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Does anyone else find playing through the campaign of Gears 2 as hilarious as I do? The dialogue is predictably wonderful, the characters are even beefier than in the first game and the voice acting is consistently over the top without a hint of irony. Great game and all, but I didn't realize I'd be relishing it's rediculous as much as I am. 

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For sure, its half the reason its so great. The other half?


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I loved GOW 2 and I believe the story was more serious than the previous one .

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"THEY'RE SINKING CITIES WITH A GIANT WORM!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!1111OMGROFLPLOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Marcus Fenixlol.
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Yeah, I loved it. There's definitely plenty of funny dialogue this time around. The characters are all more awesome and entertaining in Gears 2.

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I enjoyed it enough to play trough it twice (once on hardcore, once on insane) in three days.

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