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General Lionwhyte is essentially an underling of Emperor Doviculus, the leader of the demon army, and is in charge of the enslavement of humanity. He lives in the Pleasure Tower within the Pleasure Dome on the western continent of the world and is able to use his hair to fly and his voice to make anyone within a 10 foot radius explode.

His first major battle against Ironheade is at Battersmith where after his loss he fires the Bouncer units from his army who go on to serve Ironheade. He later tries to win back the loyalty of the Bouncers, promising them high quality new uniforms if they return to the Hair Metal Militia and this convinces some to return to him, becoming the new Glitter Fist units. The Hair Metal Militia is eventually disbanded after their showdown with Ironheade in the Pleasure Dome, and here Lionwhyte dies after being impaled by a piece of a mirror that falls from a statue of himself.

Tim Schafer, creative director on Brutal Legend says that the inspiration for Lionwhyte and his army comes from his childhood when he held a particular distaste for hair metal bands.

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