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I don't get it

I just don't understand the appeal. The single player is the same ole stuff. Some of the weapons are super fun to use, but the boring grind of the single player game leaves me numb. There is no innovation or feeling of challenge outside of repetitiveness. So sick of games just being a glorified repeat of the same overdone tired formula. The only reason I'm playing the single player at all is to get shooting skills for the multiplayer which is actually really fun. I give the multiplayer 4 out of 5 and the single player 0.5 stars, hence my 2.25 blend score. I can't help but get the feeling that people are just getting on the gears of war wagon cause its the thing to do and ignoring the fact that its single player is just a rehash intellectual property money grab. I do feel the love in multiplayer though. Some very exciting modes.


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