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Best Point-N-Click of ALL TIME 0

One of the greatest games to ever come out of LucasArts that was NOT a Star Wars game, Full Throttle is one of the last great examples of point and click adventure.  Excellent well rounded characters fill the desolate landscape where rouge Biker gangs roam the country side looking for trouble.  A tale of Lies, Espionage, and betrayal packaged with some of the best dialogue ever written and performed in a game, and a first of its kind in its time.  Now considered abandonware, it is now emulated b...

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An Auspicious Beginning for a Video Game Legend 1

Ask someone knowledgeable about the video game industry, especially its history, about noteworthy individual game designers, and Tim Schafer's name is more likely than not to be one of the first mentioned. His playfully dark style and penchant for witty dialogue give the games that he works on a feel all their own, and this is certainly true of his first game as project leader, Full Throttle.Full Throttle takes place in a vaguely post-apocalyptic future, although aside from the prominence of hov...

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I miss the Full Throttles of the world. 0

The old style point and click adventure games seem to come few and far between these days. With the exception of the Sam & Max series very few of the classic LucasArts adventure series have survived to this generation.  Full Throttle was one of my personal favourites with its cool post-apocalyptic setting filled with interesting characters and plot twists. I would have given this game five stars if it had not been for the game's relatively short length compared to other games of the same nat...

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