whichever secular holidays scare you most. I know I'm terrified of Columbus Day, because... well... I guess I just find it difficult to talk about.

Have a safe and sane Halloween/Columbus Day everyone! And my thanks to Matt and Pat for adding some sterling entertainment to an already busy month, as if this crazy Quick Look deluge wasn't enough.

(Since they're doing it all over again for 2013, I'm adding the new games to the list. They've picked some really odd ones this year.) (Ditto for 2014, though the list is shorter as the first three weeks were taken up by week-long playthroughs of previous games Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, Escape from Bug Island and Rule of Rose.)

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I have Calling, actually. What little of it I had played was pretty interesting and tense. I need to get back to it at some point.

R.I.P., Hudson Entertainment.

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thanks for this dude