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Rose's Story

   Rose was born over 10,000 years ago and fought in the legendary Dragon Campaign.  Back then she was fighting alongside the other humans against the race that was enslaving them, the magical Winglies.  Along with the dragons and their spirits that allowed the humans to turn into Dragoons, the humans rebelled and attacked the Winglies.  The Winglies were not alone, however, as they had help from the horrific and powerful Virages.  After a long fought battle, the humans eventually defeated the Winglies.  The man Rose was in love with was the Red-Eyed Dragoon, Zieg and once the battle was over, Zieg dealt the final blow to the Wingly leader, Melbu Frahma.  But as he did this, Frahma casted one final spell on Zieg and turned him to stone.  
   Fast forward 10,000 years and Rose meets up with a young adventurer named Dart.  Dart's family was killed in the town of Neet when something known as the Black Monster attacked.  Later in the game, after Dart's childhood friend Shana is kidnapped, it is revealed that Rose is the Black Monster who is sent to destroy the Moon Child (who in this case is Shana) who is the vessel of the god of destruction.  Rose and the others find out that Zieg is still alive and is Dart's father!  Once the spell that was put on by Melbu Frahma was broken, it had been almost 10,000 years.  Zieg had found a woman named Claire (who turns out to be the daughter of a party member Haschel), married her and had the main protagonist of the story, Dart.  When the Black Monster attacked what became his hometown of Neet, he activated his Dragoon Spirit for the first time in almost 10,000 years.  It turns out that before Melbu Frahma died, he had, in addition to turning Zieg to stone, put his spirit inside of his Re-Eyed Dragoon stone so that when Zieg would activate it, Frahma would take over his body.  

   After Rose and company give chase, they cannot stop him from destroying the five Signet Spheres that restrain the god of destruction's power.  Once they arrive at the Moon, Zieg attacks.  After the battle Melbu Frahma leaves Zieg's body and attacks the rest of the party.  When the battle against Frahma is over, Zieg and Rose sacrifice themselves to make sure Frahma remains dead by keeping him there and blowing up the Moon from the inside out.  Rose and Zieg died together in love, for the future of the world.

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