norton123's Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

A Simple Cheap Fun Fix

Geometry Wars Retro Evolve is a dual stick shooter. You use the left stick to stear and the right stick to shoot. To describe this game to someone who has never heard of it nor have they played it is pretty simple, though they may not believe you. You are a shape that shoots bullets at other shapes. That simple. For them to truly appreciate it they need to play it. GWRE is addicting as crap. Each game starts of slow but once you have played for a second the action really intensifies. You have hundreds of shapes attacking you while you try to shoot them and dodge the new ones that are spawning around you. GWRE can get frustrating when you first play it but that is easily compensated by the addictiveness of this game. It is truly a game that all can enjoy. If you have an xbox or a pc you must get this game.


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