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Character Overview

Fruegel was ordered by Emperor Doel to apprehend the young girl Shana from the village, Seles. Aside from just kidnapping the girl, Fruegel orders destruction of the village as well. This is revealed when the player first encounters Fruegel in Hellena Prison
Fruegel has an enormous size and power to go with it. He is feared by many because of this. To go with the power and size is a hot-headed temper that Fruegel gets when not everything is going to plan. Fruegel has even killed his own men when his temper takes over.

First Encounter

HP: 90
Fruegel's Body Slam

Element: Earth
Location: Hellena Prison
EXP Given: 240
Gold Dropped: 50
Item(s) Dropped: Health Potion (4), Knight Shield
After Dart and Lavitz rescue Shana they run into Fruegel at the exit of Hellena Prison. Being the second boss of the game, Fruegel isn't too much of a challenge the first time around. He only has 90 health points but he can deal out some heavy damage to the team.
Attack: Fruegel rushes to a single party member and smashes down his giant mace.
Body Slam: Fruegel lifts up a single party member and slams them onto the ground.
Rock Throw: Frugel lifts up a giant rock and throws it at a single party member.

Second Encounter

HP: 1,000
Element: Earth
Location: Hellena Prison
EXP Given: 2,000
Gold Dropped: 200
Item(s) Dropped: Gravity Grabber
 They meet again!
When King Albert is kidnapped he is also taken to Hellena Prison. Dart, Lavitz, and the rest of the party fight through the prison once more to save a friend. This time you must defeat Fruegel's deadly and feared pet, Jiango before you can take on the warden once again.


Fruegel's pet beast that's kept in an underground cave in Hellena Prison. Jiango is used by the prison to torture and kill prisoners. The party is put into a trap that's ends them up in Jiango's cave and must defeat the monster to continue on their mission to save King Albert. 
Jiango is an extremely powerful, earth attacking boss. His attacks consist of pouncing on the party and jumping up and down dealing high damage as well as his strong earth attacks and melee damage. This fight can go along way more smoothly if the player uses the Satchel that's acquired in the area. Using the Satchel will put Jiango to sleep so they party can inflict some damage while Jiango is immobile. The best offense on Jiango is to use magic attacks, mainly wind-based ones. The recommended party is Dart, Lavitz and Haschel. Dart because he can't be changed out, Lavitz for his wind-based Dragoon magic, and Haschel for his powerful Double Punch addition. 
Once the party defeats Jiango it's on to Fruegel once again. In Fruegel's second battle he brings along two more pets; the grand avian Rodriguez, and the demonic dog Guftas. Fruegel uses the same attacks from before with a few added ones along with his beasts' attacks. Do note that if the player defeats Fruegel first, Rodriguez and Guftas will run away in fear, ending the battle.
4-Way: Fruegel attacks a party member with a four hit melee combo, 3 punches and 1 kick.
The battle with Fruegel.

Power Up: Fruegel powers up - dealing more attack damage.
Pet Attack: Fruegel calls on Guftas or Rodriguez to attack a party member. Rodriguez lifts a party member high up into the air and them slams them down for high damage. Guftas lets out a frightening bark that gives the confusing ailment to a party member.
Rodriguez's Attack: Knives are throw from Rodriguez's wings toward a single party member.
Guftas's Attack: Guftas rushes to a party member and claws them.

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