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Silent Hill: 0rigins was released for Playstation Portable on November 2007 and for Playstation 2 on March of 2008. It is a Survival Horror/Action Adventure that puts you in control of Travis Grady, a trucker who somehow gets himself lost in Silent Hill and must find a way to find out what's going on and how to escape the town. You will explore various locations of Silent Hill and meet some very strange characters, as well as battle the grotesque creatures that lurk in the streets of the ghost town. Taking place seven years before the original Silent Hill, the game's story uncovers some secrets about the origins of Silent Hill.


Travis Grady is a trucker driving his route, as he's done dozens of times before. This time, to keep himself entertained, he decides to take a shortcut through the abandoned town of Silent Hill. Bad idea. After reaching the entrance of the town, Travis sees a little girl in the middle of the street. Startled, Travis stops the vehicle and looks around for her, but she has vanished. He then sees a fire in the distance. It's a house burning down, and somebody is inside, a different little girl. After saving the little girl, Travis inexplicably passes out and wakes up on a bench in the streets of Silent Hill. Unwisely curious about what happened to the little girls, Travis finds his way to the town's deserted hospital, where events continue to occur around him, leading to the important question: What on Earth is going on in Silent Hill?


Common Enemies


  • Memory of Helen Grady
  • Memory of Richard Grady
  • The Demon

Multiple Endings

As usual for Silent Hill games, there's always multiple endings. 0rigins is no exception and it contains 3 different endings you can obtain by replaying the game. Depending on what you do throughout the game, it will influence the final conclusion of the story.


Like the other Silent Hill games you control your character in a third-person perspective (except for Silent Hill 4: The Room, where you could control Henry in first-person while inside The Room) while you explore different locations in Silent Hill. Apart from exploring, you will have to complete different puzzles, battle many disturbing enemies, travel in the dark, and uncover the truth behind the town of Silent Hill and what's going on.  Like Silent Hill 4, the previous game in the series, you can hold many weapons but they break after a certain amount of uses.

0rigins' Origin

Silent Hill: 0rigins' development was difficult, taking longer than expected to reach completion and changing studios midway. Originally started in Climax Group's LA office, after a year of development the project was moved to Climax Group's Portsmouth studio on account of project turmoil, and Climax LA was shuttered. Despite retaining much of the original content and story created by Climax LA's efforts, no one from Climax LA was credited in the final product.

The first images Konami released for Silent Hill: 0rigins made many Silent Hill fans worried, and many other gamers excited, as they presented a game seemingly inspired by Resident Evil 4, with over-the-shoulder cam and a cover-based shooting system, and many fans felt this seeming focus on action would dilute the series' previous penchant for a more psychologically-based horror, while other gamers welcomed the upgrade over the extremely awkward combat controls of previous titles. Some months later, a new trailer and new screenshots were released, depicting the final product, a more traditional Silent Hill game. Later, the game Silent Hill: Homecoming would make good on the early promises of Origins, with a revamped combat system.


The original soundtrack was composed by Akira Yamaoka (with guest vocals by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and lyrics by Joe Romersa).

  1. "Shot Down In Flames" – 3:59 [sung by by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn]
  2. "Meltdown" – 3:13
  3. "Evil Appetite" – 2:05
  4. "Wrong Is Right" – 2:25
  5. "Not Tomorrow 3" - 1:42
  6. "Monster Daddy" – 2:26
  7. "King Of Adiemus" – 2:28
  8. "Don't Abuse Me" – 1:39
  9. "Underworld 4" – 3:06
  10. "Acid Horse" – 2:10
  11. "O.R.T." – 4:23 [sung by by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn]
  12. "Insecticide" – 2:11
  13. "Raw Power" – 1:16
  14. "A Million Miles" – 1:31
  15. "Battle Drums" – 2:17
  16. "The Wicked End" – 2:17
  17. "Blow Back" – 3:13 [sung by by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn]
  18. "Real Solution" – 2:55
  19. "The Healer" – 2:52
  20. "Snowblind" – 2:00
  21. "Behind the Wall of Sleep" – 2:19
  22. "Drowning" – 2:25
  23. "Murder Song "S"" – 3:04
  24. "Not Tomorrow 4" – 2:15
  25. "Theme of Sabre Dance" – 1:33
  26. "Hole In The Sky " – 4:10 [sung by by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn]

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