orakk's Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (PC) review

The same game as the Xbox 360, except its missing a lot!

This game is almost the same as the Xbox 360 game. Same plot, same graphics just missing some things here and there and the controls are really awkward and makes the game harder than it is. Luckily there is a feature for you to put your Xbox 360 controller in your computer and play the game with that, which is good, but you dont want to go and plug it out each time and so on and so forth.

The PC requirements are really high, when you look at the graphics, even though the graphics are good but simple, it requires a really good computer to run at highest resolution etc.

Its also missing the leaderboard option, you cant see scores from around the world, only the ones from your computer. That was why the Xbox 360 version was made good, because of the leaderboard, but boom, nothing here.

If you liked the Xbox 360 version and you have a controller to play it with properly and a decent computer, this game should be fun enough, but I would not recommend it!

Graphics: 4
Gameplay: 2.5
Sound: 3
Overall: 3



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