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Uncharted: Drakes Fortune  

Roman is introduced early on as one of the main antagonists of the first Uncharted, Drakes Fortune. He is somewhat connected to Victor Sullivan through some bad circumstances involving money and has the player believe Victor dies when he shoots him at the chest. 
Initially shown to be the main villain, he is eventually betrayed by his subordinate, Atoq Navarro through being tricked into opening the cursed Golden Coffin and breathing in a mist that turns him insane. Navarro shoots Roman through the head and reveals to of been manipulating Roman from the beginning to which he then fills the place as the games primary antagonist.  

Like most characters featured, he acts as a purchasable skin character for the player to put over Drake. He is voiced by  Simon Templeman.
With the release of the UDF multiplayer pack, and the GOTY edition, Roman is a mainstream character skin on the side of the villains for the competitive multiplayer.

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