robmasta13's Gears of War (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Gears of War: Goodbye

I am Writing this review in rememberance of Gears of War.

Gears 2 will be coming on Nov. 7th, Good bye Gears.
Gears of War-
The Campaign is only 10- hours for Experienced 3 person Shooter Players, but those hours will have you on your feet, rolling into cover, straying from the dark, and ducking your head from Longshot Rounds(Sniper Rifle).
You play as Marcus Fenix, who loyaly fought Locust Scum for years, only to be inprisoned for leaving his post to try and save his father, but to no avail.
Marcus is released from Prison by his lifelong friend, Dominic Santiago, who you then fight with to escape from the prison. The campaign overall is amazing, with an amazing, and EPIC ending to suit.

The Cover system implemented by Gears sparked a revoulution, with nearly all Third Person Shooters implementing a cover system.

Multiplayer- Was EPIC.

Cons of Multiplayer.

  • Host advantage was a major problem, to be fixed in Gears 2.
  • Glitchers would ruin ranked games by "Crab Walking" and the host could not boot.

Pros of Multiplayer.

  • You had to work with your team to prevail.
  • The feeling you get from Popping a head and Curbstomping was insane.
  • The CoG vs. Locust format made it easy to spot enemies and allies.

Good Bye Gears


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