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Fuel Video Review 0

 Chris "Kropotkin" O'Regan is here for Episode 3 of the SuperHappyGameTime Show. This week Kropotkin is taking a look at FUEL for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Does this open world racing gaming live up to others of it's kind? Find out in our review.     ...

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Not enough there 0

This game really had all the ingredients for success. A veteran racing developer, good visuals, good story premise, tight driving controls, a lot of races, and an open world. Good right? Ya well I didnt even really want to finish it, because I have been talking to people and seeing many reviews, and they are all right. There isnt enough to do, and the races arent exciting at all.  The vehicles dont feel any different really from each other, and there are about 6 or so different variants, which i...

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This game is empty 0

  Title: Fuel Release: June 2, 2009 Genre: arcade racing Developer: Asobo Studio Publisher: Codemasters Platform: Xbox 360 Rating: E (Everyone) Product Link: Website: Source Link: The garage screens and literally hundreds of cars and parts presented in simulation racers like Gran Turisimo can be daunting and down...

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There's nothing terrible about it (I think that's a box quote) 0

I didn't love this game so I'm just going to hit some things that stuck out to me.Good: The open world driving is cool and the environment is huge.Bad: The world is really too big making the interesting points too spread, taking too long to reach anything. I say this after unlocking only 2 of 19 areas. More density would have been much welcomed.Good: Varied terrain. Desert, sand dunes, grassy areas, hills, wooded areas, beaches, etc.Bad: Everything's pretty much gray/brown, and even though I cou...

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Fuel Or Just Gassy 0

This is a game that tried to create an open world racing game that would one up a Burn Out Paradise. they forget to create a racing game that is fun. To a point it had to create Scenrey points to give a reason to not hit the fast track button to the next races. And the big let down the racing was not good at all. I feel another case of the designer trying to sell on what is hot right now. this could havce been good if it was an off raod racing game that one from point a to b. Sometime less is be...

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X360 Review: Fuel 0

 Fuel is a very large game...that is a fact that Codemasters loves to tell every one, the problem is that while they do have 5,000 square miles of none of it feels unique.The graphics are bland and lack detail that would set them apart from other racing games. One thing that they could have done that would of helped the game is if they had included motion blur because they don't the game in general has a lack of speed, so when you go 100 MPH it seems like you are going at 30 MPH. It is the simpl...

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