herzalot's Garshasp: The Monster Slayer (PC) review

A very fun title if you don't expect high from it

Garshasp's story is perhaps it's weakest point, although the game uses Shahname, the great Persian epic  as it's main source and has some really great technical cut-scenes , but in the end, story is just an excuse for slicing and bashing some monsters. 
You will play as Garshasp, Persian hero and monster slayer. ( which unfortunately lacks character development in this game. ) Garshasp sees that his brother gets killed by a beast named Hitasp and a powerful mace in the possession of his brother named Tharit gets taken by him . he starts a quest to revenge his brother's blood and to take the mace back. that's all. every once in a while, narrator comes and says something about Persian Mythology. but the way it's told, it more looks like some kind of documentary about Persian culture rather than story presentation in a video-game.
Garshasp's Graphics looked stunning to me compared to other Persian games. although it requires a really powerful system for maxed out graphics. one of the other things that truly amazed me is lack of loading time in the whole game except for a short loading at the start of the game. it means after that , you can play through the game from start to finish without a second of loading. even when levels change. compared to very long loading times in other Persian games, it's a very big achievement. 
There are some bugs, especially some problem in collusion detection and frame drops, but they are not annoying at all. at least not enough to make you quit from the game in rage. 
In terms of Game-play, there is not much to be said. Garshasp is a very straight game. you hack enemies with your weapons ( a sword and a heavy mace which you have to obtain it after advancing in the game ), you do platforming a bit, you beat some bosses, you solve some really simple puzzles and you do some QTE. All of these things are put together very well. although game is short and easy ( I played the game in normal difficulty ) but it will engage you from start to finish. 
In terms of music and sound, Garshasp is acceptable. it has some good soundtracks that fit in the situations of the game well and satisfying sounds. ( like sound of Garshasp's sword impact on enemies ) 

In terms of technical matters, Garshasp still can't be compared to mainstream titles, but in term of enjoyment, entertainment and excitement it brings, it doesn't have anything less than them. at least for PC players like me who hasn't played the prominent games in this genre. 
Garshasp is a great game according to the situation it has been created in it. you just don't need to remind yourself that it has been created with low budget, experience, etc to enjoy it. it's really enjoying in the core. if you are a foreigner reading this review, I hope I could make you familiar with Iran's best game so far. If you are a countryman, I hope you bought and played the game and enjoyed it like I did. if you are still undecided to buy it or not, rest assured. if you be forgiving a bit and Iran's gaming industry's state is important for you, Garshasp can at least entertain and impress you. 
Buy this game if you haven't yet. developers of this game truly deserve to be supported.


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